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  1. Thank you very much for the positive feedback! As I mentioned in my earlier post about the slope sided mineral wagon, I wasn't totally happy with it. So I reworked it today and I think it's better now. I'm happier with it anyway. Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi there, The plain track is Peco Bullhead and the points are regular Code 75.
  3. I actually enjoyed doing the VAA so much, I decided to do a second, and this time fade it even more. I really enjoyed doing both of these and they fit nicely together in the good shed siding on the layout which is a happy bonus!
  4. In that case, here's another wagon, fresh off the workbench. This time it's a 16t slope sided mineral wagon from Parkside. I'm semi-pleased with how this has turned out, but there are some parts that I could do better I think! Thanks for looking!
  5. Inspirational little layout! I do love Scottish themed micros!
  6. I know this is meant to be a layout thread, and I will make some more layout progress soon. Hopefully as the stock I'm working on is for this layout, it's acceptable to post here too. Anyway, I dug out an old Bachmann VAA earlier which was originally "weathered" about 10 years ago. By weathered, I mean I applied a brown wash to the entire thing and gave myself a pat on the back. Now, it just looked a bit rubbish so I thought I'd give it some attention. Here's the starting point: I looked at several pictures online, and rather than copy a speci
  7. Thanks for the comment, I always paint similar wagons individually, and if I'm mixing a particular colour, I never batch prepare it. That way they're all slightly different. Same goes for the markings, I try to be random when placing them and not copy the previous wagon. Time consuming but worth the effort!
  8. Morning all, Took advantage of some free time last night to complete the third van from the trio. This time it's a Bauxite one and once again the handles have been replaced, and then it's been patch painted and reweathered. I'm not too happy with the underframe on this one, might need some more work. While I'm in the mood to upgrade stock, and in particular vans, I've unearthed a couple of old Bachmann VAA's so may give them a go later. Thanks for looking!
  9. Here's one from me, still have a couple to build one day...
  10. Hi all, In the absence of any time to do any work on the layout itself, I've been spending the time I've had working on some of the stock I hope to use. In 2010ish, I built and painted a couple of Parkside vans. I do like revisiting older stock to breathe new life into them, and it's also a good way to do some quick projects. The main task has been to replace the moulded door handles with 0.33 wire and it really makes a difference visually. I didn't really like the colour of the grey after my weathering first time around, but didn't want to strip th
  11. Thanks Steve, you're probably right about the buffers, might add a bit more weathering to them.
  12. Thanks for your message and interest David. The backscene is just white wallpaper applied in such a way to curve the corners. Much simpler and lighter than curved MDF or similar.
  13. No layout progress, but I have completed this very old Cambrian Shark Brake Van kit for use on the layout!
  14. Bit random, but I like the very smart white units underneath the baseboard. Are they something flat-pack? You've given me an idea how I could tidy up my workshop and increase the storage space!
  15. Here's a better picture of the house I've been working on. Combination of materials and bits, but finished off with the excellent guttering and drainpipe fittings from Modelu. These were as fiddly as anything I've done recently, but really are worth the effort! I still need to add sills and slates to the roof. Thanks for looking!
  16. As I've been working on the house, I've been thinking about the overall scene I want to portray. I've always been fascinated with the Amlwch branch on Anglesey, especially in its later, freight only, years. Although I never managed to see a train myself, the line crossing the main street is an enduring image. Link to a photo: https://www.2d53.co.uk/amlwch/Amlwch 1.htm I'm not terribly convinced by low relief buildings against the backscene, but I thought I'd mock it up just to see what it'd look like. It could wo
  17. I decided that I had to address the lack of lintels and using laser cut ones wouldn't satisfy me. I painstakingly removed sections of the embossed brickwork and inserted lintels into the gaps. I've also built a second chimney. Next up are the pots and then guttering and downpipes.
  18. Mike, good idea, I'll order some trays. I won't be supplying those tiny biscuits/cakes though! This little chap came into my possession today... I've just sold a Bachmann 04 I had so this fills the gap nicely.
  19. Bit of progress with one of the buildings. This is a cut and shut job, comprising of two sides of a laser cut kit, and two sides from plain old cardboard. The roof here is just a mock up to see how it'd look hence the visible gap. It looks wonky here, but it's actually just the angle of the photo! I'm undecided whether to stick with one chimney stack, as here, or have one at both ends, as the kit intended. It seems more visually balanced with one. I'm also not sure about two "open" windows. It adds a bit of life, but also seems s
  20. Some cracking opportunities for scratchbuilding some industrial structures!
  21. Hello all! Slow progress at the moment due to all sorts of other commitments. I've made a start on the left hand building. Still in quite a rough stage at present. The depth is to allow for it to be bedded into the surrounding environment eventually. And a shot of the layout sitting on top of its slightly larger, and also in-progress companion. Thanks for looking!
  22. Hi all, As predicted, progress has slowed right down now I'm back at work but I have managed to finish the first piece of stock for the layout - an old Parkside Grampus kit. It's meant to represent an older, rusty wagon and is based on some photos on the Bartlett site. Thanks for looking!
  23. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of bonding embossed plastic sheet to foamboard? I'd assume it can be done, but if so, what's the best adhesive to use? All the best E_R
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