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  1. And if they'd then teamed up with a famous motor lorry company, they could have had staniers panniers karriers harriers.
  2. The best thing that came out of Swindon was the MSWJR...
  3. If only the LMS had pannier tanks... they could have been Staniers Panniers.
  4. A big thumbs up for Andreas. I ordered some EpIV suitable numbers and DB logos for my DB Br50 fleet and they arrived within days. And very nice they are, too. Now all I need is some spare Indussi gear to bring my 50s up to spec...
  5. Very good. There are a number of proper loading and unloading model railroads online, all of them make me wish I had the time/patience/space to do something similar. This one even correctly trims the load...
  6. Zero - I use Woodland Scenics trackbed on a roll. Highly recommended. The stone ballast is just decorative infill really. I use N scale granite from Gaugemaster.
  7. Woodland Scenics Steel Rail. I happened to have a couple of paint pens lurking in a drawer, but I will probably airbrush the rest of it.
  8. A bit more ballasting this afternoon. It'll need a lot more fettling before I'll be happy, but I am pleased I went with real granite ballast. I've tried Woodland Scenics before and it's too rounded for my taste... looks like pebbles, not ballast. I also extended the power bus around to the other side of the layout ready for the staging yard. Soldering is such a joy.
  9. I've done some small tasks on the moba during the Festering Season... Painted the platform surface experimented with rail painting and ballasting... and I constructed a 'bridge' for my rolling road/dcc programming track so that I can keep it permanently accessible, and free up some space for trays from our most recent takeaway curry so I can safely stow all those bits that might be useful and keep my workspace clear. I've got some buildings to assemble when the mood takes me. I still seem to be enjoying this little layout more than the others I've knocked together over the 7 years this thread has been running.
  10. Round the World on 80 Days, the new BBC one with David Tennant featured some sort of 0-6-0 with outside Stephensons motion (or possibly Heusinger) and a four wheel tender. Purporting to be Italy, and the scene at 'Brindisi' featured a smashing roundhouse with what appeared to be 2-4-0 tender engine on the turntable. Something about the locos and particularly the roundhouse rang a distant bell, but I can't place them. Anyway, it was a jolly romp for a Sunday night. I've never seen any of the previous versions nor read the book.
  11. I can't help feeling we're being somewhat under-ambitious with this project.... low clearance indeed
  12. Honestly, it makes me despair. I have no confidence we'll ever have a decent, electrified, integrated railway network in the UK.
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