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  1. Hi Brossard, I’m at a similar point with my own 20 after having to strip one bogie down several times to address the resistance/tightness I mentioned in a previous post. I’ve actually ended up removing the motor and all gears from that bogie and using just one motor and one driven bogie. Fine for my plan for a small shunting plank. Anyway, back to the fan. I did think about using a function to control the fan with a driver circuit but concluded that this would mean the fan was either off or running at full speed. Probably not realistic for my plank. I did think about using the function dimming option to reduce the speed but as I’ve decided to use some of the functions for independent lights, I’m now using this to dim the lights to an acceptable level. If I recall correctly, I have cv 60 set to 15. This has the effect of reducing the voltage of the function outputs by using Pulse Wave Modulation to reduce the effective voltage seen by the lights or whatever is connected to the outputs. I’m a relative newbie to DCC and there may be a way to combine the two options but I’ve decided to leave the functions and dimming for lights. This may not be an issue for you depending on how you have the lights connected and how you want the fan to run Instead, and to give a little more “play value”, I’m currently considering using an old Bachmann chip I have no use for configured with a different address to the loco sound chip and wiring this to the track feed. In this way I will be able to set the fan to run at any speed I want using my controller independent to the loco speed. I’m not sure if the fan on a real 20 runs at variable speed but it could be fun. Well for a few minutes until I get fed up with the feature. Whether I eventually decide to go down this route or not, time will tell. PJ10
  2. Great news. Been looking forward to these. Some from the first production run will certainly be added to my fleet but fingers crossed a subsequent production run will have a number of original canopied HAAs as seen around Millerhill, Cockenzie, Blindwells, etc. PJ10
  3. Hi Black Hat. I asked questions about the lights back in Feb when the new tooling was announced for the Blue and Railfreight 20/0s. The response covers both disc and domino headcode locos. Bit about the headlight is shown in bold below. PJ10
  4. Still available at Accurascale retailers. I also didn't expect them to sell out so quickly but on reading the news I preordered the D and E packs from a certain retailer close to the NYMR. I would like more than 6 TOPS MDVs to make a complete rake so them selling out bodes well for another run. Fingers crossed. Regards PJ10
  5. Evening Baggies1961, Reported on the Dapol Website
  6. Hi. I did think this but messaged Ben Jones before attempting to use the Combi. I also have a meter monitoring the current during the running in and each motor only draws 0.3 amps. However given the fact that the Combi is only rated to 1 amp, that's why I though a motor stall caused by the resistance would temporarily push the drawn current above the 1A and cause the loco to cut out. I will be chipping the loco for DCC but just wanted to check the resistance I've experienced isn't a sign of a possible current or future problem. Thanks, PJ10
  7. Although the vast majority of my stock is OO I’m also building up a small fleet of O gauge locos and wagons. 6 months ago, I bought one of the last few pre TOPS Blue Class 20s. I would have preferred a TOPS model but couldn’t find one. Running it in shortly after buying it, the loco cut out on a couple of occasions but otherwise seemed ok. In total it ran for circa 45 mins. Reading various threads on here I did wonder if the cutting out may have been due to a split gear causing a motor to stall and draw too much current for my basic DC controller (I am DCC but have a Combi for running in) even although the 20s don’t feature in the list of suspect locos. I did a cursory investigation by removing the keeper plate from each bogie at the time. All seemed fine. I had some time this weekend so decided to remove each bogie and do a proper investigation. After a considerable effort(!) I managed to remove the body (fortunately only damaging a cab step in the process) and unwired each bogie. On one bogie upon turning the flywheel very occasionally I felt some resistance and then heard a click, before the flywheel moved freely again. Closer investigation indicated that one of the gears, the one next to the wheel furthest from the motor, seemed to be binding. Not every time and not in the same place. However, the gear seemed fine. No obvious split and the teeth look fine. I decided to try some further running in. A further 30 mins each way and the resistance has gone. Or more correctly I’ve not been able to reproduce the occasional resistance. I’m going to run the particular bogie some more over the next several days just to be sure. Should I be concerned and is the above a possible indication of further problems or did the loco just need an extended period of running in? I have the option of returning the loco under warranty but with spares not available I wonder if it’s worth it. In the event that I keep the loco I aim to change the headcodes for Dominos and move the double arrows to the bodyside. Has anybody had any success removing the supplied headcodes? Thanks in advance PJ10
  8. I can recommend the phone route. My two phone calls to date have resulted in pleasant conversations with Heather and Phil, much better than clicking mouse buttons. Just need to find another excuse to call and hopefully get to speak with Jamie. Maybe when the Haggis hint is firmed up. PJ10
  9. Hi Roy, I got the following response from Bachmann when I asked this question: Thank you for your interest in our products. I am pleased to confirm that the Class 20/0 locomotives which feature disc headcodes will have four operational white headcode lights at the leading end and two red lights at the trailing end. A selection of headcode discs are supplied with each model allowing the consumer to have open or closed discs on each headcode light as per their individual requirements (our publicity photos show two closed discs fitted to the outer pair of headcode lights and thus these two lights are not visible in those photos). The models also feature a working interior cab light. The lights at each end can be turned on/off independently of each other via DCC or using the switches mounted under the chassis. In addition, the high intensity headlight fitted to the cab of 35-357SF can also be controlled independently via DCC function. I am also pleased to confirm that the headcode lights will be ‘warm white’ on the production models, rather than the ‘bright white’ as seen on the sample that was used for photography purposes to provide a more realistic product. And very good news that the lights will be changed to warm white. I hope this can be applied to other appropriate models. Both positive developments from Bachmann. PJ10
  10. Fantastic modelling. The tenement and paper shop are superb. As for the pub, it looks almost exactly like a watering hole we used to go into for refreshments after training. It wasn't green then but I've just looked on google and its green now. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. Looking forward to watching this develop. PJ10
  11. Rails have posted information from Heljan saying that the 25s are being shipped from Denmark to UK retailers this week. Interestingly it's only the locos, the ETHELs are expected in "a few weeks". PJ10
  12. May/Jun according to the Bachman website PJ10
  13. Hi. It will probably depend on the loco but I was able to use blacktack on a 45 last weekend. I got the idea (and the Blacktack) from Richard Croft. See below for an example. No connection just a satisfied customer. With a bit of care I was able to position the blacktack in such a way that you can't see it when the body is refitted. Cheers, PJ10
  14. Bachmann did the same with 20 201. Dropped a year or so ago and now a retooled loco. If I recall correctly the reason stated at the time was no production slot. PJ10
  15. Absolutely superb. The level of detail is fantastic. PJ10
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