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  1. Following with interest, i use acrylics and would love to know of a supply of railway colours. its a shame as enamels have such an incredible range but i really just cant deal with the mess and smell.
  2. As always the standard of your work and videos is second to none IMO. would love a run on this someday! (I should be so lucky!) eric
  3. Pre weathering but yes imo its a good choice as its robust
  4. I got gloss laquer on a set of glazing once, absolutely ruined it. Never again lol
  5. Alternatively fix the website, it never used to do it lol
  6. Its an issue with the website which has been ongoing for a little while now, and obviously still isnt sorted
  7. Cheers mate. yes it has full independant lighting, dcc sound, two speakers ect. the bottom lights are 2mm tower leds, with 3mm flat tops for the top light. also has cab lights either end. its a Massive amount of wiring but all worth it!
  8. Ive just done one of these for a mate, came out well
  9. Its sad to see prices rising so much for old tooling models with a repaint where they still cant be bothered to update them with working marker lights and tail lights on a function rather than seperate switch. The 66 and especially the 57 are what im mainly referring to. the liveries look nice but its just the same old model with fresh paint IMO. i know inflation is inevitable but it would be good to see a few minor tweaks, its 2020 afterall.
  10. Thanks mate. yes at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. This is without a doubt the best hand throttle on the market IMO. the new update sounds great. I must do it to my handset!!
  11. This is mega cool! Have taken a few trains out of there and it really captures it
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