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  1. I can recommend the phone route. My two phone calls to date have resulted in pleasant conversations with Heather and Phil, much better than clicking mouse buttons. Just need to find another excuse to call and hopefully get to speak with Jamie. Maybe when the Haggis hint is firmed up. PJ10
  2. Hi Roy, I got the following response from Bachmann when I asked this question: Thank you for your interest in our products. I am pleased to confirm that the Class 20/0 locomotives which feature disc headcodes will have four operational white headcode lights at the leading end and two red lights at the trailing end. A selection of headcode discs are supplied with each model allowing the consumer to have open or closed discs on each headcode light as per their individual requirements (our publicity photos show two closed discs fitted to the outer pair of headcode lig
  3. Fantastic modelling. The tenement and paper shop are superb. As for the pub, it looks almost exactly like a watering hole we used to go into for refreshments after training. It wasn't green then but I've just looked on google and its green now. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. Looking forward to watching this develop. PJ10
  4. Rails have posted information from Heljan saying that the 25s are being shipped from Denmark to UK retailers this week. Interestingly it's only the locos, the ETHELs are expected in "a few weeks". PJ10
  5. May/Jun according to the Bachman website PJ10
  6. Hi. It will probably depend on the loco but I was able to use blacktack on a 45 last weekend. I got the idea (and the Blacktack) from Richard Croft. See below for an example. No connection just a satisfied customer. With a bit of care I was able to position the blacktack in such a way that you can't see it when the body is refitted. Cheers, PJ10
  7. Bachmann did the same with 20 201. Dropped a year or so ago and now a retooled loco. If I recall correctly the reason stated at the time was no production slot. PJ10
  8. Absolutely superb. The level of detail is fantastic. PJ10
  9. Morning. Can I just confirm it’s Q3. Last I heard a delivery of Q2 was expected. It’s not a problem, just the statement “still for Q3” makes me wonder if it’s a typo. Several planned arrivals around Q2 and Q3 including your sound fitted 37s and 55s means I may have to use some “creative accounting”. Good job dealing with household finances is my responsibility. Really looking forward to them when they arrive. Thanks PJ10
  10. Morning Richard, Yes I completely agree. My testing at the weekend has proven that the simple solution of an internal speaker works for me. Cheers. PJ10
  11. I’m hoping that both these are addressed but if I’m honest I doubt the Headlight will be changed. Maybe an outside chance of the aerial. PJ10
  12. Hi All, Finally manged to find time to test a few options today. I installed a 27mm round Bass Enhanced speaker in a 27 as per young37215, had a 25x25x7mm Square Megabass Cube speaker black tacked in place of the tanks on a 27 running without the body fitted so I didn’t need to worry about the wiring routing and a 26 running with the 27mm round Bass Enhanced speaker below the grill. Having the three running side by side, I admit that the Square Megabass sounded the best close up but, if I’m honest it was close. And from normal viewing distance I personally found it diff
  13. Evening Gents, Charlie, I have one of these speakers for another project and having looked at it earlier I agree it will fit. And thanks for the pointer that this is a better speaker. Young37215. Thanks. Thats pretty much how I installed sound on my 26s and was planning to do the same with the 27s. The only difference, I place the speaker under the fan grill at the other end to you. And because of the capacitor and inductors for the motor circuit and the 8 pin connector there is less room at that end meaning the speaker has to sit further forward. Only half the speaker
  14. Morning, Thats interesting. Thats the speaker I used and I clipped the prongs on the PCB. I could probably file a few more fractions of a mm off. How did you deal with the headcode box wiring coming out of the cab moulding? PJ10
  15. Afternoon Gents, Many thanks for the responses. I've been giving it a bit more thought since posting and I'm going to go with a speaker in the tank. However I'm going to try and modify the existing tanks with a fall back of going for the resin ones. I'm not sound fitting all my 27s so keeping the existing tanks will mean all locos look the same. Phil, Good video thanks. I'm hopeful that the advances in speaker design mean the difference will not be as noticeable. How did you route the speaker wires? I'm uncertain whether to route them under one of the bogies or up the s
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