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  1. I did they couldn’t believe it after me owning 20 plus sports bikes oover the years anyway keep posting I’m very impressed keep safe Dan
  2. Very nice layout and great progress being made. expensive hobby it sure is. When I started building mine I had the money saved for a new Ducati for my 50th birthday but this hobby and model wargames means I’ve spent enough for three new Ducati’s i shall follow the progress if I can keep up. dan
  3. Fantastic..... that little boy you mentioned is going to love this... it might be nearly ready by the time he is able to run trains unassisted good luck dan
  4. The big metal turntable at the back left of the storage yard...... do the trains enter the tunnel at the bottom right of it and spin round coming out on to the storage loops facing the other direction ?? This is one of my favourite layouts and what a great space to set up and test regards dan
  5. Very nice Ian what a huge space. Plan looks good with plenty of space for scenic details. just make sure you have plenty of good lighting. I use LED batons they look like a normal strip lighting fittings but are far superior in lighting and very beneficial in the low cost to run and give out minimal heat. i shall keep checking in on your progress dan
  6. Looks like a grand start Andy. white walls and good lighting will make a huge difference. Plus I used a reflective gloss like garage floor paint too. I chose bright red as it’s very easy to spot the small parts that always seem to drop of stock. Which inevitably seem to be black or dark gray and hard to spot on traditional garage floor paint colours. I’ve used LED strip lighting in my garage and was astonished by the difference it made compared to the standard type strips. i shall watch with great interest dan
  7. Nice big space there Keith I’m glad you mentioned recycled doors. i was wondering what the rest of the house hold would of said when they got home today from buying toilet roll and hand sanitizer ( apparently that’s what everyones been doing today) to find they were missing from downstairs. Not me I’ve been playing trains. any particular era.... Dcc ? Dan
  8. Like what you’ve done there with the river board. what motive power do you have
  9. What a fantastic come back after 40 years.... it it does look like you’ve had a lot of time on your hands. im guessing your last layout was clockwork and a lots changed in the hobby since then. lets have some please Dan
  10. Found great pic of LARGE LOGO 37 082 loch long at Horton Road 22nd May 85 on Derick Jones Flicker page. Plus over 700 more great colour loco pics. Don’t start looking unless you have a least a spare three hours. ready to order mine too. Plus others
  11. I really do like the sweeping design running up to the viaducts. Its one of many things I wished I had done. keep it coming dan
  12. Hi Kev What a great start and may I say a very neat and tidy job you’re doing. not even a screw driver in sight. Im liking the viaducts, looks like there’s going to be plenty of scenic area too. i will be following this one for sure Dan
  13. Not sure why but no pictures coming through ? dan
  14. Very nice to see this at the Cheltenham Show this weekend. very highly detailed with many scratch built buildings and full of life. plenty of action on the track too. thanks for bringing it along dan
  15. Nice looking 37s John. it would be great if you could send me the pic of the warwells. It Will hopefully inspire to crack on and finish mine thanks dan
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