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  1. Well if none of us are willing to accept that risk then no exhibitions will ever take place again. But what we haven`t been told by the ONS is how many of the thousands of recent positive and the few hospitalised cases haven’t yet been vaccinated, probably the vast majority of them. If this wasn`t the case, I`m sure it would have been splashed all over the media that the vaccines weren`t working. Perhaps the solution in the short term would be only visitors allowed into any future exhibitions will be those who can prove they have been fully vaccinated to minimise the risk of transmission and the wearing of a face covering and social distancing may also be required. Happily most people are willing to take that risk and as each day passes more and more of the adult population will be vaccinated so therefore that transmission risk will be smaller. By the time we reach September, the start of the modelling season, hopefully we being to see more and more exhibitions taking place and a growing confidence that it would be no greater risk than a visit to the local supermarket on a busy weekend, with no face covering and social distancing and not treating everybody that you come into contact with being riddled with the virus.
  2. A couple of questions with your proposed set up. A one way system and maintaining social distancing around the exhibition looks good on paper, but will it result in a time limit on how long each visitor can spend at each layout or trader before they are required to move on to allow other visitors the chance to view. Eg a 4m long layout with a 1m social distance maintained for each visitor can then only accommodate 3 visitors along the side and 2 at each end. Are you then anticipating a queuing system on the more popular attractions? As there is a set limit on the numbers inside the venue, will there be a time limit set on each visitor, how long they can actually spend inside the venue before they are asked politely to leave to make way for other visitors? What impact do you envisage once the numbers inside have been reached, it will be a one out, one in, system of entry. How many casual visitors (families with children) will just walk away as the waiting queue is too long, especially if it`s raining, resulting in a potential loss of income.
  3. Where is the actual venue location, address, satnav?
  4. Does that mean the Doncaster Show 2022 is going to be moved from February to October?
  5. Probably not, not unless he fibbed about his age, as Allan was born in 1935, so that would have made him 25 in 1960.
  6. If and its a big if, there were a ban put in place by the Government that prevents this exhibition from taking place, I would assume that there would be no question of being able to claim a refund on your advanced exhibition tickets. But the problem comes trying to get your money refunded on any pre-booked hotel and travel tickets, where the condition of purchase, due to the cheaper price being paid, is that there are no refunds or date alterations will be entertained. I just wonder how sympathetic these companies will be, given these exceptional circumstances to give refunds. Hopefully the Government will put in place some legislation to put pressure on these Companies to force them to give full refunds.
  7. If you look on the right hand side, above the purple box that tells you the promo number you will find the words "HAVE A PROMO CODE?" if you clink on those words, a seperate box appears that you are able to enter your promo code. If it`s accepted, then another ticket price list appears, that gives you your subscriber ticket prices - its the 2nd LINE DOWN, NOT the top line as that is for normal price adult tickets! Hope this helps
  8. I would try in the first instance Ticket Factory, but I must admit that the chances of getting a refund for the price difference are very small indeed. You`ve got to be absolutely certain after you entered your promo code and the new ticket list came up, that you actually clicked on the 2nd line down - subscriber ticket and not the top line which is the normal adult price. I have just purchased my ticket for Doncaster and I almost made that mistake of clinking onto the top line for an adult ticket believing that was for a discounted subscriber ticket. It is very misleading to say the least.
  9. The exhibition dates in the header title would be useful
  10. The Exhibition dates in the header title would be useful
  11. As the proposed ULEZ extension doesn’t commence until October 2021, I really can`t see much point in discussing the subject now, as its over 2 years away before it may have an impact on the 2022 exhibition. Of course that’s assuming it’s at the same time and location as of now. Also, as there`s going to be a London Mayoral election this year, there could be a change of political spectrum, resulting in the new Mayor scrapping this proposed ULEZ extension, as Boris did to the western extension of the congestion charge back in 2010.
  12. It would have been useful to have the exhibition name - Perth Model Railway Exhibition, included in the topic title.
  13. Please be aware there is a weekend road closure on the A14 westbound between junctions 28 Swavesay and Junction 27 Fenstanton, which may have an impact on your journey time to the exhibition.
  14. There`s surprising quite a lot of sickness about at the moment, probably due to the change in the weather. Now you wouldn`t want to spread it about to the rest of your Colleagues, so a day off at the weekend to recuperate may be just what the Doctor ordered!!
  15. If you take a look at their web site it will confirm that their exhibtion has been cancelled for this year. The above advert for their exhibtion must have been issued before the exhibtion was cancelled.
  16. There now weekend car parking charges of £2.10 at this station introduced on 1 Sept, I don`t know how much the return bus fare to the NEC is, but in total it could work out more expensive than the per-paid £12 parking charge at the NEC, that is if you don`t have a bus pass!
  17. No that is not what I was implying, there were problems a few years ago, when Warners first transferred their ticketing system over to Ticket Factory that my promo code wasn`t being accepted, so like I stated, after contacting the email help line my problem was quickly resolved. I`ve not had any problems since, nor do I suspect have the others who also had the same problem. And this is what I was advising this person to do, instead of completing their ticket transaction, contact Warners to establish what the problem is and why their promo code won`t work. As the show is still over 5 weeks away there’s plenty of time to sort out, with the help line any problems with promo codes that don`t appear to work.
  18. Should you encounter problems next time you require a discounted ticket I would use the email address above and they will be able to assist you. I had a problem similar to yours a few years ago and it was resolved in a couple of days after sending the email.
  19. Sorry, if I`m mistaken, but the way that you have described the method you brought your ticket was direct from the Ticket Factory web site. If this is correct, then can I suggest that the next time you go through the British Railway Modelling web site, which will in a couple of menu steps take you through to their Show page. If you book your ticket from that site, it will take you to the Ticket Factory wed page in a slightly different format, where the promo box is clearly shown above the full price ticket prices. After you have entered the promo code, you then get taken to the discounted ticket price web page. Should you encounter any further problems then best to send an email to [email protected] who will be able to assist you. Hope this helps and enjoy the show.
  20. 2 questions- Did you enter the promo code P19 prefixed your subs number into the promo box before starting the ordering process? And you are a hard copy subscriber, as digital subscribers don`t get the subscriber discount?
  21. This was brought up here last year. I made the posting that Squires don`t appear to attend any magazine organised shows. There was a reply stating that it could be due to costs, but nothing could be more expensive than their attendance at Warley. If due to a clash of dates is the reason that they couldn’t appear here, but to my knowledge they have never appeared at any of the 3 BRM Shows since their inception. Or it could be as simple as they have never been asked to attend.
  22. The same system was in place to get into the exhibition at the Swindon Steam Museum. 20mins to get into that exhibition
  23. Should any monies become available, these would be paid to your respective CC Companies as they are now a creditor of that company and not returned to you. As this crowd-funding business is becoming more popular way of raising money for various causes or schemes, I wonder how long it will be until the CC Companies will be trying to exclude these from their Section 75 payments when things similar this scheme go wrong and the Companies are going bust. They would consider these schemes to be very high risk, that they have no control over, nor any input into the viability of the scheme and could end up paying out large sums of money especially if all the participates paid into it on their credit cards. I for one, wherever possible pay for items that have a total cost of over £100 on my credit card to ensure that I would have a reasonable chance to reclaim my money if things go wrong.
  24. So I was correct in my assumption that there are still those who don`t have a mobile phone or an email address, which is fair enough. The point I was making was directed at those who won`t be aware of this restriction at the time of paying by card, then stand at the ticket desk, holding up the queue while they insist that they be given a receipt for their transaction.
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