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  1. 68024 awaits its next duty at Scarborough in the rain
  2. class 66 heaven at Doncaster numbers 66748,66772,66730 and 66758
  3. 66005 running south on a container train at Doncaster
  4. Todays pictures 66702 Running through Chesterfield 66096 passing platform 2 at Chesterfield
  5. Looking forward to your picture of the new layout Simon.
  6. Sorry its gone was a layout I really enjoyed. But look forward to your Buxton project mate
  7. snap was a great day we must have been few feet apart.
  8. Looking forward to progress sir enjoyed your previous layout .
  9. 51971Adapter board for LokSound XL with PIN connectors have managed to damage my adapter board and was looking for a replacement tried swd and Esu with no luck. Any help much appreciated thanks even a point in the right direction p.s. looked on ebay and you can get them but didnt want to pay the huge postage from Eu or usa thanks ..
  10. Have finished the frame and put down most of the track over this weekend next job is soldier the wire droppers and wire up and test
  11. Just wanted to post a massive thanks to Jerry for the work on my class 58 and say what great service and quick turnaround well done sir .
  12. Just wanted to thank Squirrel rail for the work he's done on my Heljan class 58 which I had made a bodge of when I put the number transfers on and nameplate hes fixed that and done a very good weathering job on so a massive thanks .
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