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  1. Morning, Very much agree. And with some class 20s to pull them. I’ll happily replace my Bachmann 20s for something much better. PJ10
  2. PJ10


    Good evening. On a now scrapped false start to a previous layout I used flooring adhesive from B&Q to stick the cork to the baseboard. Typically I ran out of adhesive before all the cork was stuck down and decided to resort to the Copydex I had in stock. Drilling holes for wire droppers and point motor pins through the cork secured with flooring adhesive was no problem. However where I had used Copydex, the glue wrapped itself round the drill bit making a real mess and causing the cork to rise up. As this made smooth and level track laying impossible I ended up ripping up this small section, buying more flooring adhesive and doing the job properly. I'm not saying don't use Copydex for glueing cork, just be careful if you want to drill through it. PJ10
  3. Had a particularly busy and tiring week at work. A gin and tonic and a read about this fantastic layout and I feel better already. Thanks. PJ10
  4. Hi Selkent, I guess it's a dream of mine to have the time to volunteer. Unfortunately life and work commitments just get in the way. I have driven both a class 55 and class 40 on the East Lancs and have a steam loco experience booked for later this year. Retirement (still many years off) may give me the time but I would be concerned that by then my physical ability may limit my usefulness. Still I can hope that my numbers come up on the lottery and then I could live the dream. PJ10
  5. Hi Zunnan, Hmmm. I have to agree with your observations. I too hope that something can be done. As its probably too late for major changes I'd settle for the rivets being corrected and a finer grill with the diagonal support added. Not particularly bothered if this means going back to a moulded grill as long as its fine enough. If there's no changes then I might have to limit myself to an ETHEL. At least the cab fronts won't be that visible between a 37/0 and Mk1s PJ10
  6. Evening All, Typing this on a north bound Pendolino enjoying a Brewdog IPA after a very enjoyable exhibition. I echo many of the comments re great layouts and inspirational modelling. Yes it was a bit hot at times but I found a few places to cool off. I did feel it was a little cramped at busy times but i wouldn’t have any real issues if it was in the same location next year. Well done to the organisers for finding the location at short notice. Parrot Hall and Dalnottar Riverside were the stars for me and I had some good discussions with Tim Horn, Accurascale and the guys from Mickleover MRC amongst others. PJ10
  7. Hi Classy52, I agree that from the information provided by Heljan, it would appear that the model of 45133 doesn't come with a headlight. However as the prototype only got its headlight in Aug 1986 (looking at Flickr photos) I suspect that the model is correct for the early to mid 80s, not as it currently is in preservation. PJ10
  8. Hi Dave, Thanks for that. I had read that they didn't fit as securely on another thread some time ago. However looking at the video they look perfectly secure to me. And I agree with Colin Penfold. Great weathering and I love the snaking through Princess Street Gardens pointwork. PJ10
  9. HI Dave, Great photos as always. I'm looking forward to seeing the new container rake. I decided against buying any FFA/FGA wagons as I felt the containers weren't quite right for the mid 80s. However seeing what you've done with the first rake and with C Rail container on the second I may have to reconsider and do a bit of container mixing and matching. You said the C Rail containers are "pretty much" a straight fit. If possible when you post photos of the new rake can you describe any adjustments made. Thanks Looking at the second photo, is that a sand box pipe hanging down from the front of 24081's bogie. Just mentioning it incase it snags on any point work. PJ10
  10. Andy, I think you underestimate your talents. Cheers PJ10
  11. HI Andy, Yes I've seen and regularly catch up on both your current OO layouts and impressive they are too. Although I have to confess that I think your best ever OO layout was the original Kingsmill. And yes both Seven Mills and Grundy Street could be created in OO. However I suspect that something would be missing, something that you and George seem to have been able to capture. Is it the detail, the presence, that O gauge and good modelling brings? For now I'll stick to OO - far far too much stock to change - and watch both your and George's creations come to life. Perhaps an exhibition invite may come to enable me (and many others I suspect) to enjoy them in the flesh. Anybody from the DEMU committee on line? PJ10
  12. Great Photos Andy, especially the one of the 20 and 25 timestamped 13:32. I'll have to stop looking at this and George's Grundy Street thread. Fantastic modelling but a move to O gauge would be far too expensive. PJ10
  13. Evening all, Hmmm. I'll have to have a look at my 37 012 (ok not a rep limited edition). It certainly has the bogie brake cylinder pipe issue mentioned by Tractor_37260 as i had to carefully bend one back into position. As I tested it on a rolling road I didn't notice the bogie swing. In Bachmanns favour I have to say it is a superbly quiet and smooth running loco - my best Bachmann loco for a few years. PJ10
  14. Superb modelling. PJ10
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