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  1. Take the 4 screws out, Then there are also clips along the bodysides. they require the body to be pulled away quite a bit before they release though.
  2. I do find it quite a giggle that people like yourself get so butthurt about my opinion, which im more than free to post on my own twitter account. Also, i didnt say id bought it either did i. After seeing it in person i decided otherwise, and after posting the photos of it, it seems so have a few others! Not that i need to really explain myself to a stranger on the internet
  3. Except it wasnt, was it? I didnt say it was the worst model created. For the price however, im dissapointed with it. It should be top tier stuff for that money, yet it isnt.
  4. Haha! I did walk away thinking he must be mad! :-p glad you liked the pics
  5. Felt very honoured to have been trusted to borrow the KBA sample overnight after GETS on sat. Got some photos of it on Harefield. thanks to the Cavalex team, was most impressed by you chaps, all very kind, approachable and lots of knowledge!
  6. Haha defo. by the sounds of it they are keen to do it again in future, it was a nice day out tbh so lets hope so.
  7. Hornby GBRf 59 airbrushed over with a thin black wash to tint the blue, then i used watered down IPA to remove it from the areas i didnt want to cover, this also helped to get a little paint into the shuts ect to help the overall look. seen next to a Bachmann 66
  8. Been done already. You wont be the first.
  9. Blue old school EFE bus with Bachman logo on the side and ‘special’ destination
  10. Yup me too. Cant click notifications. ads popping up all the time on the forum now. still cant upload pics taken in landscape mode on a phone either.
  11. Last time was when it was hired in by GBRf to work ballast trains from Wellingborough
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