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  1. a four letter word beginning with W and ending in K....
  2. Much as I expected. Fish n chips and stare at the miserable grey sea in that case. (don't like the sea side)
  3. I have to visit the National Archive in Redruth in February, because one of the documents I need to study for my Doctorate is housed there rather than in Kew... I am staying in Camborne for a couple of nights. I know what else is in Camborne... Anything else train related I could look at while I am there?
  4. Stop messing about with all this girls rock. Let the boys do the job right.
  5. you silly bu66ers, first its harmless tinkering with popularity ratings, then it's Boaty McBoatfacegate, then it all leads to Russians and Trump. Mark my words, you've unleashed dark forces young Mr Peters!
  6. I wondered if it might have been one of David jones efforts.
  7. Did the errors in the Dapol tanks arise from the input of a certain notorious 'designer'?
  8. They really do sound good, don't they? And terrific to finally see the end of the yellow panel.
  9. Facebook... all I can say is, Nosedive I've never felt so miserable and depressed as when I was on facebook seeing how much happier and successful everybody else was compared to me.
  10. Another of my NCB super shunters. I like lots of twirly bits and outside cylinders, so this is a beefed up Austerity. This is a better version than one I did earlier in this thread.
  11. Sounds like the Marketing people where I work. I can't work out if they're stupid or malevolent, but some of the nonsense they produce and then attach to me and my team is scandalous. I understand most of them to be graduates from new 'universities' with 3rds in some modern humanities degree or other.
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