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  1. A quick question, if i may, for either of the Chris's..... A friend of mine is interested in this 97xx kit when it comes out. Is it worth him buying the 8750 donor model now to secure one, or is there likely be a deal pricing with the model and the kit when its released? Also, if he buys a DC version, is it a plug and plug option to fit DCC sound, or a hard-wired installation? Richie
  2. Thanks yes - the Warwickshire Railways website has provided much inspiration! Both of those shots you have linked to are superb. The history shown in them, along with the information that can be gleened from how the goods depot worked is brilliant. Thanks for the NLoS link, I never seem to be able to find away into those maps unless i follow a link to another one and then navigate around! Richie
  3. Ah I hadn’t given a thought to Water Orton. Thanks I don’t want to clog this thread up, but thanks for taking the time to reply. I could start a new thread for the initial design that I am working on, I guess. I am keen to have a go at something pre-grouping but wanted to bring in a main line feel and station to what will really be a goods area shunting layout, with several ideas borrowed from Lawley Street Goods in Birmingham and Nottingham’s Goods, but I do want to do my best to get the Midland feel to things. I liked your write up on the Sharnbrook accident. Very interesting.
  4. Hi all, I hope this would be permitted as the place to ask this question, as it doesn’t really seem right to create a thread for it. A couple of questions, if I may, for those of you knowledgable on the Midland Railway, prior to the grouping. Was there anywhere on the Midland system that had an island platform arrangement for an intermediate station (ie Great Central kind of style) where the station buildings were on the road above and just one platform with running lines either side, or for the Midland would it always have been separate platforms for each direction? If the latter what happened about recess roads for freight, would they have been beyond/before the station or round the back of the platforms? I know there were issues and dislikes for facing points, but did the MR ever employ goods loops, or would they always have been recess sidings that were backed in to? Finally, can anyone enlighten me (or point me in the right direction) with regards to the approach track layouts for arriving and departing services at exchange sidings or small yards? I have been reading a a couple of the superb Midland Record journals just lately and it is providing some food for thought with regards to a layout. Any help/pointers would be appreciated. Richie
  5. Guys, Thanks for all the advice and information - much appreciated. Richie
  6. Cheers Kris. Great for storage, but unfortunately they don't get me around the handling aspect. Thanks Roy, unfortunately for the number I need it takes it outside my budget. But what a fantastic system. Thanks. That’s something like I was thinking. It also has the advantage of keeping dust away. Yes, this is exactly my point. I need to avoid finger marks, damage, and constant lifting on and off.
  7. Yes that’s a valid point. I suspect it would need something with fold up sides that has foam to keep things in position and stop movement?
  8. Thanks guys. I’ll investigate things more. The cable conduit sounds a logical idea I just wonder if it’s strong enough. Having said that it could be mounted to a piece of wood the same length I suppose. Moving them off the layout is no major issue as I have some shelves that they will sit on and I may be able to come up with something that keeps the dust out and makes them stackable too. I’ll give that some thought! Richie
  9. Morning all, I am slowly getting to the point of starting to build a new N gauge layout, the first in years. Because if space it is going to have to be portable, which means all the trains will need to be removed when it’s dismantled. I don’t want to be putting locos, carriages and wagons into individual boxes every time, I want to minimise the handling. Plus keeping wagons and coaches in fixed rakes, possibly up to seven or nine coaches if possible. I am guessing fixed half-sets would be another option. I am assuming this is a similar problem to that faced by exhibition layouts, so how do people do it? I mean both storing when the railway isn’t running and moving them to the layout without handling or damage? Any thoughts/pics of what has been done would be welcomed. Richie
  10. Thanks Wacol - yes that would be an option. If I'm going to have to buy a new decoder then I am suspecting it is the ideal time to try and put sound it in. Not sure its a TCS one in already, as there are no TCS markings, and i've bought a TCS decoder for one of the other locos. Thanks John, Yes that was my thought, but when you try and read it back .. its just blank. Richie
