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  1. First class edition. Enjoying Dave Taylors' retrospectives, and also liked the Creech Bottom article. Martyn
  2. Excellent! That show is just down the road from me, so I’ll certainly be there..... Rgds Martyn
  3. Dave Looks splendid - I wish I could draw like that!! Hope to see it in the flesh on Bridport Town at some point in the future Rgds Martyn
  4. Just caught up with this thread. For me it was the accidental discovery of "The Great Western in Dean" by H W Parr, and a photo of a 2021 pannier shunting at Blakeney on the FOD Central. After that I caught up with the Wild Swan series on the S&W (eventually picked up the first three volumes for a song!) and the rest is history. For me its the presence of industrial railways in such a rural scene. I suppose one day I might even get round to building a model...….
  5. Had a very good afternoon at Railwells on Saturday. Had persuaded the memsahb to come with me and we were staying overnight. As she had enjoyed pottering about Wells on Saturday we thought we'd pop back on Sunday. So slightly miffed that the entry was for one day not both - except for S4 Soc members. I note that Scaleforum entry is for both days...……. Never mind, as I got to see Faringdon which was a dream come true. The best layout there by a country mile..... But all the rest were great as well.....!!! Martyn
  6. Paul Haven't had a chance to post a comment, but it was really good to see Hembourne in the flesh at Warminster, and to find that you were "the" Paul Ash who I used to sell chemicals to at Honda many years ago!! The layout is an absolute gem, and I'm sorry I didn't have more time to watch. Hopefully you will have a few more exhibition invites so that I can see it again. Best regards Martyn
  7. Steve Many thanks for this information - very helpful. Am I right in thinking you were the creator of Roseladden Wharf?? I remember seeing it at a Blackburn exhibition in the late 80's, and it was a real inspiration. Rgds Martyn
  8. Very much looking forward to this show!! The first one was excellent, and this line up looks every bit as good...……..
  9. Thank you Andy. A line up worth waiting for by the look of it!! Martyn
  10. I won't be able to get to the show now and fulfil the life long dream of seeing Leighton Buzzard in the flesh. I can only hope it might appear at some shows in the future...….
  11. Looking for another back issue!! Has anyone got a spare copy of issue 73?? Many thanks Martyn
  12. Very much enjoyed seeing Scarrside at SWING yesterday. So much detail packed into such a small area. Very inspiring...….. Martyn
  13. Are there any details of Railwells 2019 available yet? There isn't anything on their website or the S4 site so far. Always a good show, and always on or around my birthday so even better excuse for a visit!! Martyn
  14. Yaxbury definitely!! Built by another fine modeller - Jas Milham - but then you need to be a fine modeller to build in S scale given the amount of scratch building required!
  15. John See MRJ cover pic below. Bob Barlow was an amazing modeller……..and this was over 35 years ago!!
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