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  1. I do hope you're correct. But doubt that employers will be willing to let people work 'unsupervised' once a vaccine has been developed.
  2. Yes, but even then a large dose of 'Heavy Industrial English' makes the job go easier.
  3. A point on locomotive use. The Warships, which were derived from the German V200 design were not as reliable, that's being charitable, as the V200s on home ground. Eventually a German group from the manufacturers came over and duly registered surprise at how hard we (BR) were driving 'their design'. I got this from a loco engineer who was working on the Warships and their woes at the time.
  4. Yes, it may be a long term issue. The salt will pick up any moisture and corrode anything it can reach. A good rinse with warm water in a bowl, pour off the water and repeat as many times as you can before drying out. I know because, in my youth I made a sand table with sand illegally* taken off a beach, and any unpainted metal corroded. *IIRC It's still illegal! Better to invest a couple of quid on sand from the builders merchants. they'll have soft and sharp sands, soft has much smaller grains.
  5. Not just the SE. Last time I went to Paris I drove to Ashford, paid for secure parking and caught the EUROSTAR. The cost of parking, petrol and a Motorway meal stop was less than the single rail fare for one to KX. As there was two of us we saved a fortune. AND...... Our home station for the KX train is Darlington. The return fare for one Darlington to KX and back was more than the petrol, parking and Eurostar return fare for both of us.
  6. Wow! A quarter of a million not properly listed! If that's true, then the treasurer and the committee will,at some point have to prove what it was spent on. A receipt or receipts must exist, failing that the bank will know where it went. If Plod and the external auditor aren't interested, the HMRC will be. A group if friends used to buy beat up old houses, do them up and resell them. All was well for several years until one of them got pinged by HMRC. They kept asking him to redo his tax returns. Eventually he was interviewed by them and all it was over a few pence interest he had on a personal account. He managed to trace it back to a bank holiday weekend when, because the company bank was 20 miles from his home, he'd put several thousand quid, in cash, into his local current account at the bank in his town. On the Tuesday he'd sent cheque to the company bank. The money had, over the week or so it had sat in his current account earned a very little interest, which he'd not declared. HMRC accepted it was human error and all was well. The potential of a large sum having gone amiss will attract attention.
  7. I do hope it can go ahead. But my head says we will still be waiting for a safe, effective vaccine and there will still be limited in what can take place. Sorry to be a party pooper, and I sincerely hope I'm wrong.
  8. Thanks for that. I am therefore pleasantly surprised just how quickly this has come to fruition.
  9. If these have, as I read elsewhere, been shipped, then it poses some questions re DJM's collapse. I assume, correct me if I'm wrong, that these are the ones l9ng promised by DJM. My take is that DJM, having commissioned the production run from the factory, was unable to make the payment to get them shipped. If that's so, then DJM, were, perhaps, not too far off remaining in business. Which goes against much of what's been written, here and elsewhere about his business.
  10. GeoffAlan


    Riding my BSA Bantam up a road in a valley on the North York's Moors one day in 1970, one of these passed me, lower down in the valley. I thought the BSA 175cc engine had disintegrated as the ground was shaking and the noise terrible as the German Pilot 'turned up the taps' and put it into afterburner. I swear he was laughing as he shot past me! I remember the Luftwaffe markings on the upper surfaces as I looked across, and down, at him.
  11. Until an effective vaccine is widely used, and I'll be as near the front of that queue as possible for that, the only people willing to go to a show are the very people most likely to be infected. The asymptomatic infection rate appears to be high, and that makes my going out and about as normal difficult. I'm in the high risk group, my wife is in the extremely vulnerable group. We can't, and won't be taking any chances pre effective vaccine.
  12. The worst sort are the ones who have a world view not in touch with reality. I worked for 10 yrs in a customer service role and you'd get them convinced that Black was White and while the rest of the world thought otherwise. Moreover, it was up to the 7 billion to change, because they were right and everyone else wrong!
  13. As an on/off member since 1975, I can't speak for the N Soc. But, if I've got this right, they're supposed to be there to promote the society. Sounds like the person concerned didn't do a Good job there!
  14. As do the N Gauge Society. They have kits, RTR rolling stock and soon a loco, mostly made just for them and available only to members.
  15. This reminds me of a text conversation I had the other day. My friend, let's call him Ian, because that's his name, has been universally condemned because his latest car has a button on the tailgate to close it automatically. Comments were along the lines of..... How lazy can you get?' I've just ordered a new car, which doesn't have such a button. Perhaps I can have some guidance. Assuming I'm out in the car and need something from the boot. When I'm done, and assuming they're both travelling with me, should one's valet or footman close the boot, or is it a job for the chauffeur? I don't want to 'put up a black' so urgent advice needed.
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