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  1. Great work there David, this is going to make a really good diorama. Is it for the WD Simplex? Alex.
  2. I've had lots of MO.2 gears from Mikroantriebe, all white Polyacetal and I haven't had any problems with them at all. Alex.
  3. Thank you Mike, it's made easier by the excellent fit of your etches. I've been looking with interest at the EE1 that you sent. Alex.
  4. At the moment just parts piled together, but it's starting to look a bit like Harton No.13. No. 10 lurks behind it.
  5. Really nice model, great work. I always use Narrow Planet for etched plates, their quality is second to none. https://shop.narrowplanet.co.uk Alex.
  6. Hello Mike, glad to see that your work is as excellent as ever. Hope all is well with you. all the best, Alex.
  7. Hello Steve, would you be able to print some of your 4mm NCB transfer sheets at 2mm? Alex.
  8. Looking good David, nice loco and the layout is coming on well. Hope that you are all well. Alex.
  9. I've always found that it is easier to make minute adjustments to quartering if you insert the the spikes of a small pair of dividers between the wheel spokes. As well as allowing fine movements you also improve your purchase on the wheel. Alex.
  10. Hello Chris - I do like them, they are so wonderfully ugly and businesslike. It is one of Mike's 2mm etches, excellent as usual, hopefully nos. 13 and 15 will be as enjoyable to build. I'm currently working on a small layout that whilst not being an exact reproduction of the Harton system will (I hope) be representative of parts of it, including the curved incline up to the headshunt then to the staithes. I've got a baseboard and Keith Armes has built me some super turnouts (I don't like making track, hence I'm not very good at it) so I'm well on the way.
  11. Hello Julia, thanks. I've got an idea for a chassis that has a 6mm motor driving one axle with a gear train driving the other. I think that it should all fit in and leave enough room for a DCC chip, and I intend to use the same chassis with a little lengthening and a larger motor for the other two engines (nos. 13 and 15).
  12. The first of my Harton engines, No 10. Alex.
  13. Hello John, and thank you. The chassis is scratchbuilt and split framed, using wheels from the 2mmFS Association. The body uses the Langley white metal tanks and boiler which gets the weight right over the drivers, and the chimney, dome and sandpot
  14. Finally finished my 4-6-0 Hunslet. Runs on 8mm gauge track. Alex.
  15. Or more properly an absence of colour - which would be perfect in the circumstances. Alex.
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