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  1. Hi. Sorry to hear about that but you have to follow your interests. As for switching, well its more of a slight distraction than a full switch. At least that's the plan (?!) but I wonder how many others said that when they bought their first O gauge wagon(s) or kit(s). Cheers. PJ10
  2. Evening George, Has there been any further progress on Abbot's Mead? A crazy impulse buy will see me collect several O Gauge wagons on Friday. A decision on an appropriate loco is being mulled over. It will be some time, ok some considerable time, before a layout gets built as I really need to make some progress on my OO layout but the Abbots Mead track plan looks perfect for what I envisage doing eventually with my new purchase. Thanks, PJ10
  3. Morning, And 55015 in August 1978 https://www.flickr.com/photos/deltic_baggie/6628892409/in/photolist-2i6VUzG-9draPW-2geyJr9-9whUMm-7XfhTi-awzDpc-RzBqCp-b6LNLr-yCxS9y-frPguu-2iCcDz7-2iV28zF-e3bS4c-i7dyDg-phhWEh-72XgZQ-hjRTZx-dEkY5D-iMWUua-e8oGu1-2jayR7Z PJ10
  4. PJ10

    Great service from TMC

    Morning, Placed a small order yesterday afternoon. Received it about 40 mins ago. Great service from TMC and Royal Mail. PJ10
  5. Hi Richard, Good to talk to you earlier today. And thanks for answering my questions and sorting out my speaker issues. Looking forward to finding some time to fit the Class 26 and Class 27 loaded LokSound decoders. Regards, PJ10
  6. Really excellent Fran and the team. Roll on November. Just wondering if I need to increase the sound insulation in the garage railway room. I might be banned from operating late in the evening or I'll keep all the neighbours awake! PJ10
  7. Hi, Fingers crossed this link will work https://twitter.com/railexpress?lang=en PJ10
  8. Looks good 37501. Like the protective cover. However I think I'll go for the 27mm round bass speakers as some of the 26s and 27s I've earmarked for sound fitting don't have both battery boxes and tanks. PJ10
  9. Evening, Slightly off topic but I've been considering the after market fuel tanks for a while for some of my 26s and 27s. I must admit to not being convinced as they are slightly too large as you say. This speaker looks to be perfect and sounds good. I think I'll be buying a few in the not too distant future. Another Lockdown project. PJ10
  10. Hi, I've decided to give the MX636D a try. However further questions if I may so I better understand the capabilities of both the MX634Ds I have and the MX636D . The SUSI Data and Clock pins. In the english language manual these are listed as SUSI Data (FO6, Servo 2) and SUSI Clock (FO5, Servo 1) for the MX634D. But there are also FO5 and FO6 logic level outputs. I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that they were in some way related. Are they actually separate outputs and if so how do I use the SUSI pins as functions? And are they full or logic? The German language man
  11. Guys, Many thanks for the info. Looking at both the German and English versions of the Zimo manual I think I now understand some of the differences. For example Functions 5 and 6 on the MX634D are logic level whilst they appear to be normal amplified outputs on the MX636D. And yes the MX638D is cheaper. I believe its basically a MX634D without the stay alive functionality. More reading and translating to do. Thanks again
  12. Nigel, Thanks for the info. I realise that some soldering would be required. I may go the whole hog and remove the old circuit boards and make my own. Peter. Thanks but I couldn't find the MX636D on the selector when I looked. PJ10
  13. Evening all, For the last few years I've been using Zimo MX634D decoders as my decoder of choice. I'm using the lockdown as an opportunity to service my fleet and to get my new additions DCC fitted but I have used my last decoder. I note that the MX636D is available for same price, is able to handle more power and has more functions but I can't find any detailed information about it. I've been on a number of websites including Zimos own but even this has little information. I should mention that I model in oo so the power handling is not a requirement, its the increased number of f
  14. Morning, Great news that the plan is to reopen the shop after the restrictions are lifted even although Liz is/has retired. Wishing her a long and happy retirement. PJ10
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