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  1. And the same to you all from this side of the Atlantic!
  2. Hmm. I could have sworn that you had acquired one and another one to build. I guess that Anno Domini must be catching up with me again.
  3. I'm up for that. on the wrong continent at the moment, but maybe when I'm back home at some point. I think that DLOS also has at least one, and maybe another that is awaiting building. So that makes 5, possibly 6 that I know of!
  4. I've done K1 in OO9 as well. One for some one who wanted one, one for myself (still needs fitting). I seem to remember I made a whole new barrel, firebox front and firebox rear. Power units are tricky, but they are also very small. I remember that i squeezed a dcc chip into it! Still need to finish the power units for the one for myself - boiler unit and tanks are done. Link to the build is here....
  5. Very nice. Was that scratch build? I've built one of the Backwoods OO9 NGG16's - it was a nice kit and I'd like to build a couple more if I could find them at a reasonable price. I do like NG garratts. Here is my 009 NGG 16 on my fledgling layout.
  6. Stop it! Stop it! You keep adding details for me to add on mine! Both of them! I will never get these done. But thank you, they are very useful pictures!
  7. Oh Rats, that’s gorgeous! I think I'll go and sob in a corner having seen that - it looks just too wonderful and there is no way I can meet that standard! I always wanted to build this kit for my OO scale empire. Unfortunately, with Pete's retirement, it looks increasing ly unlikely that I will ever get to build it (or any of his other kits either).
  8. Thanks guys, Sorry for the late reply - we have been without internet for the past few days, which actually has been rather pleasant - no news is good news in my book! Anyhow, thanks Simon for the additional pictures. I had seen a couple of these before when I lived in Swansea. I agree that these may be publicity shots, though I've seen pictures of the Vivian garratt later in its life and it was still relatively clean - definitely in far better external condition to the two that ended up with the NCB. What I find interesting is that I can actually pinpoint the location
  9. We have colour! After considerable procrastination, I was finally able to get round to applying the main colour coat to the first of the two garratts. I hate painting and often mess it up, so approached this with considerable reluctance. Some considerable experimentation was conducted to find the right shade of red and see how it would apply to various test pieces before proceeding, but eventually I settled on Testors gloss dark red as being a close approximation to Midland Lake. This comes in the form of small spray cans that deliver a fine coat that dries rapidly without oblitera
  10. Thats my plan. I have the hole drilled in the boiler to fit it and will run the pipe down to just behind the longtiduinal frame. I have yet to make the valve, but the pilot hole is drilled for it. Waiting to get the main colours on and will glue the valve on afterwards. There is also an odd small diameter pipe / feed running down the outer edge of the front of the smoke box from the base of the chimney on William Francis - I have no idea what that is for, but I added it anyhow. I hate painting! Which is the reason for the lack of updates.
  11. I believe that it is indeed a deed to the reverser. If you look carefully, there is an atomiser mounted to the cradle rail in the location where the pipe comes down to the frame. Probably for lubing the reverser cylinders. The feed from the atomiser runs down through the foot plate to the reverser. Looks good Simon. You are going to force me to make a turned whistle now!
  12. Off topic, but what is the EMD Geep in the background? Nice but brutal work!
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