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  1. @Compound2632, Why so many ED ballast plates - Designer error - I got carried away laying out the etch... there are two versions however deliberately for Mike to choose between, one taken from the info provided by Mike, but the second one as a result of a photo I found online which suggested the numerals were larger than the letters on the bottom line, I have no idea if both are correct and one is early and one later, so provided both for Mike to choose. Regards, Chris
  2. I just love the fact that when Simon takes a photo from one end, you can no longer see the other end!! This is just amazing and I can't wait to see it in real life. Keep up the excellent work Simon.
  3. Nearholmer, Any chance of seeing a copy or providng a link to said photo please?
  4. Mike, If you have/can access a drawing with dimensions, I would be happy to get them 3d printed for you.. Choice of attached or separate keys.... Regards, Chris
  5. @wenlock, I have experimented with etched 7mm wagon cast number plates, see below. Numbers to suit wagon lot..... Chris
  6. Which aspect of the Up passenger working perplexes?
  7. Whilst not claiming to be an expert, surely the headshunt past 7 points provides protection for the passenger line?
  8. They do. I bought some recently at the Basingstoke show, although he didn't have any spare clevis pins. Not sure about the tie bar mounts as I have taken a different route there.
  9. C&L do cranks and compensators either as solid castings, or as kits of bits which can be made to work with care (cut down 16BA screws acting as pivots for the clevis pins).
  10. Many thanks for all the replies and info so far Gents, yet again RMWeb comes up trumps. Now all I need to do is find time to build the model..
  11. Andy, Thanks, that makes sense. Wonder if anyone has any more specific info or can suggest where to ask/investigate? Are there any GWR S&T archives out there and if so where? regards, Chris
  12. Hi, I'm researching a small diorama based on Stretton on Fosse on the Moreton to Shipston Branch and have noticed a light fitting mounted on a post to the right hand side of each pair of gates as viewed from the road, the snippet below shows what I mean, but the full picture is available at the following link - http://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrsf3025.htm Does anyone know what these were and what function they played? Also what colour were the various lenses? Many thanks in advance Chris
  13. .I can provide the build info but at this stage it may be easier for me to provide you "kits" at the cost price since I have lots of spares. You will spend less time sourcing components and more time building/using the setup. It would be very useful if you can provide some feedback on this forum or other suitable place. Michael, I am modelling in 7mm and am keen to develop a BPRC solution - where /when might your design be available to review in more detail and can you provide more information on possible "kits" for the hardware please? Chris
  14. That sounds intriguing, please share more, or at least promise to reveal the outcome when it is made public?
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