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  1. I'm sad I didn't railfan in the 90s when I could have enjoyed some classic roads in their final years, but glad I did go in the early 2000s and catch the last remnants of more interesting times. My avatar here is a reminder of a splendid trip in 2005, I am posing on an ex-B&O GP40-2 rebuilt by MK for the greatest railroad of them all.
  2. If you like signalling, I think you'll like this: I was amazed to see that the interlocking seems to be arranged horizontally on the floor 'behind' the levers...
  3. ... meanwhile, at work. the lurgy creeps ever closer. A dozen suspected cases in my building now. it's only a matter of time... I am going outside, I may be some time.
  4. When I'm in my shed I definitely don't waste time thinking about wimmin.... too busy swearing at the latest project, which for some reason is being really awkward and fiddly. Just three loco sidings and a turntable, but the mojo is not flowing at all.
  5. When I'm in charge of Carlisle, you watch those tea and biscuit trains disappear... people will start to refer to the Carlisle Triangle
  6. Well done Barry, no doubt you will be ballasting all those locations in between operating them
  7. Can I live in the fiddle yard with St Enodoc, please? I've a lot to learn about signals and stuff before being let loose on the proper bits of the railway....
  8. Will we have to quarantine for 14 days before or after sitting in your operating wells?
  9. now i really want one! Our local b&Q has a hotdog van, but I'm never there at a time when hotdog eating seems appropriate In a similar vein, I miss airshows, and airshow catering... nothing beats the roar of multiple piston engine fighters and a decent hotdog packed with fried onions
  10. I have no idea what a "sausage sizzle" is, but I want one.
  11. The old classic... one day, one of my minions was unable to eject a CD from a laptop in front of a jeering crowd of hostiles. Aware that the time to appear unruffled was well past, he summoned me. I picked it up to a height of around three inches and then slammed it on the desk.... it had to land dead flat, mind, this was no neanderthal act but one of consumate skill and finesse... Out popped the caddy to a round of appreciative applause from the rowdies. Its been a long time since I was a tech but I still have my full repetoire of thumps, drops, bangs a
  12. Bit by bit, our railways are becoming less and less 'railways' and evolving into something else. I don't know what, but I am sure I am at an age where I will not like it, because the sense of loss is too great. Until covid, I would have said they were evolving into some sort of mass transit system entirely run by hard seated EMU and bi-modes of one family. Now, I'm not even sure that's a certainty. I read today that passenger levels are at their lowest since the 1850s... even allowing for the inevitable 'journalism' aspect of the story, I have to wonder what if anything 'mass tr
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