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  1. And some of it is then resold back into UK, as part of sets etc. This 'origin of goods' is one of the big problems, which worries a lot of companies in UK, and has not been sorted out yet.
  2. double charging is something I will look out for. I ordered a couple of items on 5th January, and invoice (and payment) includes VAT, somight get messy if UPS ask me for payment, and I will probably have to pay the shout very loudly afterwards. It should be noted that the delivery charge includes VAT, and it will be interesting to se how that changes. I was also under the impression(another thread on this forum) that the Netherlands had a rate of 21%, so was that the rate being added before?
  3. And that will happen with everything. Anyone making stuff here in UK, will have same problems, with anything they import(materials), as well as extra paperwork for anything they export.
  4. has anyone acually done an orde snce VAT was removed from initial prices? Is it added on at invoice time? My impression is that UPS and Shapeways are set up to take tax payments, and UPS won't ask for money on the door. That is the way it is meant to work, but then given the incompetance in the Bx transition, it would not surprise me if it does not go smoothly. I assume they already have a system to handle deliveries to places like Australia. Note that all other companies will be going through this, so even if they don't supply directly, there will be costs added in somewhere in the
  5. received today, nice book, very useful. just a pity most drawings are only side on. One drawing I am after is a complete one , including end views,for the A type tender. At the very least the width of the narrow body. Are there plans to do books on the other Irish railways?
  6. wondered who was buying them!! Tend to have found it more difficult to find the vans. Always have to look carefully, as many sellers don't appreciate difference between HO and OO. For any wagon, I can always knock up a design for 3D printing.
  7. I had forgotten about the adapter tracks and adapter wagons. Marklin have developed a complete system which starts with trains for the very young, and then these can be incorporated into a more traditional system. My original point was that there is nothing wrong with companies working together, but there is a lot wrong with companies who think they can do everything themselves, sometimes borrowing ideas from other companies.
  8. I wonder if the problem is not VAT or oher local taxes which get dropped for exports, but thewhole concept of Duty Free. I remember back to old days of Purchase Tax, but only just. Why should the country receiving goods get any of the tax on those items. It would be a lot simpler if tax was just charged and paid in country of origin. But then bureacrats never like simple solutions,and there are plenty of non productive companies who wil be making money out of this(I used to work in IT and finance, so know how they think!!) Countries always want more exports and less imports, and if
  9. until it crashes because too many are trying to access it, like today. I save pdf files on my computer so I can then read them , any time. I could even print them if I wanted. Rather than having loads of dead old, out of date catalogues, a simple pdf file which can either be distributed online, or could be printed in shops when required, 21st centurt style.
  10. unless you are a British company living in the past! I regularly get pdf leaflets from Gaugemaster, mostly German and Austrian companies but also Walthers from America.
  11. magnetic couplings, 4 wheel chassis, continental style bodies. why re-invent the wheel? Nothing wrong with companies working together, assuming that does not upset other parties. Just found some Markin Thomas stuff, looks familiar, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Marklin-Clarabel-And-Annie-From-Thomas-The-Locomotive-New/363204544829
  12. I bought one of the Marklin My World sets a couple of years ago. I have also seen a set being 'operated' at York exhibition. This is the current website https://www.maerklin.de/en/products/my-world/ I think the similarity is obvious. I found it ideal for fast train running but not enough control for shunting, so put it to one side, for the moment. I did run on outr club layout OK, which is handbuilt finescale! Mind you, ther are no chairs, so even old Lima will run OK, but do sometmes have problems with new Hornby locos(wheel back to back?) Also Marklin and Hornby have w
  13. looks like the Marklin system launched a few years ago.
  14. I suspect some of the drawings will have already been in Alan's magazine, but he has been very helpful in the past.
  15. ordered a copy last week, looking forward to it arriving, although I suspect some of the info I am looking for is not there
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