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  1. Thank you @Woody C! I appreciate that because I wasn't sure I'd captured the look.
  2. Bit more random progress. Thought I'd have a go at scratchbuilding a structure as have never done this in 7mm scale before. I also wanted to try scribed surface texture as opposed to embossed sheet which I use in 4mm scale. There's nothing new here, it's simply foamboard construction and DAS clay. The window is from York Modelmaking and the door knocked up from plastic sheet. Both need frames and other details to finish.
  3. Thank you for all the replies, much appreciated.
  4. I'm just trying to build a very basic structure in 7mm, mainly to find out whether I can actually do it before committing any further. So, something like a platelayers-type hut or a shed. I want to have a go at producing scribed stonework in DAS clay so want to be able to figure some basic dimensions to enable me to have a crack.
  5. Hello all, Another daft question here. What's the average dimension of a standard door in 7mm scale? I've nothing to use as a reference - I know I could work it out by scaling up a door, but was hoping someone more familiar with this scale might have some buildings that they could measure for me! Thank you!
  6. Loco progress has paused temporarily while I await delivery of a few items. Meanwhile I've done some more work on the coach. First job was to add some strapping to the ends - this adds some detail but also hides the rather obvious butt join between the end and side parts. I also lowered the buffers around 1mm to better match the loco. This involved plugging the original holes with some plastic rod and then redrilling the holes. I've also added new handrails as I really wasn't impressed with the plastic ones.
  7. Thank you @ColinK and @Reno! Quick photos of the new cab in place... I'm really pleased with how this is going!
  8. Cab sides now rebuilt using plastic sheet - the originals are too thick to be realistic. Due to the original stepped footplate, the cab rear supplied in the kit is too short. It's been extended, again with plastic sheet. I'll need to create my own cab roof as it's now narrower than the kit intended and I inevitably broke the Modelu whistle.
  9. Bit more masking tape and bluetack modelling... Getting there slowly I hope.
  10. Just to prove the point that @Nearholmer, @009 micro modellerand @laurenceb made above about choosing the items that look right I thought I'd post this to show how right they are. Safety valves are 4mm while the whistle is 7mm. Thanks for all the input everyone!
  11. Hello all, I previously posted this in the Kitbuilding section, but here seems more appropriate. I'm working on this "Faun" kit from Smallbrook Studios which utilises a chassis from a Bachmann Bill/Ben loco. One part that dissatisfied me was the stepped footplate as it made the cab door too high. This also highlights the motor, which is very visible in the cab. I've built a replacement footplate from plastic sheet, which looks better. My plan was to obscure the motor with a driver figure. This arrived yesterday and a test fit proves the concept well. I'm probably going to replace the cab sides with some scratch built ones as the original kit parts are very thick. Matt
  12. Thank you all for the very helpful and informative comments, much appreciated.
  13. It does, thank you. I'm building a freelance 0-16.5 loco and 4mm scale items look too small, but 7mm look way too big. I was wondering if there was any consensus on what should be used.
  14. Hi all, This is a really daft question, but one I genuinely do not know the answer to. If modelling in 7mm NG (0-16.5), would loco fittings like buffers, whistles etc need to be O or OO gauge?
  15. Fascinating models! Being local, I have real interest in anything Amlwch railway related.
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