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  1. I decided that I had to address the lack of lintels and using laser cut ones wouldn't satisfy me. I painstakingly removed sections of the embossed brickwork and inserted lintels into the gaps. I've also built a second chimney. Next up are the pots and then guttering and downpipes.
  2. Mike, good idea, I'll order some trays. I won't be supplying those tiny biscuits/cakes though! This little chap came into my possession today... I've just sold a Bachmann 04 I had so this fills the gap nicely.
  3. Bit of progress with one of the buildings. This is a cut and shut job, comprising of two sides of a laser cut kit, and two sides from plain old cardboard. The roof here is just a mock up to see how it'd look hence the visible gap. It looks wonky here, but it's actually just the angle of the photo! I'm undecided whether to stick with one chimney stack, as here, or have one at both ends, as the kit intended. It seems more visually balanced with one. I'm also not sure about two "open" windows. It adds a bit of life, but also seems s
  4. Some cracking opportunities for scratchbuilding some industrial structures!
  5. Hello all! Slow progress at the moment due to all sorts of other commitments. I've made a start on the left hand building. Still in quite a rough stage at present. The depth is to allow for it to be bedded into the surrounding environment eventually. And a shot of the layout sitting on top of its slightly larger, and also in-progress companion. Thanks for looking!
  6. Hi all, As predicted, progress has slowed right down now I'm back at work but I have managed to finish the first piece of stock for the layout - an old Parkside Grampus kit. It's meant to represent an older, rusty wagon and is based on some photos on the Bartlett site. Thanks for looking!
  7. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of bonding embossed plastic sheet to foamboard? I'd assume it can be done, but if so, what's the best adhesive to use? All the best E_R
  8. A winter scene... Or rather a simple paper backscene to hide the corners and a foamboard track base so I can "bury" any structures. You'll also notice a change to the view blocker building. I'll hopefully be using a kitbashed laser cut kit here. After tomorrow, I'm sure the updates and progress will slow down as I'm back in work.
  9. Further progress today - basic backscene is now completed. Next job is to fit some thin (1 - 2mm, can't remember!) cork and then finish the backscene to hide the corners. Still playing with the placement of some smaller structures and will hopefully build another mock up of the left hand view blocker in a more appropriate size to get a better idea of how it'll look too.
  10. Hi Simon, Glad you like it! The loco is actually kitbashed from a Knightwing plastic kit. These conversions were quite popular a few years ago!
  11. Thanks for your comments about the levels. I have two other small layouts (well layout boards) on the go and the flatness is something I regret in hindsight. Today has seen the beginning of the backscene construction, sides still to be added. I actually don't think I'll be having an off-scene fiddle yard, I think I'll keep it all self contained. @sb67, I have seen Six Quarters, it's a lovely little layout. I'm also wary of the traditional road overbridge too, hence wanting to try something different! Some more progress photos (buildings just there for cont
  12. Hello all, More mocking up and cardboard tonight. Having shaped the trackbed (badly), it gave me a chance to look at the left hand building in more detail. It was clear, even at this rough stage, that the idea in my post above (building with tall rear wall and scenery contoured around it) was not going to work from a visual perspective. It just looked awkward. Looking through some inspirational layout articles for ideas, I came across an old favourite - Woolverstone by Mr Rice. I always really liked the left hand corner of this layout and here was my oppor
  13. Hi all, Thank you very much for the comments. Bit more kitchen table modelling tonight, this time to create some mock ups of some of the kind of structures I'm thinking about to see how it'd look. So firstly, a "panoramic" view: The building on the left, primarily a viewblocker, won't be plonked as it is now. The ground will be sloping down towards the baseboard front, so the back wall will actually be taller than here, but embedded into the landscape (hope that makes sense?). As I'm yet to cut the ply trackbed to size, I can't actually try th
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