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  1. Pity there isn't a book specifically on the Guinness system. Would have thought there would be interest in such a book, especially if it had drawings of the locos and wagons. Found an interesting article with a couple of drawings in a copy of NGIR(no 60), and only acouple of references to other publications. Found this bok, but it is mainly photos. Ireland's Largest Industrial Railway - The Guinness System
  2. Had a chance to look at one of Jack Nelson's dioramas closely a few years ago. Impressive, but if you moved your eye from normal , you could see the distortion. Reason I am building small(narrow) modules, which use a straight track at front. I also want to play with a curved track at front, which will enable me to have a wider front edge. It is also necesary to 'picture frame' the scenr, blocking out view looking from above. I am thinking of designing a'hole in he wall' , or a 'through the window' effect.
  3. it is not an exact sciene, but once you have started you have to be consistent. i think I might have found a way to do more complex shapes in perspective, such as cars or locos. Time consuming though.
  4. opened latest copy of Model Rail, and there was my mini layout in the letters page. I am currently working on 2nd module, which is a harbour scene with sloping(?) water
  5. Good issue. Was looking though and recognised my GER fruit van 3D print design( I can offer other scales), thanks, then when I got home spotted my letter about my 3D perspective mini layout. For the Harry Potter themed layout, the 'Train in Box' produced by French magazine Loco Revue could be adapted. Maybe a good marketing idea!
  6. When this happens, assuming order has not been started, I have cancelled it and reorder. There have not been many special offers this year but I think they usually do something for Cyber Monday.
  7. From what I have seen published all the 57ft bowended coaches were 58ft 4.5in over bow end. Corner to corners are 57ft. I presume this is why they tend to be referred to as 57ft long, when it could be argued that they were longer. The extra length is there to reduce gap between coaches, I understand, or that is the reason given originally for te bow ends. If I am wrong then this kit is also wrong https://www.wizardmodels.ltd/shop/carriage/w9k/ not sure about the restaurant coaches, but finding drawings for those is more difficult.
  8. I think that before the rise of big supe stores most shops would buy from wholesellers. Maybe not the case with model railways, but I found it easier to order what I wanted rather than have to order complete box loads and end up with more than I needed or could afford. I can understand the reasons for delerships, in the past, but these days we do need to make it easier for small stores. Maybe nice for the reps, and limiting the number of dealerships does mean they don't have to visit so many. It does't necessarily explain why some areas seem to be overloaded with dealers and others have none. In some ways having more than one close together makes it easier for the rep. Obviously the internet has a part to play, not necessarily for selling from the shop, but can make ordering from wholeseller easier, especially if they have a decent database and stock control system. Having used one such wholeseller who also does retail, I cansay that this is better, and it is one reason I will use them still for myself. The big problem is that too many online businesses do not have proper stock control systems so you never know what they have in stock. One reason why I always recommend anyone considering selling online to be prepared to either do a lot of work or pay for a decent system.
  9. I was asked about GWR coaches, in particular the ollett bow ended corridir ones. Hornby have done some, buut not all, and he re=quest was from an N gauge modeller, so with a bit of research I think I have done all the 57ft ones. I might add te odd 56ft one as one of them is currently being restored ans is in effect a shortened version of one of te 57ft ones. I started with the passenger brake as this is the only one with proper drawings according to John Lewis book. Then the others just followed, noting the differences between sides, in particuar the guards compartment. Oviously both left and right handers. The passenger brake ended up being iused on Oceans Mail' train. I was wondering about the non corridor 57ft coaches. Puzzled by theneed for left and right handed versions, unless it wasto keep roof vents in line. Again odd that only one roof vent per compartment and off centre. Can't find anything about why in books.
  10. Events have had family tickets for a long time. Not always has to be 2 parents. Even with only one it can save money. Thing is , the hobby needs to target those who will sustain the hobby, and as it said above it is more likely to be those returning, or taking it up in later years, possibly when retiring. It makes sense to market it at that group.
  11. spot on, one reason I don't like exhibitions having free entry for children(accompanied) , as they are not the target audience for the hobby long term, but nothing wrong in having family tickets as this feels more natural.
  12. At one time it was possible to stock most items , but not only is that more difficult these days(too many, and often in short supply), but maybe shops should aim more for the bread and butter items which are not usually discounted. How often have you run out of rail joiners,paint or glue and as a result you are stuck.You can't wait for an internet delivery, so you pop down to the local model railway shop, assuming you have one and it is open. If you are just running a shop to make money, then you are in the wrong business. Helpful friendly advice works wonders. Being honest with customrs, might upset some in the business but people tend to respect honesty and will return to a shop that doesn't try to rip them off or doesn't get stuff in you ask for, and will grumble about bad service, often to their friends who may then not use that shop. I actualy talk topeople, and have talked to some of those involved in the issue that prompted me to post here, and on one side it was a feeling that the supplier(or possibly the reps) could not be bothered, and on the other, 'I am the local dealer' and (I don't want competion locally). One reason why some companes might prefer to only deal with a limited number of shops, might be the normal practice of credit. It always eemed odd, being given one month's credit only worked once. After that you are in effect having to pay , and I would prefer to start out paying up front and then paying for each order. One reason why I have suggested the idea of a Co-op run by local enthusiasts. It is a proven, and very successful, sustainable business model. Trouble is with this hobby, is far too many expect someone else to do it.
  13. I wonder what people would think if texhibitions were only allowed to have one 'dealer' per exhibition. Imagine the effect that would have on exibitions given that without trade support(ie trade stands) there would not be as many exhibitions. Some exhibitions even have both dealers/tradrs and the manufacturers, all selling from the same range, THee s a big difference between model railways and car selling. Car dealerships work in partnership with the manufacturer, and a lot of information flows between them. There are alos bigger issues with respect to warranty and recall. many shops buy from wholsellers, and some model railway stuff is traded this way, with no problem. The manufacturer has no control over who buys from the wholeseller, so very likely could end up with 2 shops in same town selling same items. Talk of the internet is a bit of a red herring. Anything that makes it harder to trade from a proper shop should be removed, instead of making it even harder. Also people are more likely to buy the glamourous items from cheapest source such as on internet, but when it comes to the regular needs such as track, rail joiners , paint, glue then many would happily buy from a real(local) shop. I only tend to use internet as I don't have a local shop, and curretly don't have a car, so getting , even to next town can be difficult. I agree that in many ways the High Street is doomed, and I do wish some authorities would realise that and look at new schemes for town centres, but trouble is , on paper, High Street shops equate to money for authorities, and some can't understand that how ever much something is worth on paper, if you don't actually have those shops you are not getting the money. I think someone has suggested, and I agre that we should be getting more people to live in towns, not further away from them. Response from some authorities is that they know what they are doing, but I don't think they do.
  14. another loco, this time the one off prototype NER EE1 electric loco. Now if the LNER had not decided to abandon electrifying York to Newcastle.....
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