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  1. They do. I bought some recently at the Basingstoke show, although he didn't have any spare clevis pins. Not sure about the tie bar mounts as I have taken a different route there.
  2. C&L do cranks and compensators either as solid castings, or as kits of bits which can be made to work with care (cut down 16BA screws acting as pivots for the clevis pins).
  3. Many thanks for all the replies and info so far Gents, yet again RMWeb comes up trumps. Now all I need to do is find time to build the model..
  4. Andy, Thanks, that makes sense. Wonder if anyone has any more specific info or can suggest where to ask/investigate? Are there any GWR S&T archives out there and if so where? regards, Chris
  5. Hi, I'm researching a small diorama based on Stretton on Fosse on the Moreton to Shipston Branch and have noticed a light fitting mounted on a post to the right hand side of each pair of gates as viewed from the road, the snippet below shows what I mean, but the full picture is available at the following link - http://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrsf3025.htm Does anyone know what these were and what function they played? Also what colour were the various lenses? Many thanks in advance Chris
  6. .I can provide the build info but at this stage it may be easier for me to provide you "kits" at the cost price since I have lots of spares. You will spend less time sourcing components and more time building/using the setup. It would be very useful if you can provide some feedback on this forum or other suitable place. Michael, I am modelling in 7mm and am keen to develop a BPRC solution - where /when might your design be available to review in more detail and can you provide more information on possible "kits" for the hardware please? Chris
  7. That sounds intriguing, please share more, or at least promise to reveal the outcome when it is made public?
  8. Thanks for the replies Gents, I did wonder if it was some form of integrated action with the FPL lever also acting to move the blades. I'm not sure there is a second lever as there is no second crank coming off the other run towards the frame....
  9. Hi, I'm looking to get back into railway modelling after a 30 year break and have decided to build a small station board as a starter to practise my (very rusty) skills. I have chosen Kilgerran on the Whitland to Cardigan branch as it has many of the features I am looking to try out and fits in a small space - I am looking to model in 7mm scale, so not that small My question relates to the point control at the station. As far as I can tell, there was never a Signal Box there, the goods loop (originally with headshunts at either end) being locally controlled by ground frames at either end. The photo in the link http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/k/kilgerran/index2.shtml (taken from disused stations site) shows the western end of the station with what appears to be a single lever at the frame linked to the facing point lock and rodding for the pair of switch blades, but no obvious means of moving them. So my question to the team is how were the points actually moved? Thanks in advance Chris
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