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  1. The vast bulk of Kato models are made in Japan, the main items that are produced in China are the scenic accessories.
  2. It will be interesting to see what the UK price listings are, Hobby Search have them listed at ¥15,300 which is about £101.
  3. The Japanese model rail market is probably the largest in the world, it is so big that you have two manufacturing giants with Kato and Tomix followed by two medium size players Greenmax and MicroAce, all of those companies come out with new releases and rereleases on a monthly basis there is so much demand.
  4. I would gladly purchase re releases of the Coopercraft range if they become available again, they are nicely detailed and very easy to assemble, the W1/5 needed some reworking to get the roof profile right but served as a good base to model other variants which I did so including W3, W8, W10 and W12, I was lucky enough to find some of the lineside accessories about a year ago in a local hobby shop that had come from a deceased estate by the look of it, I also ordered some stuff from Canada a couple of months ago to top up my collection and to replace items that had been used or damaged many years ago on previous layouts.
  5. My two Minks arrived today and I am quite happy with how they look, they are the first pieces of 3D Printed rolling stock that I have purchased as I was a bit apprehensive in doing so in the past due to the rough finish I had seen of earlier models. They certainly do look good up against my 30 year old Ratio kits and run quite smoothly, I was also surprised with the decent amount of weight they have.
  6. I have a couple of Ratio models that I built nearly 30 years ago as well as one unbuilt kit, but that did not stop me from ordering one in 1937 livery and the another in post 1920 livery, whilst the Ratio model was a decent model for its era it has its faults and it's nice to upgrade to a new RTR model, yes they may cost a pretty penny but considering a number of factors such as short production run the price is something I can accept, as mentioned by others you only have to see how much Continental models cost, I love the RhB but the price of Bemo rolling stock scares me off.
  7. That’s why I went with the model of 2475 as I knew from a bit of research as well as the lively debate on this site that it was a wide footplate variant. I will admit that the Mainline version was an attractive model for its day, that said I could never stand the tender drive and its propensity to launch itself off the tracks like an unguided rocket, it certainly was a pig of a runner.
  8. Agree totally, no point trying to argue with a pompous know it all. That's the point, the Oxford model is a fairly decent representation of the class, to try and make an exact model out of a class of 260 locomotives built over a 16 year period that had number of subtle and not so subtle changes with additional equipment added to some members of the class over it's 70 odd years of service is a veritable minefield. The Martin Finney version is a beautiful model but the costs of getting one in either time to build it or commision someone to do it you could have a fleet of Oxford locomotives, not to mention the Oxford model would be able to operate on far sharper curves that most of us would use.
  9. Despite the howls of indignation from the choir of discontent I would have to say that Oxford's version of the Dean Goods is far better than anything else that has been on the market, I retired my Dapol/Mainline chaff cutter as soon as the Oxford version was in my hands.
  10. I can understand your grievance when it comes to poor customer service, that said you haven't had anything positive to say throughout the course of this thread regarding the Moguls or the Prairies, I already have a 63xx and I can't wait for the 43xx to come out as well as an 81xx at some time in the future, with the later I had originally purchased a Hornby/Airfix 61xx about 20 years ago with the intention to convert it to an 81xx, given Dapols innovative approach to production with being able to build different variants of a locomotive it will save me and other modellers the hassle of such conversions.
  11. Kind of ironic when you have made numerous comments deriding their current products, despite the fact that you haven't purchased anything made by Dapol for quite a while now.
  12. Yep the joys of typos and mobile phone.
  13. Looks like I will be definitely be replacing the last of my Mainline Moguls, I am kind of glad that I didn't get 6336 and I will be quite happy to add another shirtbutton unit to my roster with 4377.
  14. Accurascale Fran, Can you please tell me what is the minimum radius curve that the model can negotiate before the need to remove the plates that cover the cutouts in the cylinders.
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