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  1. BRM April Issue comes with a review for the LMS Twins.
  2. Thank you. Sales details? The STL-Files will be all available for FREE. 😉
  3. Early printed Prototypes LNER/BR Buffer Stop Left - LNER Lamps Right - BR Standard Lamps (LMS Type)
  4. Hello there, I'm working since nearly 4 Years with 3D printing and designing on different topics. Now I have started to design 3D Printed Stuff for N-Gauge with focus on the Eastern, North Eastern and Scottish Regions of British Railways. LMS/BR Standard Lamp & LNER Lamp LNER/BR(ER) Standard Buffer Stop KATO Unitrack Rail Endings Pictures of Prints will coming soon. I'm also working on Signals and smaller Accessories. Is there something, the Community is missing for N-Gauge?
  5. I wounder if Dapol could bring - after they will deliver a B17 in Experimental Apple Green - further of their Steam Locos in Experimental Liveries. As I know, there were more than just that "LNER" Apple Green and "GER" Purple experimental liveries on few Locos.
  6. Then I hope they would make Gresley Quad-Art and Twin-Art Sets. That would be super awesome for N. :D
  7. I actually was thinking about Suburbans too, when I mentioned further big four coaches toolings. LNER Thompson Suburbans SR Push-Pull Sets LMS Push-Pull Sets ect. Gresley Suburbans would be something for Dapol to complete the Gresley Coaches Range.
  8. The LMS Twins look really nice, the Brake Van also. I'm very curious what we can expect for the running year. I hope we see some re-runs of further Steam Locos, LNER Peppercorn A1, BR Standard 4MT Tank or something else would be nice. Surprising and awesome would be a new 'big four' Coaches tooling.
  9. There is a Lack of Blue BR Diesels with Pre-TOPS Numbers...
  10. I prefer the Early BR Diesel/Electric Black Livery over the later Brunswick Green.
  11. Magazine says "Spring 2024" - did the BRM Magazine switched to a quarter release instead of a monthly?
  12. I'm late on that Party. but I like the Layouts you feature on that DVD...
  13. I can understand oyu... Working in the IT here in Germany, we support some French Users from one of our Partners's which since years don't understand that we support them only in german or english and close tickets in French directly when they appear. They then wonder why we close them with the note "We can support you only in english or german language"
  14. And when they have long-time plans to bring brack Hattons as a "Satellite" Shop? Could be second hand only, or as a "jump board" for continental sales? I doubt they brought they brand only for the DB and to prevent others buy the Name....
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