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  1. I've finally scored a correct guess with the B4 - and a loco I can certainly find a home for. Excellent.
  2. Love to see the B4 upscaled to O given its size and number of liveries. Possibly an M7 in parallel with the re-tooling of the N gauge version but most likely a wagon from more recent years..
  3. Odds on for a newly tooled Manor not only beating Dapol but also the newly announced Accurascale version to the shops - have Accurascale (strategically?) picked to announce theirs 2 days before the Bachmann announcement....
  4. I'm ever hopeful they will release the B4 tank in O gauge - surely it would be popular given its small size and range of liveries available as seen on the wonderful 4mm version.
  5. Hornby seem to rotate round the big 4 so possibly the turn of the GWR in 2021 with an all new Castle to coincide with the return to steam of Pendennis at Didcot - although I won't be surprised to see another Manor announced in a red (or blue) box There is rumour that somebody was seen measuring up the NLR Dock Tank and SECR Dance Hall brake at the Bluebell early last year but might not have been Hornby (or not true)….
  6. Wording in the pre-announcement seems to suggest it's also at Locomotion so possibly the GNR Atlantic no. 251(if its still there) The cynic within me thinks it's something Hornby are to announce in January and Rail's have got wind and announcing theirs early...
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