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  1. Oh not tried them on DC. I thought they were a DCC only item.
  2. Its a shame that Bachmann, unlike Hattons ect with the 66s, wont send out review samples to people such as me who enjoy doing youtube stuff. My london underground layout is gaining a decent following on there so could have been a good opportunity. also with the lights, i cant see why they would have made the front lighting clear if not having them lit up. the existing EFE models have painted on lights, so surely this change points to them having working directional lighting? if not, awfully stupid of Bachmann not to bother especially for the price tag.
  3. LU tube stock file defo needed now that Bachmann have announced the partial retool of the EFE models with Plux22 sockets! with the amount you can cram onto a V5, varied files could be created to suit different tube stock by having alternative compressor, whistle and door noises
  4. Would be nice to see these two united with the what looks to be matching random DM car at epping-ongar.
  5. Very excited for the 1938 stock motorised chassis, this will be a game changer for me and my london underground layout. i currently have a lot of motorised sets with either twin tenshodo motors or underground ernie chassis but they just dont run that well and are a bit of a pain. i would put money on it that they will do a run of the 59/62 stock, as they will have the EFE tooling to use for them. other models though, im not so sure. remember the whole EFE rail thing is pretty much for other manufacturers toolings ect. if they designed say, a 67/72 or 73 stock to go on the base chassis then it becomes a whole newly tooled model, so would surely go in the branchline range. i will keep crossing my fingers however!
  6. I did hear at the time that both Bachmann and Hornby were looking at doing it, so wouldnt suprise me
  7. Sorted mine today. DCC sound using a Loksound V4 Micro with wheeltappers file rail exclusive ‘baby boomer’ speaker train-o-matic stay alive Head/tail lamps on front, headlamp and flashing br tail lamp on rear firebox flicker cab painted turquoise to suit with details picked out. just need to add crew and fire iron/shovel now i guess. AGR Model Store had another 2 in stock when i picked mine up.
  8. This will be epic if it happens. Was talking to a friend of mind and said to him it would be nice if one was preserved and a generator set fitted in on end of a car to enable working on preserved railways. that or a battery package from vivarail perhaps. will be an interesting project.
  9. Its been a while.... layout is looking a bit more complete now.
  10. Take bottom case off of motor housing remove wheels pull motor armature out of casing cut the pickup tabs off and remove the sections that go inside the housing reinstall/fit back together now solder wire to each side of pickup and the two motor tabs sticking out the top and connect to pcb/decoder. they run better as pairs on DCC ive found, and can obviously pull a lot more. Would defo reccomend fitting a second motor in the other end of the coach and wiring them both in parallel to the same decoder.
  11. Cant see why not. Aslong as you can physically couple them, the s stock for example used the same couplings, but you can only couple the cars a certain way round. annoyingly Bachmann dont sell these couplings either as i could do with the electrical versions like yours
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