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  1. Helpful as always. Perhaps some strong uv light from the inside. It is things like this that help it all make sense. richard
  2. Sage advice, thank you. Though the heater was just to keep the room at a normal temperature. It was certainly not a sauna in the shed. Would a wipe with alcohol work? richard
  3. Aaaaaaaah. why would the paint react and not take in spots in certain places, mainly on the roof ? I washed off the flux by scrubbing in water and washing up liquid. I then rinsed in water and allowed to dry. I took over the kids shed, turned the heater on and banned them from coming in until the spray painting is finished. The dryer is also in there so there is laundry pressure to get it done pronto so this is does not need a spanner thrown into the works help. richard
  4. I would have said hound van too, but it does not have space for the person who whips them. I am sure their is a technical name for them. richard
  5. The four outer ends on. and a close up to get the folds it is 0.25 thick for the indents and 0.5 thick for the proud sections built up in to 7 layers. These are built out of out of plasticard so that is: brass, white metal, steel, wood, plastic and paper which these so far have in their production. add filler as the next task to hide poor build quality moments and then ready for the paint shops. Will need warmer weather for that I think. richard
  6. They are the split side ones. The curve is there. I make sure the match the profile of the ends it makes soldering them up easier as they sit next to each other. Actually I solder the top corner first and the put pressure on the side to bring it totally in line and solder the bottom corner. So there is a curve all along the side but it is probably more at the end than in the middle. However, it is very hard to tell that is the case. it would be great to see your progress on your carriages as it is always great to see other gcr modeling. richard
  7. We had the same problem on charwelton. Even though it was just shy of 40ft every one wanted to be in front of the station. As half the length was a long cutting. This did not happen on stoke summit. Perhaps because the trains just passed through, but more likely because people like to see the sides of trains and in the cutting you mostly saw their roofs. Not an issue on stoke summit the front side cutting wall had been removed. richard
  8. I needed 4 end plates and only had two. Simple make another couple. They are not as good but will be on the ends butting up on the locos tender so will be less visible. also with the faked up bellows retracted. The ones between coaches will have theirs extended to meet and flex. Richard
  9. These are stunning. There must be a bunch who would like the coronation observation car. richard
  10. If it is only a loco release road they would not need to haul more than their own weight up the incline. richard
  11. Could you not curve one track down from the engine shed to the running lines to the station to do loco changes and turning? richard
  12. It does not matter, you can’t see both sides of the loco at the same time. Just don’t put both at 12 or one at 12 and the other at 6 otherwise it will lurch or waddle down the track. If it is a three cylinder then they are set at 120 degrees on the real thing but as a model does not have an inside cylinder then on the model just put at 90 degrees. richard
  13. I hope that no one who works with you sees this honesty. I full understand the approach, but am not brave enough to admit doing it. richard
  14. This is really becoming like one of those American model railroads you see in model railroader which have a whole system which snakes around the room. Seeing those and following a train around can be really satisfying. this looks to have all these qualities. richard
  15. The water filler caps added. The roof detail “completed “. I am sure something is missing a cruel close up. I know barely visible at the end in the middle of the carriage. They even have a little handle, even less visible. now for the corridor connectors. richard
  16. You could be the other way. Pregrouping modelers said it might be nice to have coaches so there are a one size fits no one offering of a standard design in a coat of many colours. They might as well say ,” here is a mk1 but it also represents an LMS one and a mk4 too. Thank heavens for building. Multi coloured sides or just plain white. Prichard
  17. First one with all the brass done. plastic for the corridor connector and the water tank filler then ready for painting. richard
  18. With the number on the cab side! It will be accurate for a far shorter time frame than that.
  19. Br steam I can not often contribute to. However, work bench, ( nook), I can do. Considering how tidy I am everywhere else the surfaces are more free flowing with useful things. It is wedged between bookcases in a corner of the living room. It has doors so in theory it can be shut up when guests come round.....so that has not happened for a while. it allows me enough space, ( just), to build my GCR stock. Currently a rake of Parker stock. Others have more space, but if you always yearn for what others have, you will never be happy. richard
  20. With the simplified method, the next three are done. just the buffet car to go which I am still agonizing about. I would prefer to get it right if possible. richard
  21. You are going to have to put up with un exciting posts. carriage three the luggage composite. I have not joined the main pipe run to each lamp except the one for the luggage compartment. Laziness? Will it be noticed as the train goes past? It certainly means it looks neater as less joins were needed. however, under that logic no carriage would ever be built as no joins, no messiness. richard
  22. Your coach building progress is much faster than mine. It looks very good here. richard
  23. More roof fittings! the first carriage fitted with the gas pipe run. I do wonder if I bite off more than I can chew? I have tried to fit the pipes from the main gas pipe to each individual lamp. It takes a lot of cleaning up of stray solder and one has disappeared already. Is it worth it? I know it is there but they are barely visible except for the ones over the brake end. However I have fitted the internal bracing in the fogman’s hut even though it is tipped over in the unused position and so that is not visible. every time I do something I feel it must be near the end of
  24. Yes! They even had two vents per toilet which gives you some idea how smelly they thought their customers might be, or how much they wanted to make it agreeable for the next person visiting the lavatory. they were trying to sell the service on comfort so perhaps the extra gas lamps was to make it as light as possible and the extra vents were to make it feel fresh, because previously (4 wheelers) had only had vents on the smoking compartments. Apparently non-smokers do not smell as much/ need as much fresh air. richard
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