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  1. Looking good. I prefer your new ballast. You can now spend an age picking bits of your sleepers. I find it's one of the jobs that you can keep coming back to but time well spent. If I do larger areas of static grass I always multi layer. You can experiment with colours and lengths. The WWS videos are quick tutorials, he does some interesting work by scrubbing his fingers around laid but not dry grass. If you search war world scenics the videos are still there. I found them useful.
  2. Bit of work on the end hut and now 90% wired just waiting for a switched battery pack for the signal. Had to show off my new toy. I always envisaged the 121 being Berkshire somewhere but may be too pretty not to run to Burnham or Merthyr
  3. Look after yourself Kevin, I've just looked this up to see how you did your ground work given my poorly looking path on my train set.
  4. I wished my sleepers looked like that! My Legacy ballast came from Hereford Models at the Lydney show in September. Originally picked up,one tub but on their recommendation swapped a bag of granite chips for a second one. They do a range of colours. Glad I have a stock as I've only used half a tub so far.....enough to see me out as my nan would say...
  5. I've used legacy 2mm ballast and ballast bond glue. J found the glue to be more "controllable " with a drop of alcohol added to dilute further. Once you master the flow of the glue it worked really well. I found that being patient with the spreading of the ballast and careful use of a fine brush to clear sleepers was beneficial.
  6. Not a lot to show for 3 weeks since the last post. Ballast has gone down with Legacy 2mm grey. Not my favourite job but ballast bond glue worked well once the dropper is mastered. I've tried to close off the platform with a hut from a butchered Peco station kit. Thebay has provided a satlink wagon to add some colour.
  7. I've used piano wire in tubes for peco points on a previous layout. Measuring some here looks about 1mm diameter. These were straight runs from point to edge of board I.e. virtually 90° to baseboard., a bit of leeway with that but not much.
  8. Love that picture, that RTC 24(?) Is placed to give me train spotters moral dilemma. I know the number but can't see it, can I underline it. Please keep the pictures coming!
  9. Thanks Keith, I haven't totally given up on Brean. Part of the test bed for this layout was to see whether pre cut MDF would work as a baseboard in conjunction with a styrodur base. It has worked well so at some point I would like to frame Brean in a similar style and add a fixed fiddleyard. Both Brean and my China clay layout were built on a slab of styrodur so I hope they can be salvaged.
  10. Replacement signal wired and working, lost time was used to make a Pwllheli style hut and some Peco buffer stops. Is it desperate to cut the end legs off a buffer stop to save a half inch?
  11. Track finally laid and wired up to the trusty gaugemaster. A few painful and costly lessons on the way. Code 75 fishplates need opening up with a section of bullhead before connecting track. If you attempt this by tapping the bullhead into a point and then use brute force to remove it you will take half the vee out of the point.... if you show your neighbour your new fancy led starter signal by tapping wires in semi darkness you will eventually tap the wrong side of the resistor and blow an led. I have invested in some peco switches (as well as a new point and signal) as one of their control boxes will hold sufficient switches for this layout. I had to trim the side of the platform to allow a 121 to enter the bay side. The fiddleyard is a compromise to my initial plans but happier to trade that off for the ability to use both platform faces for two car dmus. Slowly but surely....
  12. Well, that's the only time this side will be viewed as we are ready to lay track and it's not yet September....
  13. You've filled that board nicely, that curve between the buildings looks right.
  14. Thanks Mr Arrow, everything is running off a 9v battery and I'm hoping it will also work the colour light signal. The canopy was from a layout 25 years ago and still had small bulbs in it, LEDs have come on since then!
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