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  1. They have actually updated it since I looked a couple of hours ago it appears
  2. The Hattons site says the image is of the previous model
  3. Thanks Ben , glad I did a bit of research before commencing track laying for the second time as I no longer need to buy another box of the Woodland Scenics track bed , any pictures are always helpful , I'm gonna need to pick brains with regards to line side furniture/signalling etc over the coming weeks as well Regards Dave
  4. Cheers Paul , I'm not too disheartened by the delay tbh as it's giving me extra time to get the pennies together
  5. Thanks , I've looked at many pictures of Wick and Thurso stations the last couple of days and definitely no visible ballast shoulder , glad I picked up on this before laying track again
  6. Question time people As I can't really make any progress until I get some track sorted I've been doing a little research and have noticed from looking at pictures of my chosen era and the area it seems that there doesn't appear to be a ballast shoulder in most terminus station areas was this really the case?
  7. I'm not trying to start a debate either , just saying that's all , i'm kinda gutted tbh that your post wasn't announcing the 24/1's were in stock , especially as it's payday Friday
  8. Think they have had them longer than that , got both mine during the first lockdown
  9. I bought 2 of these last year so he's had them quite a while
  10. Well , this is where were at currently , as I've decided to change to Bullhead track updates may be slow as I need to sell off a few unrequired items to fund buying the track
  11. Thanks Ben , yeah , I've been reading that thread on the points whilst doing my research Dave
  12. Thanks Ian , I may need to do some research into the area , try find some pictures from the area , all I have to go off at the moment is a couple of magazine articles about Steve Flints Kyle of Tongue
  13. It is going to be based on the original Kyle of Tongue but uncertain whether it's acceptable to copy what other's have done , as said , alternatively I could just call it 'Tongue'
  14. No real progress to report today other than getting one of the baseboards painted/sealed last night
  15. I believe there still is after I used the search function on here but there doesn't seem to be much heard of it nowadays
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