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  1. Good luck with this Steve and keep posting. Sorry to hear about dad, both father and father in law have recently been diagnosed so can understand the added stresses you have.
  2. The furthest I've ever got with a 4mm layout. I hope a few pictures paint more words than I can type before breakfast. Plenty of finishing details to complete. I have to say static grass is fun!
  3. Those Wills kits are lovely for small layouts. I've just used those and the small signal box and pill box to do a layout for my dear old dad.
  4. Long shot but a bargain traverse crane kit would have been a bargain if the instructions were present! Has anybody got a set of instructions they could scan or copy for me? Any costs will be met. Thanks in advance.
  5. I will also try and work out how to do posts on here in a normal style. Although normal for this thread is an interesting thought.... E
  6. As in Bath, some nice shots with cherry blossom in his Railway Elegance book which is an all time favourite (being a west country lad).
  7. I like the weathering, reminds me of Ivo Peter's Sydney Gardens shots. Need a Hymek on a freight
  8. British Railway Modelling Spring 2017 has an oo layout listed on the front page
  9. Thrifty is one way of putting it but I do like modelling on the cheap. Take one old Pikestuff engine shed from an unused layout built for my son nearly 20 years ago. A bit of plasticard and a lick of paint and we have another low relief building. I have spent some cash on some Auhagen industrial vents so there was a small cost.
  10. Experimenting with the new format. Dries and canopy as near as dammit finished. Magnets are working well even if I did have relay the concrete to get a set underneath the loader.
  11. I like the colour of the platform (track looks good too), could you use some Matt varnish or weathering powder to take away the slight gloss? Nice to be able to shop locally, we have Derails only 5 miles away, small stocks but small prices....usual disclaimer, just a satisfied customer.
  12. More ballasting delays. The Neodymium magnets (6×4×2mm) work well and should work under the concrete hardstanding but it does require buildings to be roughly in place to assess where they will be best placed. The strength of the magnets means they could be buried just below ballast height but may need a subtle sleeper mark to be sure where they are. Just bought a replacement second hand gaugemaster controller so should be able to road test couplings with a loco. Low relief dries have gone together well so far but loader still needs lowering slightly.
  13. One step forward....buy a Dapol 121 and your dynamis throws a short circuit wobbly. Agonised over cutting out a stream in the middle of the board but fairly pleased on how its turning out even if I have had to raise it 5mm for a depth that looked right. Ballasting after the stream is finished. The culvert at the far end still needs to be bedded in. Bit of a cheat with the bridge as I plan to add the side by the platform as a cut out out of the base. The intention is that the board is removable from the frame so I can build alternative layouts within it. The backscene shot up two inches but not overnight....too many Terry Pratchetts to catch up on.
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