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  1. Won't be much progress for the coming month or so guys as i've a fishing trip to France in just over 4 weeks so all spare finances will be swallowed up by that so will be end of August before i can buy anything else for the layout , next purchase will probably be ballast and need to look at what lineside details are required , these should come in handy that i grabbed off the e of the bay last week
  2. New buffer stops arrived yesterday , more suited i think than the standard peco ones + gaugemaster lights iv'e been using for testing and to stop trains crashing off the end!
  3. Yeah the second pic was just the fiddle yard or rather just sidings for all my loco's , so i just need to decide on whether i need a colour light signal or a semaphore for the entrance to the main , decisions decisions and yeah , iv'e been looking at ground levers and cosmetic point rodding for the points , cheers
  4. Hi Rob Track plan is as the first photo , that's all there will be on the scenic area , line on the left of picture will be disused Thanks
  5. Wasn't planning on doing much this weekend , had very little mojo to do anything on the layout but had a word with myself and kicked myself up the rear and cracked on with the fiddle yard or rather the sidings for my locos , all wiring completed with the exception of point motors as i need to order another as i didn't have enough , ran one of my SLW 24s over it and all works fine with no shorts anywhere!
  6. Looking for a little help here guys because as a former spotter/basher you tend not to notice the finer details! talk to me about ground signals , would they have been used in this sort of scenario? where would they be positioned and what type would be suited? TIA
  7. Afternoon all Thought i would just introduce my layout which is themed as a Scottish loco fuelling point based around the period 1975-85 (approx) , the general premise is that this is the remnants of a former steam loco stabling point towards it's final years as a diesel stabling/fuelling point and will feature a disused water tower , boarded up signal box and everything will be in various states of disrepair , overgrown etc , it will feature various loco classes but mainly classes 20/24/25/26/27 plus a solitary 08 and some 37's , it won't be a quick build and updates will be few and far between probably , this layout is being built as a trial run to hone my skills in preparation for possibly building an exhibition layout in the future , all comments and constructive criticism welcomed
  8. I have heard there may be issues with the contacts on the wheels not touching correctly on some models , maybe that could be the problem?
  9. Ok , it's just i have a couple and thats exactly what the grilles are like , i was assured both loco's were new but i wasn't sure if they were play worn eg someone picking them up where the grilles are
  10. Porcy Mane , did you buy the SLW one new? if so were the bodyside grilles always like that or has paint rubbed off through handling? Cheers
  11. One of my new arrivals last night investigating a noisy motor , also managed to break off one of the wires to the rear lights and had to use a piece of replacement wire to rectify it! , i'm going to try persuade Richard at Roads and Rails to have a crack at getting an EM2 in if he's feeling brave enough to hard wire it
  12. Iv'e just caved and ordered a 3rd one , contemplating turning it into a scottish one complete with tablet catcher instead of waiting for the SLW one
  13. How much are you now regretting the £££s spent on fishing? i spent a good couple of grand on carping stuff last year to add to what i already had with the intention of getting back into it , last time i went was November 2016! now considering getting rid of all my gear as too interested in model railways lol
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