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  1. Thanks HonestTom for the link and the comments.
  2. Hello Luke thank you for your reply. You are right about the grounded box car Luke. I will be using this as an office for the scrap yard area of the boxfile. The scrap bits will be coming from secondhand Airfix models and an old Lesney matchbox car I have.
  3. Today I completed fitting cardboard to strengthen the boxfile. Also cardboard has been fitted to glue the brick card to. Hopefully the track will be glued in place tomorrow.
  4. This is turning out to be a great layout build. I really like the bricked open and closed arches.
  5. Cheers Geoff for the welcome. Jeff cheers mate.
  6. Thanks Norm81 for commenting about my question. All great advice.
  7. Nothing like an inglenook layout. Your model work on the buildings is great and I like the little vespa.
  8. Hello Luke. I have just been catching up on your layout build thread and your modelling techniques and weathering of this layout are excellent. I like the way you make your stone walls. Your layout is very inspirational.
  9. After some careful thinking I have decided to make a OO gauge boxfile. The theme will be around a scrap yard Called Hanrattys. The track work will comprise of a Peco point and two standard straights. Around the inside of the boxfile will be bricked walls with two small bridge tunnels.One for the loco shunting into the boxfile and another for traffic into the scrapyard.
  10. It’s great to see a Christmas themed layout. Beautiful scenic work and modelling.
  11. A very nice diorama Alex. Some lovely detailed work.
  12. Hi and thanks kindly for your replies. This helps me a great deal.
  13. Hi with me being new to the forum and model railways. I am planning a boxfile layout and I will be using brick card. So what I want to know is which glue is best to use so I can fix the card to the inside of my boxfile.
  14. An interesting little micro layout. Some really nice modelling and weathering techniques and I do like your figures.
  15. Hi with me being new to the forum and railway modelling. I have been looking through the original CBC models and all are nicely modelled. The idea for the next challenge sounds great, might have a go myself.
  16. A very nicely modelled shoebox layouts. An inspiration to others.
  17. AySea I really like your idea of a layout inside a toolbox. Your card kit building is really good.
  18. Hi your 0 gauge looks great with the boxfile. With me being new to model railways I’m in the process of planning a OO gauge boxfile.
  19. Paul a splendid little layout with some really nice scenery work.
  20. A splendid boxfile layout. Which can always be finished with your own personal touch.
  21. Morning I’m Kevin and thanks for letting me become a member of the forum. This is my first time to this wonderful hobby of model railways. I do like the boxfile layouts so I am planning a boxfile of my own. There will be many questions. Kevin
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