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  1. Scenic boards now up in the railway room. ive now got a 2x2, 4x2 and 5x1 plain board to make so that the track can carry on around the room to give me a fiddle yard. had a small mock up of the rough track plan to give an idea of what i have in mind. The scissor crossover really helps with space. the MDF for the platforms needs cutting to size still also so take it all with a pinch of salt. eric
  2. So here is my scenic area made up of a pair of tim horn 4x2 baseboards. now i need to mount these on the wall and then get cracking!
  3. Baseboards have arrived!! i can finally get cracking with Harefield road. what a brilliant design these tim horn baseboards are, they even hand delivered them to me which was very kind. thoroughly reccomend.
  4. Trying to get started on my platforms while i wait for my baseboards. used 18mm MDF cut into 100mm wide strips. this is the right thickness to use scalemodelscenery platform paving cut in half and their coping. then using peco platform edging with the backs shaved down glue to the edge. trouble is these SMS platform coping pieces are way too delicate, and a bit annoying. Its so easy to ruin them
  5. Mmm ive got a huge tim horn order due any day now, excited to get building!!
  6. Cheers mate, haha, if you fancy doing a test run let me know!
  7. having worked on 57's for a number of years id say that Legomanbiffo's one is the closest ive heard. I have one with the standard Bachmann sound chip, I have no idea how they got it so wrong lol. it sounds nothing like one!
  8. Finally bought a laptop.. heres A quick mockup of the most likely track plan. all points are medium radius, top two platform lines are the through lines for chiltern stock, but LUL could also use platform 2 to terminate and turn back to london if needed. platform 3/4 (lower pair) are the LUL terminus platforms. access to the small LUL depot area is via a headshunt, then back towards either the 2 road shed or the stabling siding bottom left. my next challenge, is trying to find a decent camera to photograph the actual location, i dont want an off the shelf ID backscene if i can help it. trouble is for the 2ft side pieces, i want to photograph them at an angle that makes it look like the mainlines carry on straight. For the london end i am going to have to photoshop in the conductor rails for LUL stock, so probably going to take a picture of the chiltern lines from the road bridge aswell as photographing the met up on the amersham branch, then mix the pair together.
  9. Sorry if a repeat question, but can i ask what you use for stripping paint off locos mate?
  10. many thanks bud! lets hope so!
  11. excellent thankyou. I paid the end of last week so hopefully will be here shortly. itching to get going!
  12. anyone know how long it usually takes for them to arrive once you have been invoiced/paid roughly?
  13. I nabbed a returned one for 250 off the Heljan stand at warley, it apprently ran rough. Chucked it on the test track there and it was alright tbh. im really happy with it, it overshadows my pannier and 08 nicely and weighs a tonne! Just need to sort a decoder now.
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