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  1. I've added the other 2 versions of the bogie coach, both in late condition, and the pasenger brake van in condition it was up till end of 40s. May add them all in original condition, ie birdcage roof and clerestory lights. And then there is coach 7L, which I hope to be abe to work out ftom known dimensions and good photos. Other items of stock are on list, after I have found drawings, but have some wagon drawings and ex T&D coaches.
  2. After a spell doing designs for some Cavan and Leitrim Railway coaches, I thought I needed to get back to something simpler. Following on from discussion about GCR pushpul trains it maded sense to start on the LNWR pushpull trains, as theyworked in same area in 50s. Igot a copy of Delph to Oldham, a excellent book, pityit does not have full plan drawings of the coaches. Made sense to start wit first drawing in book, type M11, and this will be followed up quickly by M12 as the M12 is virtually identical to centre car of Oerlikon EMU set. Main difficulty with M11 is the angled doors. With sketches in Jenson book, I have mde a stab at it, but if anyone has a detailed plan showing door position then I can check it and if necessary modify my design. Also not sure if there is panelling in the doorway.
  3. One of my aims is to get more people modelling something different,not just relying on manufacturers to supply r2r models, and to think of modeling in different scales. Remember that Gordon and Maggie Gravett's Pempoul is built in 1/50 scale and it is now a lot easier thanks to 3D printing.
  4. Its all on my website now, but for 1/43.5 scale abut £100, depending on exchange rate plus postage from Shapeways. Personally, if I was modelling in this scale range, I would opt for 1/50 scale as it could use either EM or OO gauge track,etc, and 5ft 3in gauge could use 32mm gauge.Another advantage of the smaller scale is the price for the basic coach goes down to £75 approximately.
  5. p112 1969 MRC is April edition http://magazineexchange.co.uk/cw/model-railway-constructor-magazine-april-1969-issue.html July 1960 MRC I think has GCR coaches http://magazineexchange.co.uk/cw/model-railway-constructor-magazine-july-1960-issue.html
  6. I found an index to RM a while back, basicaly a spreadsheet. Not sure if it was up to date at the time, but copy I have is certainly not up to date.
  7. Thought I should start a new thread. With all this talk of the Cavan and Letrim Railway, I got hold of as many of the drawings published as I could find. The drawings of the composite coach in MRN 1953 are superb, not surprising given that the railway and the coaches still existed at the time so no need to base drawings on photos alone, and the museum in Birmingham also helped. Wish other drawings were as good. I have just finished my design for a basic coach body for 3D printing, in many scales from 2m/ft up to 1/32 scale. The railings on tha balconies are the only tricky part so made it with and without them. I may do a separate one , but it will only be worthwhile for larger scales, as the railings are not very thick anf possibly better done in metal. I can easily adapt design to create the all third. MRN article says it was based on same design with different window postions, so just a reflection of the 3rd class end . The conversion to a brake coach should also be easy, and pabnelling can be removed from design. The original coaches had lights in the clerestory, so that can be done .
  8. please could we get back to discussing how using trains could reduce our carbon footprint. Getting distracted by the other issues involved is one of the tchniques used by some to slow down discussion on sorting out environmetal problems we are facing.
  9. remember it is On30 not O16.5, so will be a bit small for some. When I started in 3D printing I looked at the 4-6-0 and 2-6-2 locos, but decided I did not want to do them as I could not find a suitable r2r chassis, and I was modelling 1/35 scale so track gauge was near enough spot on.
  10. Pity there is not an index to old MRC, especially for the scale drawings. Surprised there isn't anything on the GCR society website, as the lists they have are only of the plans they have themselves.
  11. Back to the Southern. Request for one of the brake saloon coaches built originally for Continental Boat train but then used in other formations. A useful coach as it wasn't part of a set .
  12. that is something I had thought of, as there are some basic drawings. What I am not sure of is whether the one I have sen is of one of the ones converted from railmotor trailers or another one as it has flat ends. Description of trailers suggests they wer more like the railmotors,but put on 6 wheel bogies.
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