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  1. John, Any idea of the status of this project - particularly with reference to EM gauge ? The website only has an update on the availability of OO gauge track with EM and P4 offered as a crowd funding option for £150 ? It may be useful for the owner to post updates on target funding as it's risk / reward for any punters taking this approach.
  2. yep - but might be a bit chilly in winter right next to the canal !
  3. Hmm - not sure ? It's listed on the estate agents details as the 'Steam House' but, as you say, unlikely it was a loco shed. Maybe contained a stationary engine for rope working wagons or barges along the wharf or similar ?
  4. Wow - that could be a very interesting home given plenty of time and funds ! Some pics of it in 'better days' and a map snapshot of the track layout as it was early 1900's. Could potentially make an interesting LNWR / Lilleshall Co shunting layout ?
  5. Very informative David, and it shows how difficult it is to protect any website now given the attention they receive from hackers worldwide. Like yourself I had personal involvement in designing and specifying systems to prevent external attack when I worked on corporate IT Infrastructure Projects, and it's a very costly and challenging job. I hope Phil has factored all this in to the new website, especially if he is going to be processing card / e-payments and holding personal information. Personally I would let a 3rd party do all this and take the risk - hence my previous comments re Paypal, ebay etc.
  6. Agreed, ebay is not everyones 'cup of tea' but one only has to look at the popularity of bidding on C&L (and Exactoscale) items to realise the potential. However I shall watch developments on the new C&L website and wish Phil well in launching this at a difficult time. Pete.
  7. Speaking as a former regular customer this is a real shame for Phil, but the website is a mess. I don't know how much due diligence was paid when he bought the company but I suspect he has made the same mistake as many would make in buying a professional looking 'working' website which behind the curtain is a mess of poor code, security holes and a maintenance nightmare. Unless a fortune is spent on firewalls and continuous vulnerability monitoring it is, IMHO, just not worth the effort now. Clearly not my choice but if it was me I would ditch it all and create a basic front end store operation with links to Paypal and / or an eBay store, take the hit for commission charges, but improve your customer service and reputation by 100%. If Phil 'prefers' exhibitions and trade stands anyway, then why bother with all the hassle ?
  8. Very nice wagons ! Does anyone know if there is any O gauge Lilleshall based stock available or transfers to convert a 'standard' 5 plank PO wagon ? I am working on a small 1920's period layout based around Nantmawr and some quarry based stock would look the part. Thanks.
  9. Look forward to a review John as this appears to be the way ahead for future development. Not keen on the superglue idea though - no room for mistakes !
  10. John, many thanks for the update. Any idea if Butanone / MEK could be used on these ? I guess they are not ABS and I have no experience of the plastic used in 3D printing.
  11. David, that's a good price for a copy of a fairly rare publication - it appears that my copy was purchased directly from Lill Co for the princely sum of £2.50 back in 1980, probably by my late Father. For info Moorland also produced an excellent book 'The Mines of Shropshire' ( in about 1976 I think ) was has a small but interesting section with photos and descriptions of the Lill Co Mines. Peter.
  12. On the subject of chairs has anyone any experience of the Shapeways 'Off the Rails' products ? The range and images look good on the website but it's hard to judge the quality and fit without some photos or users with some experience. Main issue is that the cost seems excessive - even for 7mm scale ! https://www.shapeways.com/product/JUV5AMVW3/chairs-for-one-60ft-track-panel
  13. Couple of pics of 'modern' steel bloom vehicles - I think you are correct re bogie bolsters being the mode of transport in earlier years. I believe bloom is the term used for the thicker square rolled blast furnace product (per r/h wagon load) which is then typically hot rolled into thinner billets / ingots etc but no doubt those with better knowledge will correct me !
  14. Quite hard to find a secondhand copy these days but let me know if you need anything. You may be correct about rolling at New Yard as the following page refs. this although it may just be a company product of that site.
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