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  1. The figures from Modelu are really nice. He looks right for the layout. Can I ask Dave do you use enamel or acrylic paints.
  2. Dave the layout just gets better every time you add little bits of detail such as the safety rail outside the office and the car on the roof.
  3. The ground work has been slowly taking shape around where the unloading area is and where the wills crane will be situated. The 10p piece is the base for the wills yard crane. I will be adding some plaster to the stone surface so it looks to have a worn look.
  4. Gareth I like your mock up of the industrial buildings.
  5. Nice work Keith, I'm enjoying the modelling of your card building.
  6. Thanks Steven for replying to my question, most helpful.
  7. With having finished my Wills yard crane kit, I have come to the point where I need to add some wire for the hook. Does anyone on the forum know how I can replicate this please.
  8. The wills yard crane kit is finished apart from adding some chain and building a mount for it to sit on. I'm happy with the rusting achieved on the crane. I used a variety of oranges, rusts and dark earth to achieve the desired affect.
  9. Hi Geoff look forward to seeing your cakebox develop.
  10. Morning! Some more work has been happening on the cakebox layout. The stone wall has been painted and weathered. The track and sleeper have been painted up and also weathered. The yard crane has had a primer applied along with a rusty wash. Still need to add some finer details to the cranes weathering.
  11. Hi Johnny that's a lovely modeller building. I really like the weathered boards and tin plating.
  12. A small update, the wills yard crane kit has been built and a cost of grey has been added. This will be weathered once dried. A cost of grey has been added to the stone wall.
  13. The back of the board will have a low relief workshop with a stone built wall along the right side of the layout. Tomorrow I will be concentrating on weathering the track.
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    Hi this is the last of my newly purchased Hattons Andrew Barclay GWR 705 loco. As you can see this loco is in mint condition and perfectly smooth running order. I will be posting 1st class signed.


  15. With us being in lockdown I thought it would be fitting to model this cakebox after our ongoing issues. The rubbish is a left over piece of track and some brick wall sheet I was about to throw out. The theme is set around a small railway workshop, with one siding. The remaining area of the cakebox will have the usual railway items which can be seen around an area like this. I will also be adding a steel sided mineral wagon in the siding. I will upload a picture once the light is good enough to take one.
  16. A lovely purchase Alex. I'm tempted to purchase one myself now.
  17. Keith the texture looks great and once painted it will look just right. A little weathering here and there will bring it to life.
  18. I'm planning to build a working cameo layout into a scalemodelscenery 200x200 board. The head shunt will be a stick. Can anyone explain how I connect up the power to the stick and the layout. I'm using DC.
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    For sale in lovely condition and smooth working order I have my Roco 33205 diesel loco in Stefan grey. Original box is missing but this will be securely packaged. Postage will be 1st class signed.


  20. Keith it will all look good once the rest of the building progresses. I have respect for the guys and girls who produce some excellent card kits.
  21. Welcome to the forum. Nice start this is a build I will watch with interest. Plenty of members on here will help you with your build if you need advice.
  22. Arrow paints layout is a smashing little layout with plenty going on. BTW love the video, Thanks for sharing.
  23. It's those nice little touches of detail that brings a layout to life.
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