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  1. Sadly another delay but I would rather wait a little longer for a loco that is spot on than one that isn't. https://www.Dapol.co.uk/OO-Gauge-Mogul-Update
  2. The mech will probably give us a good indication of how the Manor will perform as well, it's been a long drawn out process for Dapol to release the Mogul but given the current climate I can wait a few more months, I have two of the Mainline Moguls one of which I had repainted and renumbered to 4326 many years ago due to it having the outside steam pipes, with the impending release of the Dapol Mogul I have retired that loco and will be using it as a spare parts source to keep the other one running.
  3. Looks like Hattons has let the cat out of the bag again with the release date now being listed for between September and October, no one else has changed the release date yet. https://www.hattons.co.uk/333460/dapol_4s_043_001_class_43xx_mogul_2_6_0_6336_in_gwr_green_with_great_western_lettering/stockdetail.aspx
  4. That looks absolutely gorgeous, for me the Manor's have always been one of the most elegantly proportioned locomotives ever made.
  5. I would much prefer PECO to focus on small and medium radius points for their Bullhead range, very few people have the large areas of space required to build layouts with large radius points, it might be fine for those doing a terminus or box type run through layout with fiddle yards attached, however there are many people who would like to do a continuous circuit where more compact points would needed. The assumption that the market seems to be more tilted towards large radius points is somewhat skewed, yes there might have been ample sales of the large radius points but that is because they
  6. And Yes, there is a god!. This loco has been at the top of my wanted list for many years, all I need now is for Bachmann to announce that they are doing a Bulldog and my roster will be virtually complete.
  7. You should count yourself lucky that you have one of the Bachmann versions, the mechs on them are far better than the pod motor setups on the old Mainline Models version and were heralded as a great leap in performance over the former chassis, I have a 30+ year old Mainline 43xx that I have nursed back into good health after giving it a good service.
  8. I would be happy if they did a range of the 57' Toplights as they could be used on a fairly wide variety of trains compared to say the 70's.
  9. I'm quite happy that you may have caused a delay with your constant stream of observations, at least we know that Dapol is willing to take advice from members of the community that have a vast wealth of knowledge of the real thing and they are putting in their best efforts to ensure that they produce a model that is as accurate as can be.
  10. I'm still hanging out for someone to produce a new model of a Manor, I avoided getting one of the Branchline versions many years ago as I wasn't that keen on the rather sad looking crew seated in the cab, the model also had a number of other shortcomings despite being heralded as an amazing model in a number of model rail magazines back in the 90's.
  11. I do have a reasonable amount of faith these days, I remember going back 20 years ago GWR loco models were limited to a range of 2 cylinder and 4 cylinder 4-6-0's, 61xx, 43xx, 57xx variants, Dean and Collet Goods and 14xx's, a number of these models were rather antiquated models that had basic revamps over the years, the Blue Ribband 2251 was probably the best model of that era. These days we do enjoy a far greater diversity than back then, I could still remember the days of dreaming of having an RTR Dukedog which would be one of the most unlikely models to be produced, I don't know what promp
  12. It could be a membrane for a bunker mounted subwoofer for the DCC sound fitted variant.
  13. It's probably so Miss Prism can't pick any more faults with the CAD which would result in more tweaking and delay production even more.
  14. I recently purchased two kits a PC81 O11/O15 which comes with Western Region transfers only, the other kit was a PC85 X7 Mica B which comes with both BR and GWR markings, mind you there are 2 different numbers for the GWR livery. As to the scrapping of production of waterslide decals maybe they are dropping their range and focusing on supplying PECO transfers for the Parkside models, given they have a captive market of sorts they might be focusing their efforts on what is pretty much a guaranteed sale rather than sitting on stock and waiting for it to move.
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