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  1. It seems your living my life five years ago. i had a large attic extension built at great expense for me and before I knew it it became a dance studio for my children and what feel life half the kids from there schools. lucky to have the garage I guess. dan
  2. Your return to the hobby is the Exactly the same as mine. including buying a built layout then changing and redeveloping it. I made mine in to a continuous three track loop with extras in the end. do you plan to keep it a s a terminus. You also mentioned storage. Are you un able to keep it in situe Good luck with the project Dan
  3. We all have our tricks i normally arrive home with models hidden in rolled up dustbin liners. Saying I’ve brought them home to clear out the railway room like you asked darling. then fill with the odd bit of junk and throw away saying I’ll do some more clearing next week (or when next purchase arrives at work) I think it’s working Dan
  4. Totally agree with above. I’m certain you will soon get board of just trains running round loops. ive a similar size space. I opted for three connected loops. But spurred off the two main lines to a branch line and inclined it up and over the curves ( meaniing there was far more space and no tight curves)on what would be the left hand side of your layout. The branch terminus would be where you have the storage area planned now.this means I can run trains around the loops and do more movement in in the branch station and yard. the. Inner of my three loops is a storage yard modelled as part of the layout. this is Conectted to all three loops. im certainly no expert and it’s not perfect as I should have added passing loops on the main line too Hope that helps Dan
  5. They say the grass looks greener on the other side of the valley. it sure does from here,really nice. Has Allen Tichmarsh been round ?
  6. Nice to see you’ve started Jerry is this the maximum space you have...... it may get a bit crowded after a couple more birthdays and the odd Christmas present. happy modelling dan
  7. I’ve been following your progress with great interest. Im really liking the class 37 line up. This sures going to be a good one. good luck Dan
  8. Hi DavidYou seem to have the space available that I have.... First I built what you may call a roundy roundy. This cut across the middle of the room.i did this as I wanted to have at least two trains running at the same time. In fact I made it three loops. On the mainlines is a station and an off shoot To the branch and viaduct which was high on my list of requirements. I also wanted a terminus with freight depot and maintenance depot. This was so I could have plenty of shunting and loco changes whilst the others ran on the loops with out much in put from me. Just the sight and sounds are quite pleasing as to me whilst concentration is needed on branch terminus. Take look you may find some inseration. Malvern Road / Pates Junction Layout Good luck Dan
  9. Hi Ian Just read from start to finish....... Very detailed layout. In particular I like the cattle pens and think your coupling idea is superb and very skill full Thanks for sharing Dan
  10. Hi Clive my suggestion at this point is to sketch out your plan and post it on here. So it becomes very clear what you are thinking And what you wish to achieve. Good luck Dan
  11. Nice new play room. I bet it nice running with the doors open with all that extra day light and fresh air. The ground work around the goods depot is looking mighty fine I fitted 6 foot LED strip lighting to my ceiling in stead of the old baton tubes and couldn’t believe the difference also. Highly recommend to any one thinking of doing so. Dan
  12. Very nice mr Fishplate Really like the gutter detail in the cattle dock. Something I’ve never noticed on others modelled. With that sort of detail this is going to be one to watch Good start D
  13. http://youtu.be/1uCRwXYFWeUhttp://youtu.be/1uCRwXYFWeU
  14. Very nice Mike Really like the pics of the 31 leaving the run round entering back on to the branch line. The Dapol bubble looks good to. Thanks for sharing Dan
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