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    Steam, classic cars and military history. I have two layouts and a very varied lot of stock, at the moment im moving into Southern and WD locos for the railway to combine my love of railways and military by showing their combined role in WW1 and WW2 on the layouts

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  1. Hello all, I've just picked up this little beauty but unfortunately it had no instructions with it, does anyone have a set or know where I could locate one? I heard they where affiliated with DJH back in the 80s but after emailing they have no knowledge of the kit. Thank you for looking, George
  2. Thank you, I've never heard of that site before but that does have some great information on it. I'm surprised it has so many of the works visits recorded on there as well, that will be very helpful for a few different projects. Thanks again
  3. Hello all, I'm looking into repainting an A3 and a A4 into wartime black but am just looking for a little more info. I understand that from Nov 1941 the LNER painted their locos black and from July 42 the LNER was shortened to NE but I take it this would only really be when they went it for work/overhaul as it would just be a waste of paint and time. So my question is does anyone know which locos were re-painted black during the war years and if so the name and year or repaint. Or even just the name and date seen in black. Thank you all in advance, I hope
  4. Thank you Tony, that's a great drawing. I will have to keep an eye out for all the big fours wagon books, I did buy a GWR one the other week by J.H.Russell which is full of interesting wagons including the Aero one
  5. That's the bit I'm dreading, but first I need to order some plasticard L profile. Funnily enough I bought one of those wagons a few months back, it was Much Ado About Toys through Dapol if I remember rightly, I quite like the well wagon they produced with the anchor. Those models are great, after I have a crack at the GWR wagon I will try the LMS one as I have a couple of pictures to go by. I never knew the SR transported them as well, I'll have to hunt down some pictures of them.
  6. Well I'm onto my next wartime project now which will be a GWR Aero wagon, the Great Western first produced these in 1938 and then during the war produced another three batches totalling around 170 in all. Having finally found a drawing I can roughly go by to get the sizes I have started with scratch building the crate from plasticard. Below is the finished crate apart from a missing strap round the bottom, for now it will live in primer as I may have a go at making a mould and producing some so I can make a few wagons in one go. Now I'm just working on the supports and then to fin
  7. I used some of the old Mainline LMS coaches to make my AT, based off of some old pictures I found online. Just need to add numbers and it'll be finished.
  8. Hello all, im looking for the following few bits if anyone has any knocking around - Bachmann Red LMS Crab Tender Wild West Coach bottom with steps and bogies - Airfix/Bachmann Lima Leopold Railgun bogie Hornby China M7 Body, doesn't matter the colour Thank you, George
  9. Well it's been a little while as I've been distracted with some other projects but I have just finished making another ramp wagon out of plasticard and random bits from broken wagons. It hasn't actually come out too bad, only took about an hour or so to knock up. The only thing I didn't do was remove the sleepers that would have been used to help tanks get up the initial part of the wagon as I didn't fancy cutting some strips out of the body. Maybe that'll be a job for another time.
  10. Thank you Tony, those videos are really interesting and full of great information. I'll check out those transfers and I agree I wouldn't imagine they would have changed the writing on the ramp wagons. I've pretty much finished the wagons now, well apart from a couple of details to pick out and transfers so here's how they are looking at the moment.
  11. Here's some Universal Carriers, bit hard to work out the exact wagons though And some 17 pounders which look fresh out the factory
  12. It certainly looks smarter than the cast heads and that's a good plan, the writing is quite small. I was going for around 1944ish with my ones, I'm not too sure as to how accurate my colour is as in some photos the ramp and warflats look more like black than green but I can't find a definite answer. Thank you, I will have a look at Modelmaster as I am looking to convert an Austerity and an 8f to War Department spec.
  13. They look really good Tony, did you swap out the buffers for metal ones? One thing I should have done is change the hand brake wheels for etched ones as the ones supplied seem a little chunky. At least they are only glued though so I can take them off and swap them if I decide to. Do you know anywhere that does the relevant decals for these? Given the nice weather I went out this morning and primed them so hopefully I will get round to painting them late tonight or tomorrow afternoon.
  14. Thank you, going by the pictures I've seen the buffer beam seems to meet with the solebars so a little trimming is at least needed as the ones with the kit meet the full width of the deck. Your ones really do look good Tony, I like that you've even added on the hook eye. An eye for detail I hope I will achieve at some point with all my modelling. It seems im nearing the end of my build now, I've glued on the buffer beams, added the jacks, brake wheels and underframe detail so here's how it's looking at the moment. Here they are with the two DOGA warflats I
  15. Thank you for the size, I measured them and they are just under 35 so that's good. Well this morning I attached the other solebar (after trimming another mm off the locator strip) and checked to make sure the wagon is level and rolling well. While this was drying I tidied the buffers up and trimmed the beams down to the buffers, it does look a little weird not having them full width but in reality the buffers swing round so the end of the wagon can be lowered.
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