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  1. Absolutely smashing. I was pleased to see that I could tell the difference between the OO and the EM quite easily. If I were to go back to UK modelling, I would definitely go for EM now thanks to these kits. Well done chaps.
  2. In my experience the control system doesn't make any difference - it's caused by slop in the mechanical drive systems in many model locomotives. Powerbase and Bullfrog poop are not going to make any significant difference either - see Charlie's experiences on Chadwick. Sometimes, physics is just physics.
  3. That's a bit unkind MW need to gain height too. I doubt anybody builds a helix just because they can! Also, it's off-scene, so hardly 'look what I can build'....
  4. Does a helix ever really work? Yes, they always work but they'll work better if you can achieve two crucial criteria. Shallow grade, and generous radius. As the grade increases, and the radius decreases they'll very quickly work less well. I'm guessing that most helices that don't work because they are being used in the wrong way for the wrong reasons. They are not a space saving dodge, for example. This guy has no problem with his helix - but the grade is shallow and the radius is generous. His layout is superb, but that's a bonus!
  5. Never mind that, what are you going to do with the rest of the wedding dress?
  6. Probably a troll bridge over that way, but its an easy mistake to make.
  7. Quite a lot of civil engineering going on to fit the new cut off. Feels like I'm going backwards at the moment as every inch of the layout is a wreck...
  8. The main changes are: the station will now be a series of straight loops parallel to a single platform or possibly two platforms in the approved German manner. The line up to the terminus will be single track (hence in the second photo you can see a curving track that by passes the crossing, making in effect a very attenuated single slip). I am also hoping to slot in a few storage roads under the terminus on the double track oval. This should enhance the freight handling, and give a bit more room for scenery. Access was a bit of a bind with the curved station, I couldn't easily
  9. Magnificent. I am looking forward to hiding out here, posting trains out as fast as I can while Clive M keeps me topped up with tea.
  10. Could somebody give those nice chaps at Peco a nudge to hurry up and produce some more #6 code83 turnouts, I've been waiting for months now... In the meantime a pair of crossings turned up so I have made a start on the cut-off. I'm also rebuilding the terminus along more Germanic lines... It's all going rather well.
  11. That's because they 're not British builders and can therefore read plans, use measuring implements and follow instructions. Behind the plasterboard in my extension there is a full set of plans. They were taped to the framework and when I queried why they were being covered up the boss builder said 'I got it all up here mate, don't need no plans.' Utter ars3hole.
  12. I get all my Roco spares from: Modelleisenbahn GmbH Plainbachstraße 4 A-5101 Bergheim Geschäftsführer: Tassilo Gruber, Erwin Negeli Handelsregister FB Gericht Salzburg FN 265173 k UID-Nr. ATU 61822718 Tel.: DE,AT, CH 00800-57626000 International +43 820 200668 Email: [email protected] Excellent service. And I got a spare set of Witte deflectors too, if you want them. I got them to swap out a set of Wagners on a Br44, but the mounting are different and are not a straight swap.
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