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  1. Youchoos have published a decoder fitting guide which is very interesting reading: https://youchoos.co.uk/Index-Resource.php?L1=Guides&Item=OHeljanRailcar A bit more work to fit cheaper Zimo sound decoder. I can’t find many suppliers of the Loksound 5 with a GWR railcar sound file. I am tempted to have a go at the Youchoos option when I get round to purchasing a railcar. Regards Simon
  2. Oh dear. I missed it on the GA drawing. I have numbers 22 and 23 and that was my first port of call. This morning I looked for the instructionds to my Springside kit which I built in 1986. Couldn’t find them so thought I would look at my model. Photo attached. The last 2 photos in Brian Daniels collection show a flat plate in front of the front axle which I presume I where the ATC shoe might have been. My model:
  3. Hal Thanks. Maud looks wonderful. You inspired me to copy so I have traded 2 other locos and now have a 58xx from Rails of Sheffield. Fitted DCC, detail parts ordered from Northern Ireland. Thanks for that tip too. By way of a thank you I thought I would be able to answer your ATC question, but no. I have a copy of Peto, both parts of the history of the Class in Great Western Journal, Russell‘s Book,, Collet and Hawkesworth Locomotives, a Locomotive iIllustrated from the 1980s. No photos or drawings. The Brian Daniels Detail album of the preserved 1450 only shows that the ATC was removed. I think you could fit an ATC shoe wherever you wish and as long as it is impossible to see, it won’t matter where. Glad you found some evidence. Thanks again for the inspiration. Simon
  4. Steveb860 Thanks Gilbert. This is the thread: Heljan O gauge DMUs, 117/120/121/128 Best wishes to all RM webbers Simon
  5. I had a sound fitted triple grey 08 on order for ages. Gave up waiting and got the basic model. Fitting a Digitrains Zimo 21 Pin decoder was so straightforward(there is a very good stream on here about it). I will always fit my own decoders in future. Was a little bit cheaper too.
  6. Very productive weekend at Missenden. Looks wonderful and I am glad you are pleased with the Zimo/Digitrains Chip. Great model from Heljan.
  7. It has a 21 pin socket so that is the decoder you need. Space for a speaker is tight though.
  8. Hattons also have the instructions on their website, all 4 pages: http://images.hattons.co.uk/mediaimages/Heljan Class 03 Manual Jan 2020.pdf
  9. The missing instruction sheet for the 03 is now available as a PDF on the Heljan 03 page on Tower Models web site.
  10. it is Peter Clark Models Tadpole. I have a very poor quality video of it. it was like this soon before being disbanded with the power car overhauled and about to go back to a Hastings unit.
  11. Digitrains supplied a small cube speaker which just fits. Sound is OK. I bought a little plug as recommended in the thread on sound fitting the Heljan 128. This fits into CN6. The stay alive is on the cab floor. I have posted a little video on YouTube. Pleased with the sound
  12. If you go to Brian Daniel”s site on Flickr, the O3 album has quite a few with black buffer beams, though most are yellow, Doesn’t help if you are set on yellow though. Loved the Flickr link from Swindon 123. Wish I had thought to take a camera to work in the 1980s. All memories.
  13. Thanks very much. I have found a few photographs of both 03134 and 03128, both in a woeful condition at Laira. Stumbling across one of them whilst looking for something else made me order a green 03. I have a Bachman blue one. That is York‘s 03089. I have just ordered a Parksde GWR 5 plank open to be the match truck for 03128.
  14. Zimo decoder from Digitrains now fitted. Just about squeezed in a sugar cube speaker. The speaker Connection on the loco’s PCB is a small socket. Rather than removing it I bought a plug as recommended in the thread on fitting a Heljan class 128 DPU with a Zimo decoder. Great sounds and the loco runs very smoothly. Weathering next.
  15. Very pleased with mine which is now 03 128, Laira pilot. About to fit DCC. No instructions in mine either. Tower say none of this batch have instructions. They hope to receive them as a PDF within the next couple of weeks and will then post them as a PDF on their website. Well done Heljan.
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