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  1. There was some nice product placement for Peco when young Callum was on !
  2. Thanks for the help. It is working as it should. The confusing thing is that only three functions are showing on the Engine Driver app which I usually use on my phone, All the functions show up on the DecoderPro Throttle when I bring that up on the laptop.
  3. I'm confused! I've fitted a lokpilot V5 21 pin decoder 59629 and still can't get any lights other than the low headlights to work. I use DecoderPro and this shows the Function Map is blank. This is no different to the Dapol decoder I first tried in it.
  4. Thanks for the help. I've got the body off at last, it's a tight fit. Step 2 of the instructions does say there are 4 clips(2 each side) which isn't very helpful! Thanks for the link for the decoder. DCKits-Legomanbiffo have one less in stock now!
  5. Could someone tell me where the four clips are positioned please. I have taken out the four screws and ran a tool around the edge of the chassis but can't find them.
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