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  1. Might have a crack at it myself when I get home. Depending on how tired I am... You thinking IC Swallow? Original HST? Who knows, might even play around with making a livery for mine
  2. No that is really something. Looking at how water is put into the tender though I may have to copy that. Not exactly safe to be clambering around on top so close to the wires
  3. Now there's an idea... Headcode panel, like the split ones on the peaks. Might have to see if I can incorperate one somewhere on the smokebox, seeing as there'd be no need for it to open otherwise. Although mine already has electric lamps from the tornado detail pack so there might not be much point.
  4. That looks cool. Quick question though, what happened to your attempt at full IC livery? Just couldn't get the lines or...
  5. Found the image. It's kinda small but you get the idea. Or were you thinking like the original HST intercity livery?
  6. Think I've seen a photoshopped image of 60009 or 60007 in intercity that has a yellow buffer beam. Might see if I can find it
  7. See this is what I mean, really torn on livery, but I don't think I can bring myself to put yellow ends on an A4... But wasp stripes on the rear of the tender could look cool. The reason BR green is standing out to me is because imagine the rivet counters going mad if and A4 was painted in anything other than authentic livery irl.
  8. True but in a realistic sense would that not make turning the loco a lot harder?
  9. That is peculiar... Is yours set out as if it was modified when they were still ins service or as a fictional newbuild? Mine's the latter and I'm stumped on livery... Thinking BR Green late crest. Should look good seeing as I've utilised the tornado tender and truck frames to give it the appearance of roller bearings, which will be painted yellow with the red stripe.
  10. I'm modifying an A4 to look like it's powered by overhead wire... I'll post some pictures when I get home. Coal section is taken up by the pantograph with grilles on either side of the tender to give the idea that there's a backup generator powered by diesel. It's going to be running a 2nd tender due to the diesel and electrical gubbins taking up more space.
  11. Order placed, very excited. Don't suppose you know how long before this batch of etches goes out?
  12. An interesting way of doing things to be sure. Not sure how well that'd work though if running with multiple units. I suppose you could combine our collective ideas to get something that may work. I was more thinking along the lines of the bogie used on the GWR railmotor, just more of them
  13. An interesting idea would be having a compartment for the fireman to supply a boiler, with the steam powering multiple bogies via articulated joins... Somewhat like a UP big boy with articulating wheelsets
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