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  1. Hi Ruston, Out of interest, how big is Hercules compared to the B2?
  2. David, I'm curious, having seen a video running what motor you used? was it K's or something else? Thanks, Rebecca
  3. What lining? the lining on jane as of the 2017 repaint is fictitious. from what i can gather, she was painted red at the LNWR during her tenure as works shunter
  4. Corr, look at all that! top stuff that is. i'd love to have ago but since my experience in soldering is 0hrs i'd imagine it wouldn't turn out any where near as crisp as the models shown on this page. how to the 7mm and 4mm Janes compare in colour? the 7mm one looks far closer in colour to the pre 1896 paint found on jane.
  5. A 3D printed chassis will likely be about £18 plus design cost I'll have a look back and have in the thread to see where you cut have a guess. i think i said i have about 4 of these i'd like to build. this model looks fantastic and maybe, since it's sat on your shelf, a little diorama could be made to display it.
  6. Hi ruston, love the work you've done here and i'd like to replicate to to some extent, may i ask how mush you cut from the original body? also thinking about putting it on a 3D printed chassis for an easy repeat. thanks, Becca
  7. Some work in progress of my early/contractors wagons they really run quite freely
  8. I've found this again! very nice work! where did you get such a supply of plastic wheels? Fantastic work with the wagons!
  9. I'll have a guess at the prototype! Marquis? Manning Wardle 0-6-0t (MW 227 of 1867)
  10. it was the 1:1 model of northumbrian's tender, later becoming the replica north stars one before slowly rotting away, seen here in another view. if anyone can credit the author of this photo please let me know
  11. fantastic work! are all the rails milled flexitrac? what chassis is the loco? look forward to more updates!
  12. Never have i seen such lovely box tanks! i would share my own but i feel quite embarrassed now. Have you seen this view? Neilson 370 of 1856, Charlie Stevens on the footplate
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