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  1. 13/9/21 at Carlisle RHTT sets with 57307 and DR98961 cheers David
  2. Some more pics before going back to work next week,here’s some more 66’s. first up 66169 at Todmorden yesterday Tees N.Y. to Knowsley 66756 with 66797 tucked in behind Liverpool Biomass Terminal to Drax power station 66749 at Hellifield today Hunslet Tilcon to Arcow Quarry and a loaded train from Arcow Quarry to Bredbury Tilcon with 66730 cheers David
  3. A few pics from weekend and last couple of days,66004 at Hellifield today from Toton to Mossend 66185 at Carlisle yesterday ‘DP World London Gateway’ 66568 66509 & 66529 at Todmorden on Sunday and 66794 Drax to Liverpool Biomass cheers David
  4. 47270 and 47848 on the diesel portion of the Dalesman at Hellifield today and 46115 ‘Scots Guardsman’ waiting to take over cheers David
  5. As you probably know class 47’s were developed by Brush Traction using Brush electrical equipment,the sticker just says brush sulzer 50 years of service on it,I’ll try and zoom in on the sticker and post it.
  6. A few shots of 47’s at Hellifield on Saturday 47805 & 47828 on ‘The Statesman’ tour from Stoke on Trent to Appleby and 47854 ‘Diamond Jubilee’ with empty coaching stock heading for York after a 15 minute stop cheers David
  7. Some pics of 43059 and 43058 today on the Staycation express at Hellifield first time I have seen it (apart from photos) and I do think it looks rather smart
  8. Thanks for the info was wondering what had happened and you were right 66721 didn’t last long.
  9. Some pics of 66761 ‘Wensleydale Railway Association 25 Years 1990-2015’ loaded cement to Avonmouth at Clitheroe this morning,tried to get it Saturday but it ended up nearly 3 hours late sat at Blackburn,not sure what the problem was,anyways…. and 66702 ‘Blue Lightning’at Todmorden this afternoon Doncaster to Peak Forest and 66082 Knowsley Freight Terminal to Wilton cheers David
  10. 43046 and 43055 again, on it’s way to St.Pancras from Carlisle,nice to see it on a ‘proper’ express service never thought I would see it though my neck of the woods,it’s times like this I wish I had a better camera,but good to see all the same. cheers David
  11. A few last remaining (honest) Freightliner engineering train pics in connection with the works near Manchester for the TRU upgrade 8/8/21 Near Hapton with 66571 at 1032 8/8/21 same location 66591 at 1326 66512 and 66568 on the rear passing Rosegrove station on 11/8/21 at 0758 cheers David
  12. 43046 and 43055 passing Rosegrove station on Thursday heading back to Crewe after repairs at Neville Hill cheers David
  13. Yes I know what you mean and liveries like this are always going to divide opinion, i for one like the different liveries and repaints I suppose it keeps spotting interesting to an extent as well.
  14. 66721 this morning on the Avonmouth to Clitheroe Castle Cement,yes will be interesting to see how long it lasts on this circuit @newbryfordonly the second time I have seen this loco cheers David
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