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  1. Hi Steve Have you any pics of models you have used it on please? Dave
  2. I honestly can't imagine that SLW would produce a 47 any time soon if at all , natural progression would suggest that after a plethora of 24's and 25's they would more than likely move onto 26's/27's and 33's , in fact , after the issues Philip Sutton faced with Heljan in the past I'm surprised he didn't produce the 33 first
  3. Now that would be interesting but it's common knowledge that they are intending to do further runs of skinhead 24's at some point but they are currently concentrating on the headcode box variants and the 25's
  4. I'll still go ahead with my plan although I'm just wondering how many people will then think I own the Heljan one
  5. Typical that they have done 301 when I've ordered a Suttons 25324 to turn into it !
  6. Morning all Could anyone suggest an Acrylic paint for BR warning panel yellow in the 70's? , has anyone found a match from the Vallejo range? Tia Dave
  7. Also finally got around to building this kit too but I'm glad the plan for this is to make it dilapidated as the fit and finish of the kit was shocking!
  8. Still very little progress at the mo , got a bit of modelling done this weekend , finally plucked up the courage to take the knife to a second brand new Bachmann 24/1 , I have one that's being converted to an early 25/0 whereas this is staying as a 24/1 , anyone care to guess which one it will become?
  9. It is indeed , I've had nothing but good dealings with Rob in the past although I do now get my kits from Jason Edmunds (stickswipe on ebay) as he will make them to any spec you ask for in terms of LED colour/configuration etc
  10. I'm still not 100% sure it's true but I heard on the grapevine Rob @express models passed away so if this is true I'm not sure lighting kits will be available any more
  11. I also have 2 on order but same here , if he announces new running numbers in pre tops and tops blue I won't be able to resist but if not I'm considering ordering more of the current batch to renumber
  12. I would just like to repaint this little piece the correct colour before it all gets toned down/weathered etc
  13. I've dropped him a message Roy but thought I would ask amongst the collective here too just in case someone had needed to do some paintwork themselves
  14. Does anyone know where I can get the blue paint which is applied to the model of 24081 (although I Imagine it's the same blue as all the other blue models)?? I have a boiler compartment blanking plate which needs repainting (not something I've tackled before) Tia
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