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  1. Thanks. I suppose they wouldn't be using all the kitchens then, just the seating, did they have more kitchen cars than parlour cars or was there other reasons to use a Kitchen car just for seating rather than use a Parlour?
  2. Thats a lot of Kitchen Cars, 2 FK, 2 SK only 2 FP and no SP, why no SP when they had 2 SK, or did the Kitchen Cars also include seating ? Just wondering not arguing
  3. Remember what confucius said about meters An electrician with one meter always knows the correct voltage An electrician with two meters never knows the correct voltage. Hat coat door
  4. It cost a lot of time to produce the sound that is loaded and that time, both in recording and editing the recording into a usable file set all has to be paid for and that we all understand, but why does a blank sound decoder with no ones sounds loaded cost the same as one loaded with sound. Obviously the answer is that ESU and Zimo must sell the decoders to the sound producers for a fraction of the cost the rest of us pay for a blank, otherwise why would they bother making the sounds in the first place. Also as to the true cost of these £100 decoders, have you ever blown one up and had it replaced, what were you charged, one supplier I use charges between £15 and £20 to replace a faulty decoder, I bet they are Not loosing any money on the replacement are they, that I bet is the true cost of these decoders direct from the makers, with the prices for retail held high to make all the work done producing the sounds worth while, that I have no issue with, its still asking £100 for a blank that gets me, why shoild I have to pay the sound producing element of the retail price if I was producing the sounds myself. Not that I am capable of producing the sounds so am happy to pay the price the producers charge, just saying there sould be a big difference in the prices of blank decoders.
  5. Blame the parents is all well and good, the trouble is the parents were probable of the same moral standard.
  6. Paul80

    Farish Class 20

    To take the body off you have to first pull the two bogies off, they just unclip with a little side to side wiggle, that then exposes the 4 retaining screws. Hope this helped Paul
  7. Their easy shunt's work very well but are not compatable with micro trains. Their own magnets are very expensive as well but there is a much cheaper work around if you go down that route. Paul
  8. I blame the TV antique shows the claim these enamel signs are worth a small fortune and make them all a target for a certain type of person.
  9. I used to be a white goods engineer and we were replacing these same burned out door locks in Indesit washing machines 20 years ago, so it's not a new problem, the problem is the same lock is now used on Wirlpool and Hotpoint machines as well as Indesit or In the Sh** as they used to be called. The next one will be the Dishwashers that can develop a fault that lets them turn the heaters on without any water being taken. Fires in Domestic Appliances is not a new problem, social media warning everyone now makes it seem like it's a new issue, its not. Paul
  10. Press F0 Hat coat door What does the express models headlights door that the Bachmann lights can't, not heard of them before. Paul
  11. Sorry guys, took me so long to type the above everyone else pointed out the same as was saying.
  12. Thats going to be a difficult one to diagnose over the Tinterweb What make was the new Turntable and What cartridge is fitted , Is it a moving Magnet or Moving Coil, they need different pre-amps to work correctly, depending on your Pioneer system it probably has a MM type pre-amp built in and will sound terrible if a MC cartridge is connected. Some high end turntable might be fitted with the higher quality MC cartridge or if its not new, the previous owner might have fitted a MC one. If its a MM cartridge then don't know what to suggest next. Not knowing the turntable you replaced, a couple of other thoughts Where you connect it to the amplifier does it say Phono, I wonder if its just a standard audio input and the old turntable had a pre-amp built in, if thats the case you will need to add one for your new TT to work. Working blind here though, perhaps some pictures of the connectors on the back might help. Paul
  13. I went down the Servo route on my layouts at first I used the MERG Servo4 system and now introducing their new EzyBus system, both using Gaugemaster DCC80 frog juicers. Nice and cheap compared to the more commercial options but just as reliable. Paul
  14. Did BR do any Nuclear Flask movement using Steam Locos or was it only started by the time BR had gone Diesel? If they did what type of flask wagon did they use, any pics? Not up on the nuclear history so was just wondering, or was its a simple case of at the time steam came to and end Windscale was the only Nuclear power station online so did it's own reprocessing and nothing was moved on the rail system until more power stations came on line. Thanks Paul
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