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  1. Any money saved would be unlikely to be spent more wisely elsewhere. It keeps quite a few people in employment, it probably prevents some more polluting flights occurring, it's very useful to a number of people and gives a lot of pleasure to more people. I think this country is rich enough to afford it. Given half an hour, I'm sure most people could think of bigger and more outrageous wastes of public money
  2. I thought that the correct usage was Fahrenheit for hot days and centigrade for cold ones.
  3. Might be a bit of a tough sell to visitors though. It's bad enough being fobbed off with a clapped out rattling DMU when the steam service isn't running.
  4. Digitrains actually contacts via the JMRI webserver rather than Withrottle. Similar but different. See https://www.jmri.org/help/en/package/jmri/jmrit/withrottle/UserInterface.shtml
  5. I have done something similar to control platform lighting. I used the output from one of these decoders https://www.dccconcepts.com/product/cobalt-ip-dcc-decoder-fx-stall-motor-drive-2-way-output/ to operate a twin coil latching relay via a couple of diodes. I think you could drive a single coil relay directly. Connect your dc supply to the relay contacts or switch the dcc supply via a bridge rectifier to give a DC output.
  6. I wonder if anyone can help provide some more information about this HO wagon. I bought it because I have a family connection with the town of Dissen, where Homann are based but I've no idea of the era of this item of anything else about it. I assume it's some sort of refrigerated wagon. Any idea what the little tower thing at one end is? The Märklin catalogue number is 4891.
  7. I've been quite happy with this: http://www.circuitspecialists.eu/soldering/soldering-stations/csi-station75d-analogue-soldering-station-with-powerful-75w-iron/
  8. Where did you buy the speaker? Do you have a link?
  9. What types of rolling stock did you experience problems with? I've had no issues so far with Bachmann and Hornby curved points and 4 and 6 axle diesels.
  10. No joy with resets. I think I have made some progress though. As it appeared that pressing a function key was triggering all functions at once I tried disabling the functions in the function table and then reenabling them again. It seems as though the function table is corrupted in some way and reprogramming it in jmri might fix it.
  11. I've got a Bachmann class 37 with DCC sound 37418 with loksound select decoder. Today, after some problems with short circuits on the layout the loco has started behaving strangely. Motor control is fine but functions are firing off sound effects seemingly at random e.g. F1 should just turn on / off engine but is also setting off guard's whistle and cab lights. All other function keys are doing similar things. I've tried a reset to no avail. I read in the function table in jmri I can't see anything odd. Any ideas what I can try next? Thanks.
  12. I really seem to have rubbed some people up the wrong way in a previous thread. It was certainly not my intention. But a few people seemed to have missed the point I was trying to make. I definitely didn't expect to be accused of trolling or not telling the truth. Anyway, I've said all I wanted to say, and I'm sorry if I've offended anyone, that was never my intention.
  13. Stop calling me a liar. I know what my experience was.
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