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  1. Apparently I have offended a mod and for that I apologise Bye
  2. Someone is having a bad day at the office
  3. It was showing a August on their website on the day of the big autumn reveal, then suddenly changed to October.
  4. I see once again the 8F has been pushed back again, it was supposed to have been here in June/July, it then got pushed to August, now August is here its suddenly been pushed back to October, will this be yet another year the 8F fails to arrive. They sure know how to string their customers along.
  5. One thing often recommended when fitting TTS decoders into Bachmann Diesels is to insert a resister around 500 ohm to 1k ohm IIRC into the blue wire as Bachmann locos have more demanding lighting thst is known to overload the TTS decoders, not saying that is behind your problem but something to do with the replacement to be safe. I had one die in a Bachmann 66 because of it. Paul
  6. Hi I removed the complete PCB on my 14 and 08 and the slow speed running was vastly improved, its only held in place by two solder joints so easy to remove, you then just connect the orange and grey wires to the two points where the PCB was soldered. a simple job well wort doing. the hardest part with the 14 is routing the wires so they don't get crushed when the body is refitted, IIRC they need to be routed down the side of the chassis not over the top. Paul
  7. Or keep it really dumb and ignore Nigel's post as well
  8. You could also run your lighting from a 12v bus using little Buck converters, something like this will do the job https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LM2596-DC-DC-Buck-Converter-Adjustable-Power-Supply-Step-Down-Module/303310252711 If you have a few of them dotted about your layout you could also have the levels of the connected LED,s adjusted to give the best lighting effect for the area they are in. I have them on mine and they work well. Paul
  9. Halfords Camo Brown in a big aerosol cans is often recommended and used on a big club layout I am working on. Looks good and well controlled output which made painting n-gauge track nice quick and easy. Give it a go
  10. I know the answer but I am not allowed to tell
  11. You could always PM the answer to those that took the time to try and help. You might not 'remember all the questions but I bet you remember what button presses worked. Bit pointless asking for help then not sharing the solution Some on here are getting old but still have long memories for this sort of thing
  12. But we was talking about the Prodigy and not talking about their lifetime guarantee Although it is a re badge MRC they are still able to do most repairs over here Peace
  13. At least it does not need to be sent back to America for repairs unlike another popular system But agree the reset process should not be kept secret
  14. Have you tried going through the setup again, adding it to a consist, confirming that it works in the consist then clearing the consist from memory, that might work if its stuck half configured. Paul
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