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  1. an Overtype engines from 'Stephen Lewin adn the pool foundry' by Wear and Lees, built Circa 1880 'Lindholme'
  2. Could i ask what your method for modifying the rear step was? i have a partly assembled kit that needs the same modification!
  3. ooh! what was the mediums tanks made from?
  4. has there been any update to the engiens you were building?
  5. I think i found a Error on the website... RC79 was woolwich, unless there's a change! best wishes, Becca
  6. has there been any progress on the Gunpowder mills wagons? hoping to get the ruston proctor and these would work very well with them!
  7. Evening, Following reading this link (http://g3forum.org.uk/?topic=597.0) I would quite like to have a go at building a muir hill NC railtractor in 4mm to fit a Hornby ruston chassis. for this i need some diagrams or drawings and i believe Modelling Railways Illustrated May 1996 should have some, does anyone have a copy they'd be willing to part with or provide a scan of the reletive article? Many thanks, Rebecca
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