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  1. Any one know the colour of tail lamps and side lamps on brake coaches in gcr days. I have a nagging feeling it is buffer beam red but I do not know why. Also the lenses on the side lamps were both red or forward clear and rear facing red? any help gratefully received. richard
  2. To get round tighter curves you could file back the front faces of the front and back wheels to give the wheels more sideways movement. Even tighter you could juggle the frames behind the front and back wheels or fit narrower spacers all along the chassis to give more side play. You would also want to think about crank pin retaining nuts as there will need to be more slop here too. Ultimately you could have a centre driver which is flangeless. Triang did and the 9f on the real railway. however a lot of my answer is: why would you. 600mm is 2ft radius which is what even the rtr folks build their models to go around. Even at 2ft radius on locos with bogies and pony wheels some compromise is normally needed with front steps or drain cocks. Which is why there is a lot of talk of 2’6” or 3’ radius curves on here. richard
  3. Roofs will all get mucky in the same way. Colour difference is length out of works not the company they belong to. I use precision br roof colour which seems to give a dirty grey colour. Even though it says it is for post 48 stock only. richard
  4. These are in the pipeline. Just as a lone modeler building most locos, all carriages and wagons plus the layout buildings etc. it is taking a while. The problem of kids and a job, they get in the way of modeling time. richard
  5. You are right in all observations. If run together the French grey would be more weathered. However, I will run trains in distinct periods as this transition era modeling really plays with my ocd. So the French grey will be set just after the London extension opened with fresh clean carriages with new locos. Or that is the plan. richard
  6. Why would the real railway not just clear it and make it a cutting just like the rest of the line around it? I do not know. richard
  7. It was at that show it think that some one lent in and said we were “ the worstest operating crew ever” the three of us who were on at the time made ourselves badges which said as much and wore them with pride. If you are going to insult stoke summit at least do it in correct English. richard
  8. Trying to bring several recent discussions together. this is modeling, which this site encourages. No need for some to look away, it is not GWR cream and brown, it is gcr cream and brown, so eastern region, if not ECML . it will please Tony that the roofs are weathered grey rather than the out of shops white. Though the others I am building in French grey will have white roofs, though slightly weathered later when I can do roof weathering convincingly as that looks better to my eye as an overall colour scheme. that comes onto weathering stock. The sides will probably stay unweathered. Outrageous I know. I understand weathering if it is one colour rattle can maroon, but after all the effort to get it looking vaguely neat in panels of two colours I am loathe to cover it all up, besides things were cleaner in 1905. I have avoided lining the edge of the panels red and gold, I just do not have that skill level yet. At 3ft it is barely noticeable, but try and do it badly and it will stand out like a sore thumb. transfers for crests and class classification and glazing still to apply. they ran in mainline expresses of 5 coach rakes so realistic running in a smaller space possible. Other topic photography..... don’t judge the iPad pictures too harshly. richard
  9. The first two painted. they need glazing and transfers, and maybe weathering but that might be a push after spending so long on the livery. richard
  10. Yes thank you Tony, it really was worth the admission ticket price on its own, and that is from a pregrouping modeler. Richard
  11. One of the best n gauge / 2mm layouts I saw was just down from you at the last show I visited before lock down , Stevenage? Milton Keynes? It was not that long, had a small station at one end and ran green diesels but it looked great and drew you in. I watched it for ages, but can’t remember its name. if you went round the show with your camera, maybe you have a shot of it which would illustrate to others what I mean. richard
  12. Different technique this time. No masking. Trusting to a steady hand and a well shaped brush. I think it actually looks a lot better, so must be improving. I will need to wait to practice again as the rest are going into French grey. I actually found it quite therapeutic to do. I feel more coaches coming on in this livery. I have a set of etches for 6 wheelers. I was going to do them in varnished wood, but maybe... I know hattons has its generic ones in French grey, I might get a set of 6 wheelers. I know they are wrong but a feel we need to show there is a market for gcr pregrouping to get the manufacturers to consider making more. richard
  13. He is also producing his gcr suburbans as 4mm stock where previously they were just in the 7mm range. They are roof, sides ends and floor. richard
  14. Taking the advice of others, though no lining pen used or bow pen. Tidying up was by a small brush and a(s) steady (a) hand (as I could manage.) I though using masking tape would help with the narrow waste band panels, but it really did not as it encourages paint up to it so an even steadier hand on the next time. thank you one and all for your advice. It is not perfect but it is much better than I thought possible. roof and corridor connection still to paint. The French grey next to it has not progressed anywhere near as far. richard
  15. The Retford mods.......or rockers. fits for the era in the model. Also mods - modelers perhaps some who are in the group were themselves mods...or rockers if they were around at the time. richard
  16. Depending on the bogies. Brassmasters has a robinson 8ft bogie they have sold on separately. It could be adapted or start with a fox bogie and add/ adapt to look accurate. richard
  17. The end detail of the gcr inspection carriage already done if it helps in anyone’s build. richard
  18. Shall I just leave these here. The other two gcr inspection / officer carriages. plus another photo showing details of the end of the one already drawn. Need several posts due to file size. richard
  19. By the other one did you mean this one? would make a great little coach. There must be a drawing for it somewhere. I will look, it would be great to have both. richard
  20. It did, those fancy scrolls are the sides so you could get on to the next carriage/ wagon in the train without stepping down. ....or step of an end loading dock as here, or just get much closer to the ballast as the train rolls on. The other end does not have these. richard
  21. Directors saloon, you have my attention. It will happily run along side the gcr railcar I built from your 3d print. I was going to have to scratchbuild it, but you have saved that hassle. many thanks richard
  22. It’s true, many an honest feedback given. I had the brake gear pulled off my o4 because I had glued it on and was told to go away and solder it on properly. In fairness if it had been left super glued on it might not still be with the loco today. With two elder brothers and a boarding school education I was going to develop a fairly thick skin which came in handy. Under it all I knew it came from the right place no matter how it might have been phrased. richard
  23. Retracted gangways different width plasticard to look like the bellows, paper on top and brass front. Depth of plasticard was 0.25 and 0.5 alternating. not perfectly accurate but once mucky black and at speed..... richard
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