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  1. Superb detail tempted to order these to go with the TPE ones I have on order especially as of the delay gives me time to pay for them .
  2. DB class 66 dropping off some sleeper panels at Doncaster yard 66096 taken 14/12/2020.
  3. here the duo leave Chesterfield for Grimsby sounding Great .
  4. 50049 and 50007 getting close to there destination of Barrow Hill working light engine from the Seven valley Railway OZ50
  5. DB class 66127 in EWS livery passes Grassmoor near Clay cross on a light engine movement from Toton to Doncaster yesterday 9/11/2020.
  6. And here she is at Crewe casey lane just leaving Basford hall yard with a car train.
  7. yep sorry i posted one of '24' in malcolm group livery a little later in this thread .
  8. 66 572 passes Tupton junction near Chesterfield with a Infrastructure train from Doncaster to Toton yard on the 14th of September .
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