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  1. See LNER Encyclopedia online for class details and variations. No. 1662 was purchased by the British Sugar Beet Corporation who used it at their Cantley factory near Norwich. It was withdrawn in 1955 and scrapped by 1957. Interesting idea for a layout!
  2. GeoS

    Bachmann J72

    Getting back to the J72, does anyone yet know if the chassis will fit the Wills Finecast J69 body kit? Wheel diameter and spacing almost spot on. G
  3. Friend of mine has this sorted, drive wife and luggage to station, drop off, drive car home and walk back. Repeat in reverse order on return.
  4. GeoS

    Bachmann J72

    Can anyone say if the chassis will take the body from a Wills Finecast J69 kit?
  5. New trains on Greater Anglia now reportedly known as "Basils", because they are so faulty!!
  6. So that's full circle then! My first train set in mid 50's was 46201, later I (or dad) added a Jinty. I referred Triang as I could not get my little head around the other track system with three rails, down at our local station they only ever had two. But I am not in the market for this new one, Great Eastern for me these days ( and freelance 009). Geo Norfolk
  7. Last year at an exhibition I asked Precision Paints if they had a GER blue. The answer given was a choice of two...the one they had always sold as such, and a lighter one as recently suggested by the Great Eastern Society to be more accurate following some new research. From where I am now I cannot give the reference for the paint but asking PP hopefully will. I actually thought the new one to be rather bright, but of course there are ways of dealing with this. Geo Norfolk
  8. GeoS

    DIY Wills.

    When mentioning the model railway layout / collection in the Will, remember to specify " do not dispose of it for the amount I told my wife I spent on it". Geo S
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