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  1. Didn't know you can buy the project on their own, do you just get the project to use as often as you like or do you have to provide the decoders serial number so the project is locked to that one decoder? Sorry if the answer is obvious Paul
  2. Yep insulfrog, sorry I was viewing on a mobile device and the pictures were a touch small, so just knock the E off the codes I mentioned for the Insulfrog version. Paul
  3. The two curved ones are probably SL-E387 Curved Turnout, Large Radius, Left Hand & SL-E386 Curved Turnout, Large Radius, right Hand The straight one is probabably a SL-E395 Turnout, Medium Radius, Right Hand Paul
  4. In a situation like this, what happens to Virgins rolling stock, do the have to pass it on to the new company or do the new company have to find enough stock to run the service from day one, if they don't pass them on what happens to Virgins stock, is there a big trainset sale going on. Just wondering what happens in a setuation when they have a franchise change?
  5. The who loco looks to be a rusty wreck, big question would be why is there do much of the back panel still black when the rest of the loco is rust red?
  6. Been Googling photos the 73 in Pullman Colours Does seem very wrong to see a Pullman pulling freight but there are quite a few.
  7. Thanks guys So I will have to add a Deltic to make use of my Mk1's Out of curiosity what was reason for the Class 73 in Pullman Evening Argus Colours if it was not used to pull Pullman Coaches? Thanks again for all the excellent info Paul
  8. Another Pullman related question I have a rake of 8 Graham Farish Mk1 Pullmans, what would be an appropriate loco to haul them around 1. Obvious first choice a Class 73 in Pullman Evening Argus colours, would they be using this to pull their Mk1 stock or had that started to be faded out by the 80's when the 73 arrived in Pullman colours 2. I have a few Steam Passenger locos, should any of these be used with the Mk1's. STD 5mt, Merchant Navy Class and some Duchess's, would one of those find themselves pulling the Mk1's. Sorry for all the questions I did search but lost lost in the flood of information. Thanks Paul
  9. Thanks guys First class information as always Paul
  10. Paul80

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    Bachmann have this year decided to only announce products they plan to actually deliver in 2020. So they will not be listing anything this year. Hat coat door
  11. Hi all Today a cought a glimps of one of the Belmont British Pullman trains running through my local station, but it was too far away to identify the type of Coaches they were using, anyone know what they use K or Mk1, I assume from the interia photos on their website they must be k's as the interias were far to opulent to be Mk1's. Is that assumption ccorrect? Thanks Paul
  12. Hattons posted mine out today, might get them tomorrow, fingers crossed. Paul
  13. I know, its lust a little annoying that you have them on preorder with one of the biggest suppliers in the country and they show up on EvilBay first. whats the point of preordering Just spoke to Hattons and they have not had theirs yet and have no ETA, only saying soon they hope!
  14. Hi all Not sure whats going on between Hornby and Hattons and some other big box shifters (insert nsme here) I had on pre order the new Arnold Hornby Brighton Belle set in N-Gauge at Hattons Both power car and coach packed are in stock at Hornby but only the power car pack is in stock at Hattons and the other box shifters. I first thought it was an error at Hornby showing the coaches in stock, but have now found a number of smaller dealers showing stock, they are even now being listed on eBay. What's going on with Hattons have they had a falling out with Hornby now? In the past the box shifters are normally first with new models, what's going on now? Thanks for any insight into this Starting to think I should cancel my pre order and just buy them direct from Hornby !!!! Paul
  15. Or trace the track from the pad back and find the next solder point long and connect your wire there.
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