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  1. 66758 ‘THE PAVIOR’ at Todmorden (1713) with the 1230 Liverpool biomass to Drax cheers David
  2. Managed to catch it going through Rosegrove this morning,good to finally see it running again,but like you say it was damp dark and miserable,will probably be able to see the return journey tonight but again will be a bit dark.
  3. 66739 ‘BLUEBELL RAILWAY’ at Todmorden on 12th July cheers David
  4. Not sure what’s happening here 40145 Severn valley railway to Crewe 21.7.20,photo from WNXX.com courtesy of Sharpo
  5. 37610 passing Hellifield solo today from (1215)Derby RTC to Falkland S.S. cheers David
  6. A B.R (M) 4 aspect signalman railway lamp,I believe they were known as a ‘foggy’,so I’ve been told anyway.I think the (M) stands for Midland.
  7. And a Freightliner quintet yesterday at Todmorden with @beast66606 leading cheers David
  8. 66140 at 1402 Todmorden yesterday with the 1142 Knowsley Freight Terminal to Wilton EFW Terminal and 66765 at Horrocksford junction at 1234 with the 0500 Avonmouth to Clitheroe Castle Cement cheers David
  9. Congratulations @Owd Bob They do idle very rough,I think they actually run on less cylinders when idling to save fuel.
  10. Got soaked on Friday at Todmorden to get 66761 and 66765 on the Liverpool to Drax,had a bit more luck today though with 66747 ‘MADE IN SHEFFIELD ‘on the 1523 Doncaster to Collyhurst Street at 1716 cheers David
  11. Did you manage any golf without getting wet,I’ve been caught in a few heavy downpours recently,luckily it had stopped when the train came.I will certainly be up early tomorrow as I’m back to work now
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