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  1. This is one of my favourite threads! I've posted this on my layout thread already, but it's all I have to offer!
  2. How much are these lovely little cottages going to cost? Oh, lovely rusting too!
  3. Nice work! Are the warehouse buildings from Fair Price Models?
  4. Hi all! Some photos of the completed building. Not sure if I really like it now, but it was fun to build and paint! Thanks for looking!
  5. I have seen that thread - this has also been done using the hairspray technique (well actually AK's Heavy Chipping Fluid)
  6. Bit more progress with the rusty tin shed. It's getting there is all I can say right now. The roof needs some further work and then the whole thing needs some more weathering to blend it all together.
  7. Hi Mike, It's SE Finecast embossed plastic sheet. The overlaid bits are actually kitchen foil. I tried butt jointing the sheets but it just doesn't look convincing. I'm not sure of the longevity of this method but time will tell...
  8. Bit of progress with the corrugated building I started. My plans for this is for it to have a rusty, patchy finish. It's been undercoated with a base layer of "rust" ready for further painting. This has also had the advantage of making it easier to take a photo of! The overlaid foil panels looks reasonably thin to my eye.
  9. And here is the aforementioned Lanarkshire bufferstop. It makes a pleasant afternoon project. I'm not sure if there should be an extra sleeper at the back to be honest, but it'll be right up against the backscene so there's very limited room if so (also ignore the chairs - these face away from the front of the layout so aren't even visible).
  10. Thanks Mikkel, I actually have a Lanarkshire bufferstop awaiting construction and you're right, it will help the overall appearance. Tonight marks an important landmark for me and this layout: the track is now glued down - this is the furthest I've made it with any layout in the last 10 years! Next up is to get the track tidied up by adding missing sleepers at the joints etc.
  11. Excellent plan, looking forward to seeing progress! I also thought of Canada Wharf when I saw the mock up.
  12. I guess not getting injured/killed is as good a reason as any!
  13. Hello all, Where points are operated by hand using levers attached to extended sleepers, for example in yards, are the levers always on the same side? For example if there were two points, one directly behind the other, would the levers be on the same side or would it depend on the location of the point relative to other things, available space or something else?
  14. Improving Peco Code 75 points: Hi all, Anyone who has been following this thread will have seen that I'm using Peco Bullhead track, with Code 75 points. A couple of posts ago, I showed some simple modifications I'd made to the toe end/tie bar to visually improve the look. I've decided to take this a step further and there's a couple of other threads where similar modifications have been carried out. First, an unmodified point: And now my modified point: I've replaced t
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