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  1. Hi all, Some of you may remember the class 92 detaling project I was mulling over during the summer; http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/58768-trying-to-improve-a-Hornby-92/ Continuing on with this I am trying to source a husrt models pantograph kit. From what I have seen they have not been in stock for a long time, I am wondering if anyone may still know where I could source one, or failing that a good alternative. I am trying to steer away from the Hornby ones as they seem too plastic and flimsy too me. Any help or advice greatly apretiated! Many Thanks, Danny
  2. Just a quick note to say this project has been moved to the back burner... mainly due to the fact I move out tomorrow. Will have progress eventually I am sure. Thanks to everyone for the help and support you have given me so far! Danny
  3. Pretty simple yeah, The instructions are comprehensive yet easy to understand even for a novice like me! Would certainly recomend. Danny
  4. Bit more progress now I've had some time away from work... I have fitted DCC to the loco aswell as an express models lighting kit which just needs connecting up to the chip. I have also started a bit of work on the front ends. More soon hopefully. Danny
  5. Apologies to anyone who may be following this for my slow progress... As a student, I'm just awaiting enough funds to allow me to get the lighting kit and few remaining detailing parts I want without feeling guilty! Will hopefully be back in the saddle with this in the next week or so. For now it's back to scratchbuilding a portacabin... Danny
  6. After an afternoon's work I am pleased to say the motor is now fully working and the loco is running smoothly at slow speeds thanks to the added weight! Next job is DCC and I need to get my hands on an express models lighting kit!! Danny
  7. Cheers Joe, I am not using the 50 chassis block, decided to stick with the 92 chassis and bodge, I mean modify that. I have just added the liquid gravity this morning, waiting for the glue to set and then I can finish the motor housing. Danny
  8. Hi all, I am currently in the middle of a project of remoring a Hornby 92 with the motor and mechanisms from a class 50: http://www.rmweb.co....ve-a-Hornby-92/ Due to the height of the 92 body I cannot fit the circuit board which was on the 50. This means I need to hardwire the loco myself, which makes me ponder the question, do I just connect up the wiring from the pickups to the motor or do I need to add resisitors or anything to the circuit. I have left the capacitor on the motor. Furthermore, I will be adding DCC to the loco aswell so do I need to think of anything else? Im sure this is a pretty stupid question but I just wanted to check I don't need any resistors or anything as I don't want to risk breaking anything! Thanks, Danny
  9. I have seen it done before using weight in the middle of the existing 92 chassis, hence why I chose to go down this route myself. After many deffierent cheap/home made attempts of adding weight to the loco I have decided to just bite the bullet and have just ordered some "Liquid Gravity". Should be here in the next couple of days and I can crack on. Both bogies now done, wired it up temporarily before and just gave it a run on DC to check everything worked.. very jerky but I have put this down to lack of traction due to lack of weight... will do more tests when this problem has been resolved. Many learning curves for my first project of this sort! Danny
  10. Hi, The plan is to use the current class 92 chassis with a bit of work and transplant the motor onto that. Did a quick test fit before and it seemed to line up ok so time will tell if what I plan to do will work I guess... Sorry I probably didnt explain myself that well. On another note, does anyone know something I could use to add extra weight to the loco? I've heard of a product called "Liquid Lead"? Danny
  11. Been watching Redbrook for a while now without posting, everytime I see more pictures of it its looking great! Looking forward to see what you do next with it Scott! Danny
  12. Hi all, Been quiet for a while on the forum and indeed with modelling due to completing my first year of uni. Now i'm home for the summer I've started a project that has been sitting in a box for a few years now. I am trying to modernise and detail my old Hornby 92 so that it looks ok stood next too some of my other models. Have been spending the last few weeks looking through the work of James Makin of Wells Green TMD fame aswell as an excellent article in an old issue of Model Rail. Thought I would create the topic to share my own thoughts, ideas and progress and see what others think and possibly ask for advice if necesary as this is my first project of this kind. So the other week I drew together a shopping list and set about buying the basics. I am using a Hornby class 50 motor and mechanism which I picked up off a well known auction site for a bargain to remotor the loco. Etched Windsreen wipers, nameplates aswell as the characteristic "tunnel portals". The loco I am modelling is 92037. First job was to get rid of the moulded handrails with a scalpel.Then I went round fitting new wire hanrails made from 0.4mm silver wire. The picture below shows the first door with new rails test fit. I have since done the whole loco. I wanted to hold off the rest of the detailing work untill I had got the hardest part of th project out of the way (for me anyway). So here is where I am up to now; The class 50 chassis as it came: The first bogie made up with the class 50's mechanism inside the Hornby 92 moulding: It's all going well so far, I hope it stays that way. Any comments or anything please shout! Danny
  13. Top work Neil! Your little cameo scenes are giving me lots of inspiration.... keep it up Danny
  14. Finally got my hands on a Bachmann 70!!

    1. Worsdell forever

      Worsdell forever

      hope you washed them first...

    2. St. Simon

      St. Simon

      it doesn't matter if you drop it, just renumber it to 70012 and stick on a low loader! :P

    3. class"66"


      Great pictures in your Galleries.....

  15. Very jealous of the space you've got to play with there! Love the townscene and the cameos Danny
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