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  1. bazzer42

    Smoke and Mirrors layout/ diorama

    British Railway Modelling Spring 2017 has an oo layout listed on the front page
  2. bazzer42

    Pengwith (help required)

    Thrifty is one way of putting it but I do like modelling on the cheap. Take one old Pikestuff engine shed from an unused layout built for my son nearly 20 years ago. A bit of plasticard and a lick of paint and we have another low relief building. I have spent some cash on some Auhagen industrial vents so there was a small cost.
  3. bazzer42

    Pengwith (help required)

    Experimenting with the new format. Dries and canopy as near as dammit finished. Magnets are working well even if I did have relay the concrete to get a set underneath the loader.
  4. I like the colour of the platform (track looks good too), could you use some Matt varnish or weathering powder to take away the slight gloss? Nice to be able to shop locally, we have Derails only 5 miles away, small stocks but small prices....usual disclaimer, just a satisfied customer.
  5. bazzer42

    Pengwith (help required)

    More ballasting delays. The Neodymium magnets (6×4×2mm) work well and should work under the concrete hardstanding but it does require buildings to be roughly in place to assess where they will be best placed. The strength of the magnets means they could be buried just below ballast height but may need a subtle sleeper mark to be sure where they are. Just bought a replacement second hand gaugemaster controller so should be able to road test couplings with a loco. Low relief dries have gone together well so far but loader still needs lowering slightly.
  6. bazzer42

    Pengwith (help required)

    One step forward....buy a Dapol 121 and your dynamis throws a short circuit wobbly. Agonised over cutting out a stream in the middle of the board but fairly pleased on how its turning out even if I have had to raise it 5mm for a depth that looked right. Ballasting after the stream is finished. The culvert at the far end still needs to be bedded in. Bit of a cheat with the bridge as I plan to add the side by the platform as a cut out out of the base. The intention is that the board is removable from the frame so I can build alternative layouts within it. The backscene shot up two inches but not overnight....too many Terry Pratchetts to catch up on.
  7. bazzer42

    New Ankh

    Thanks again for starting this thread. The books are a great read, slowed over Christmas but Mort and Equal rites lined up to go next. Not come across the dog.....yet.
  8. bazzer42

    Rickbert’s Farm

    Love the layout, says a man whose 7/8 scale modelling is "little" diesels and skip wagons. The lorry is a cracker, I assume you have the Lincolnshire potato railway book? PS enjoying the colour of magic , 5 books on order at the library!
  9. bazzer42

    Dad-1's Diorama Story

    I'd love to see some recent pieces as well. I find dioramas useful for detail ideas, as others have said that quayside is well executed and makes me think it can be done on 4 x 1 successfully.
  10. bazzer42

    40 years later ...

    I LIKE the track layout. I am just rebuilding my first attempt after 20 years as I had the same idea to have the fiddle yard behind scenery but found for home use it was a failure. Ideal for an exhibition layout though. The design does look like an eye pleaser...I love raised track levels.
  11. bazzer42

    Pengwith (help required)

    Slow but steady. Track is now pinned and wired up. I should have said the baseboard is a slice of 4 x 1ft 2" thick styrodur with 4mm cork tiles on top. The plan is that this can be lifted out of the frame and a different layout replacing it but using the same sector plate. The gwr look has been dropped for a more lswr look after spotting a nicely priced Kernow Bude box on buy it now. I have some concrete fence panels to back the platform and an old ratio SR concrete hut to fit between the run round sidings. The cork tiles have made it easy to fit wire and tube point control. Just waiting for some 4mm square neodymiums to fit between sleepers to experiment with the staple on the tension lock "automation" Sorry the pictures don't show something more exciting....yet PS changed my tts chip for a Howes for slower speed control.
  12. Guilty, sorry. I slide between 4mm micros on here and and 7/8th on the GR forum. A chance search here for ballasting and McMullen returned (forgot to look at any 4mm ballasting!). This was always an inspiration to me when on t'other forum. 35 pages to catch up on, enjoyed it so much felt others should know. Hope I haven't upset any long dead politics or dragged any skeletons out of closets...all done with best intentions. Have to say this is the finest garden railway I've seen and inspired me to move to 7/8th and plough my own furrow. Thank you OB.
  13. bazzer42

    New Ankh

    I've found this thread more and more intriguing to the extent I feel I need to try the books. Is there a chronological order or can you pick up anywhere? Please keep the pictures coming.
  14. bazzer42

    Pengwith (help required)

    The canopy went together well. The tts chip has had a replacement speaker and will just about shoehorn in under the 37 body. I think track laying will have to be next on the list as the dries will sit on a concrete standing.

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