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  1. Sorry to hear your news. I'm lucky enough to still have my father although he is now in a nursing home and won't know who I am anymore. Life is tough at times.....we need model railways for our sanity.
  2. Moving the goods shed is feasible but the cranes plonking days are more difficult. I noticed some bloke on Highbridge Wharf glued his DAS down ....the Wills crane sits on a DAS base... that said I quite like it there and semi tempted to over grow it to make things look a little more run down and hanging on. The nissen hut I've had misgivings about for a bit, perhaps I should do a Sir Nevard and add allotments? There is a lovely view in the Ian Allan colour series of a 22xx at Highbridge beside some unfenced allotments.
  3. Keith, the fence is ratio concrete fence posts painted by misting over various car body sprays to get a concrete effect. I noticed several S and D stations would use what appeared to be pipe or tube in similar posts (lovely set on the Blandford Forum bay) so used some .64mm piano wire I had to hand. I can't even remember why I bought the wire but probably for the garden railway. The kit comes with spools of nylon thread that I could not get to go tight on previous layouts. Nobody likes a droopy fence! Ratio v Wills? Ratio kits I find have many parts to make what could be a si
  4. Thank you for the kind comments I didn't expect a Brean revival! I couldn't help but endorse the Betjeman film. Dad has alzheimer's but we can watch that and we are having an easy chat. I took him across the moors about a year ago to trace the old route from Burtle. I was surprised how easy it is to trace the line on Google maps. I still think the sedgemoor area across to Burnham is the best of Somerset, perhaps that's childhood bias? The layout James 48.5" x 13". I bought a job lot of 2ft x 4ft styrudor (spelling?) at 40mm thick it seems man enough to not need supporting too m
  5. I can recall poking around the works with my dad on a Sunday morning after closure, must have been keep out signs as I think I spent the whole time tenterhooks thinking we would be arrested. We didn't see any police or any "Highbridge teds" I worked for a year in Highbridge after leaving school in 75 and I didn't give the old station a second thought. Have you seen the Newman family blog? They lived near Bason Bridge, some nice photos (including winter 62 in colour) . A different time indeed, a ten year old child riding on a footplate to Templecombe and back! Thanks for the
  6. Lost enthusiasm for dcc diesel sound and stepped back in time to the area where I grew up. I'll confess that I have been inspired by the Sheep Chronicles and John Betjeman and thought I would like a small slice of the Somerset and Dorset myself. Assuming Mac Pyrkes Berrow had extended on it would have terminated at Brean. A simple loop and three short sidings will give an opportunity to shuffle wagons. I'm inventing plenty of back stories to justify freight such as the fort on Brean Down being used as an RAF radar station. I'm afraid there is very little scratch building going on and most i
  7. If it doesn't please your eye it will always jar so best bite the bullet. Love the cheapskate modelling as you call it, thought it was just me! Don't spend if I don't have to.
  8. Portwey is always my first port of call for inspiration :-) Not sure what I've posted there but it gets you there...enjoy!
  9. Hi Ralf, like the track layout, I spent ages working on a design with a run round and found the best for me was a siding each way from the loop. I'm running short goods so not a problem for me either. The picture if it works may show where I am. Got to say I do like a dock scene.
  10. Thanks Rob, I have some woodland scenics still sealed and somehow they do look sticky uppy resistant... I assume they are spring or summer type colours, should have asked earlier!
  11. Thank you for the life is too short comment, I've been wanting to try clay but wonder whether it is as easy as portrayed in articles. Too early to ask whether if you had your time again....
  12. I like plan 2 as I'm a sucker for dmus or single coach trains.
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