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  1. https://www.cheltenhammodelcentre.com/spares~1074-c/lima-oo-gauge-class-26-unpainted-body~lima26-p.html https://www.cheltenhammodelcentre.com/spares~1074-c/lima-oo-gauge-class-27-unpainted-body~lima27-p.html Probably cheaper than that auction site
  2. Unfortunately they are out of stock , first place i tried
  3. Same here , I have specific loco's I wish to model so hopefully if Heljan plan to do one they announce it before the Bachmann model is available to buy as i plan on buying a few of the upcoming Heljan 25's as well
  4. Morning all Looking for a Dapol OO gauge class 121 or 122 body , condition not important as i'll be cutting sections out of it so needs to be as cheap as possible Tia Dave
  5. Current state of play , I contemplated ripping it all up and just waiting until I could get started on the main layout but that maybe on hold for the rest of the year at least and I want to play trains lol , so this is what i did , just need to find some inspiration now , I don't want to cram loads of stuff into the available space and i don't like the idea of the scenery being forced
  6. I recently started a project with one of the new Bachmann 24/1's which involved the stripped shell taking a bath in 99% IPA , i noticed it shed it's transfers within minutes so it may be worth putting a drop on the logo's , giving it 5 minutes then trying gently to persuade it off with a cocktail stick and mopping up the excess straight away ? Just don't leave it on to long as it actually stripped the paint off the 24 within a couple of hours whereas in the past when i have stripped Bachmann paint i have had to leave it 24-48 hours
  7. Available on that well known auction site as PDF's if any use to you?
  8. Morning Not sure if this is the correct place for asking this question so if not could admin please move I have one of the new Bachmann 24/1's that i'm currently converting to an early 25/0 (25001-25025) , what i want to know is if a class 24 sound decoder is still suitable for this particular variant? I have a spare SLW decoder which has been reblown with the latest version of the Scottish sound file , i also have a Zimo adapter board for said decoder so my plan was to remove the Bachmann main board and have the chassis milled to allow better speakers to be fitted and
  9. Thanks but i already have a green one
  10. Yeah , i'm going to collect something this evening after work which is after her closing time so she's going to hang on for me , I have mentioned that i could imagine Saturdays would be very profitable if she was to open
  11. I'm just doing 25013 and maybe doing 25021 next , the problem with 25015-25025 is the different size fuel tanks that are gonna need modding
  12. Wonderful place is Anoraks ain't it and Sophie's great too , 10 minute drive for me but until she start's opening on a Saturday i can't get
  13. Hi all Just wondered if anyone has an Heljan Class 27 D5389 in early BR blue with SYP they are willing to part with? Tia
  14. Has anyone needed to cancel their pre orders due to everything going on in the world at the moment and were deposits refunded if so?
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