  11. Nick/Mark, Many thanks for the replies, you've confirmed what I suspected was the case. I thought there was a difference between UK and US, so I assumed finetrax would be out for that reason. I may look at using sleepers and rail from the 2FS society and handbuilding track ... but does anyone know what the right sleeper spacing should be? Im assuming there will be a website somewhere in this day and age that would tell us? Failing that, i'll look also take a look at the Atlas Code 55 trackwork- thanks Mark. Richie
  12. Chaps, HEEEELLLLPPPP! I do not know if anyone can help me here. I have a Kato N Gauge General Electric AC4400CW model. It was acquired second hand from Rails and worked fine on DCC (motor only, these are not sound decoders), no problems at all. When trying to double-head it with another Kato model (a GE ES44AC) the two were always fighting. The AC4400CW was faster on the same speed step than the ES44. Now i do not know whose decoder is in these, they were purchased second hand with the decoders fitted. I attempted to try changing some CVs, but it appeared to have no effect at all. So as I trial, I changed the address by adding 100 to the number. I use a Digitrax system, the box beeped as it does, the loco shuffled a couple of millimeters, but strangely was still on the old address. Various other settings were tried, each time it responded as if it should have set correctly, but nothing had actually changed. Reaching a point of frustration, I wondered if it was the Digitrax system so as i owned a RR-Cirkits USB connector, I downloaded Decoder Pro. This is where I failed miserably! I cannot read any settings into Decoder Pro from the loco, I have tried setting different CVs, to no effect, half the time the software says its lost connectivity with the DCC system. Somehow (I haven't a clue how) I managed to reset the decoder to address 3 - but now its acceleration is not smooth, but almost does full power between speed steps 0-15, until you hit 16, when it just drops to a crawl - 16-99 is a gradual increase in acceleration. Slow down to 16, your crawling, 15 flys off and then has visual changes in speed as you drop back to 0. Nothing i do seems to be able to change anything. I wondered if my Digitrax system was at fault, so took it to a friends, connected it to a OO gauge metre length, put a loco with a zimo decoder and everything works fine - change the address ... loco itches forwards a mm or two, select the new address and it smoothly sets off. So the DCC system must be fine, its the decoder that is at fault - but how, what, why and how to resolve it I have no idea. Can anyone offer any advice, support or thoughts? I cannot even find a help manual as there is nothing on the DCC circuit board in the loco to say what make, brand or model the decoder is. I have come to the conclusion it is either a bespoke Kato board, or it is a drop-in board by a third party manufacturer, as it includes the diodes for the forward/rev lights. As a last ditch attempt, I am toying with just replacing the entire decoder and trying to see if i can get a Soundtraxx Tsunami2 decoder that i can hardwire in ... could be a challenge in N - but one aim was to try and get sound onboard. Has anyone done this? Otherwise, I just do not know what to do next! Richie
  13. Evening guys, Im about to start track laying on a new small N gauge American layout. But a thought occurred to me. We know Peco track for UK use is the wrong spacing for the sleepers, but whats the situation with Amercian railroads? I presume they use a difference spacing than the UK, so is Peco spacing better or worse? I was thinking about Code 55 rail. Any help would be appreciated. Richie
  14. Hi Dave, Just catching up on things, your work on the DVT is impressive. Interesting to read your comments on automation plans - Im assuming your layout is DC, rather than DCC? Cannot quite remember. Following along in the background Richie
  15. I think two things to bear in mind. When I'm out of the office or on leave, my autoresponder goes on. If i have a data signal/ability to check emails I will. I'll answer the easy ones, but leave anything that needs a longer or in-depth reply until i'm back in the office. So some responses and some non-responses does not suggest anything in my view. Secondly, you refer to "100s of people who are worried they'll lose money" - all of these projects are crowd-funded, the very definition of which is do not commit to a project unless you can afford to lose the money you commit. I take the view that I am putting money into a project and if I get the end product i've won, but my eyes are firmly open that the outcome may be that I get neither the product or my money back. Whether through DJM, or any of the crowd-funding websites, there are no guarantees, it is down to the individual to assess whether the risk outweighs the benefit - that is a question for each individual, and not one that needs discussing here. In saying that, I am not in anyway suggesting there are problems with DJM, just a gentle reminder that all crowd-funding projects carry a high element of risk. Coming back to the topic, if Dave is in China, that suggests a good push forward, but I am sure all of us who have supported a project will hear when there is news. Just because we want news doesn't mean there will be any of course! Richie
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