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  1. It's a shame, but I guess not surprising, that Hornby have used their normal packaging for the test train coach pack rather than go for a design complimenting that of the test train. If anyone from Hornby is reading this I'd be interested in buying some sort of special packaging for the test train and its coaches.
  2. Think I'll wait until Lidl have the catalogue - I hear you get free trains in those ones.
  3. £485 for the 7-Car APT on the Hornby website - £252 on Hattons
  4. I am sorry if I come across happy, but I am. Rocket, APT and the LNER 800 for me - if the Hornby site ever catches up. Though as others have said, the LNER 'Celebrating Scotland' timing could have worked better for them - I'll probably cancel my preorder of their delayed initial LNER 800.
  5. This is absolutely incredible / mind-blowing. Would love to fly a drone over the length of this (if it wasn't so potentially damaging).
  6. Thanks. Now to try and get some transfers for the Hornby models...
  7. Is the GWR logo on the nose a new thing getting rolled out across the rest of their fleet or is it only on certain units?
  8. Picked mine up yesterday from Harburn Hobbies - looking forward to getting this on the layout
  9. Very promising. 100% buying one of these. As soon as I can make up my mind which one. Or two.
  10. I see (from my impatient browse of the Hornby website this morning) that the LNER 'Azuma' release has now slipped all the way to December 2019 - the new GWR versions due May 2019. Test Train Coach pack still June 2019.
  11. Exactly - there's endless possibilities. Looking into this a bit more and (no real surprise I guess) Lego have recently introduced AR: https://www.lego.com/en-us/aboutus/news-room/2019/february/lego-hidden-side https://www.lego.com/en-US/themes/hidden-side
  12. I think adb968008's initial point, that Hornby should consider Augmented Reality (AR) as the more natural progression, shouldn't be forgotten/lost in the VR chat. There is a commercial partnership, Hornby and Warner Bros, that is ideally suited to this and the age demographic - if an iPhone/iPad app that supplements these sets, and populates the physically built model railway and trains with augmented wizards and animated stories, is what it takes to get the next generation interested in model railways then I'm all for it (and I'll only demand about 5% of future profits for waiving my intellectual property rights on this particular idea)
  13. Hornby, Potter and the Curse of the Erroneous Apostrophe
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