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  1. I'm still surprised to find Corby the northern terminus of the MML, with a branch line to Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield.
  2. This was my camera of choice back in the day. Now I just use my phone, and hate myself a little bit more each time.
  3. So this is the bright future for the East Midlands? Combined population of over 4.5 million and instead of electrification, we get twenty year old third hand diesel multiple units... pah! I'd rather they would lease a bunch of 68s, refurb the HST trailers, fit buffers, and then thrash 10 car sets up and down the MML at 30 minute intervals. I might want to actually travel by train then. Bl00dy MML, really is a p1ss poor excuse for a main line these days.
  4. I'm glad someone else hates Queen. They are on my list of 'everytime i turn on radio2 theyre playing abbaqueenthebeatleseltonjohn' sh1t list.
  5. Oi, don't go giving Hornby any ideas!
  6. Known as the 'highway of death' to my chums out that way.
  7. The layout is fabulous. Seeing Grantham in real life, not so much.
  8. Was there really a 30s detached suburban villa on the forecourt at Kings Cross? What was it doing there? I'd heard of the 'African Village' before but this is really unexpected. Handy for the trains I suppose...
  9. Not so much Blue Anchor as Grey Anchor this afternoon...
  10. I grew up on the top of the Cotswolds scarp. On a clear day I could see the cooling towers at Didcot 22 and 3/4 miles away. On every other day the wind blew straight in from Siberia.
  11. 'some more Irish jolly'... MK3 push pull set... MK2 restaurant MK2 generator van DCC sound fitted EMD loveliness
  12. Ha! I came to the rueful conclusion that to build what really floated my boat would require a shed of at least 35 x 15 feet, and several hundred freight cars plus three dozen locomotives.... so, not in my lifetime unless something financially extraordinary happens... In the space I do have, the old terminus to fiddle yard seems to offer the most fun per foot... and at least by modelling the IR, I get to have my beloved EMDs. Even the silly old A class got a 645 rebuild in my era
  13. Hi, I managed to get an Irish rail GSV and Mark 3 push pull set from Silver Fox this year. It did take several goes to get an email response, but all worked out in the end. My initial contact was february, stock arrived at end of August. I suspect a very busy one man band. I would suggest keep trying, be patient, and eventually you'll get what you are after.
  14. Good to see the gang's all here! I've left the dark side because of a lack of space primarily. Also, for Clive, the layout is designed to be a fairly neutral stage designed to accommodate trains other than the Irish ones... EMUS in the future for sure...
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