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  1. Wouldn't that just be the Ivatt class 4 only running as a 4-6-0 and not a 2-6-0? High running plate, smaller wheels, larger boiler
  2. Got the loco ages ago, got the magazine yesterday but still waiting on the lanyard and card. This feels very messy
  3. According to the SVR Wiki Page those sleepers are painted in non authentic GWR Chocolate and Cream. From what I've read on another thread very few Hawksworth coaches were built before BR made the switch to Carmine and Cream so whilst some did carry GWR, there were not that many... https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/90338-gwr-livery-hawksworth-carriages-which-were-they/page/2/ To quote Coach Bogie on that thread "To add to the confusion and Swindon's usual exception to the rule - there were a pair of brake compos nos 7372 and 7377. Although built in 1948
  4. Like with LNERJP my query has been resolved. With there being no exhibitions he has told me that his mail orders have gone through the roof. The email on his site does work but it might be Gmail not wanting to send to it. Sending from a yahoo account didn't bounce. I suppose we should exercise a bit of patience until this whole pandemic blows over...
  5. Don't suppose you ever got those up to date contact details? I've tried emailing and ringing Brian but have been unsuccessful
  6. Certaily looks to be the case from looking at the kit photo's and some photo's of the real things. Instructions say that the one with three pipes is on the left and the one with four on the right with the pipe extending under the step. You can just about see them here
  7. Looking at the instructions and the images on the Brassmaster site it looks like they're glued to the back of the steps
  8. I'm not overly knowledgable about these things but do you happen to have a photo of the part in question?
  9. I was only thinking about Hornbys 50 recently. Went on ebay to get one on the cheap for a repaint only to find they are still crazy expensive. If the model was slightly better I'd be happy to pay what was being asked.
  10. I'm not sure that I did put anything forward. I'm not even sure if I was on RMWEB at that point, unless my memory truly is that bad. I don't suppose you have a link to the thread that had the wishlist?
  11. Can't say that I own any of those... Are there any glaring issues with those that warrant someone else having a go? As for me I feel like a 00 gauge S160 is right up Accurascale's alley
  12. At risk of turning this into a wishlist, what classes either steam, diesel or electric would you like to see them have a crack at?
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