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  1. Nice and of interest to myself but alas is a Class 24
  2. Good Afternoon Would anyone have any Shawplan DP45-18S Steam Heat Pipes they would be willing to sell? (see pic) Could do with a few packets if possible No longer available from Shawplan Tia
  3. Would anyone know whether either of these wagons would be found in the Speyside/GNOSR area during the 60's/70's?? I recall seeing a picture of at least one wagon labelled MDV but struggling to find it again Tia
  4. Appears Phil may have increased his order on this particular one as it's showing as available to order again
  5. Cheers Martyn , mine are the non power twin version so I think they are correct but I'll double check
  6. Thanks Martyn , I'll need to do some closer comparing as the ones I have (31-326/327) seem to match the ones you have created , I'm modelling the ones working out of 61A in the late 50's/early 60's
  7. Martyn Did the Scottish 105's have this difference when built? I have just purchased a Green with speed whiskers and a green with syp for my layout
  8. Good Afternoon all Does anyone happen to have any Heljan Class 26 Part number 82 they could spare?? (tablet catcher) Tia
  9. Would anyone know of any companies other than a1-retro on ebay that does transfers for the boards on the sides of the Bachmann blue 35t grain wagons? Tia
  10. I'd have at least 2 or 3
  11. Wonder if we will ever see a tablet catcher fitted version of the 21?
  12. interesting as this has happened before , I have one on order but not had an invoice as yet but tbh I don't think we will see these before Christmas
  13. [email protected] is the best way to get hold of him , doesn't always reply immediately though but I usually hear back within 48 hours
  14. We are acutely aware locos are vital and have 6 D&E and 5 steam and several MU projects underway Please please please let there be a Class 120 and/or a Class 126
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