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  1. I wonder, who knows what is in some ballast? Many years ago I built one of my annual exhibition layouts using LGB brass track. As ballast is big in big scales, I used some ballast from a local garden centre. I think it might have been from the fish tank department. I used my normal method of using diluted PVA glue,and when it was dry, everythng short circuited, and only way to fix it was to remove the ballast and replace . The replacement ballast(model railway supply?) worked perfectly, no problems, but the brass rail showed signs of some type of chemical reaction . I assumed there
  2. The Metropolitan switched steam and electric locos at Rickmansworth, and it took no longer than normal station stop.
  3. Not sure about rail transport. but some of the French tanks fitted on backs of lorries, as they were not that big.
  4. my impression is that charge should only be the VAT(20%) plus admin charge, which I personnally think should be scrapped, even if in the end it means VAT being put up slightly. Admin charges are a licence to print money, as they seem to vary a lot. Governments should pay 'tax collectors; , not the person receiving the item. I tend to try and keep my orders, such as they are,under the £135 limit.
  5. I think that might have been me on the gNatterbox, as I did have one of the first of the T gauge sets. It almost got more interest than the lyout I was exhibiting at the time!, I difd not do anything in 1/6, but did build a small layout in 1/12, using the T gauge on model tables, to represent O or G1 .I eventually dismantled it and sold off the T gauge. Another scale/gauge combination might be using the super sharp radius system(Rokuhan) for Z gauge, and use a scale of 1/55 or 5.5mm/ft, as this comes close to15in gauge. I built a small working layout in a cakebox.
  6. all it needs is a block based on the Bachmann/Mainline one, without the side weights. As it would be plastic it would be necessary to add pickups,and I think the later versions had a better axle which made fitting wheels easier. Alternatively someone bravely cutting up one of these chassis. I did look aound to see if I could find a chassis(or complete loco) cheap, but oddly prices have gone up since the new version was released. If I was going for a fancy chassis, I would probably opt for this one https://www.wizardmodels.ltd/shop/locomotive/lcp33/
  7. my designs are done in one piece, not a collection of bits, called a kit. That is the big advantage of 3D printing, but it does mean adapting to a specific chassis is not an option. I wonder if there is a smaller motor which with a suitable cradle could be fitted to Terrier. There are some designs which would uit this chassis, but a better loco size is one which would fit a J72 chassis as that then covers most standard 0-6-0 locos. If someone was to design such a chassis then it might be worth my time designing bodies to fit. I am less interested in designing locos, but will do those tha
  8. motor is only potential problem as it is a few mm too far one way,and might be slightly too high.
  9. I can only look at old Dapol chassis. it might be worth looking at the new Hornby or Raoils versions, but obviously they cost more. Another loco might actually be a J72 in HO, as this could fit on Terrier chassis. On the whole, tender locos are going to be far easier to motorize, with motor in tender. I am currently working on a design for an A4 , as someone wanted one in a big scale.
  10. that drawing is ok, scales up nicely/ will add it to list. Looks pretty close to size of J72, I am sure I have seen the J72 converted into one. redid that drawing to HO, and chassis is nearer to Terrier not the J72. I tried chassis up against drawing and it almost fits,- wheels OK, but motor not quite.
  11. these might be of interest http://www.rue-d-etropal.com/3D-printing/passenger-stock-sr/3d_printed_SR_Night_Ferry.htm
  12. I tend toonly do a few locos, mainly interested in railcars and coaches, but if there are scale drawingsI can have a look. The problem with the J72 model, both Bachmann and original Mainline is the side tank weights. The new Bachmann model has part of the boiler fixed to chassis under the motor which is a shame. For any tender loco I would probably use a motorized tender, but tricky for any tank loco.
  13. David , just contact Mark, and he should be able to do a bespoke chassis. He might want the actual body sending to him. Something like this railcar might have even more interest if it is known there is a chassis available.
  14. The question of axle boxes comes up quite often, My suggested way is to use an internal support/bearing for the axle, and not worry about fitting axles heds into axle boxes. If a complete dummy chassis is put together it can be removed easier from body, and can be tested separately, even non powered wagons and coaches. For motorized chassis I suggest contacting Mark at Locos n Stuff, as he has done his own 3D printed working chassis for some of my models.
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