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  1. I passed my firing exam on that loco and used to be a regular driver, the boiler pressure is quite low at 120-140psi, so the chuffs were always quite subtle, I think the chimney was designed in a way to reduce the blast on the fire so this also reduced the chuff factor. Not sure if this helps, also if you are patient it may be in the overhaul queue in about 5 years time...
  2. Winning-Freemans is standard Absolute Block now, has been for some time, BR penguin instruments are the order of the day, 1 train every other day. I believe it’s not being removed as part of the B&T passenger upgrade so may survive a while yet.
  3. Hi Les, I had thought about this, the No4 from Backworth is a bit rare, I was more thinking of a commission build, as you suggested you would like a model of 72 so there would be scope to make a few different versions from the South Hetton system. michael
  4. Evening, if it’s any use to you I work on Bagnall 401 and pretty much rebuilt it from the ground up over the last couple of years, some original paint left on it from the SCOW days and some drawings from Bagnalls when it was built. Feel free to message privately.
  5. Evening all... Long story short, I’ve had a bit of a thought about approaching EFE (or whoever) to make a model of a local austerity to me that is currently being overhauled, I believe this was on the list of DJM ones to be made and obviously never came to fruition. Probably quite a unique loco in that it was fitted with the Gas Producer system that was removed very quickly after however it retained its fibreglass chimney and that was it. It also featured slightly different wheels and a steam generator, not the usual Stones one. Any thoughts on the usual process for this? I feel it would fill a gap in the market and possibly something interesting as it’s a prototypical loco as well as a preserved one. The loco is South Hetton No69. cheers in advance Mick
  6. Nothing to add but I have access to a 1:1 scale BR Class 03, Class 08 and Consett/Hunslet diesel mechanical featuring a 4cyl Mirlees engine should anyone want to record such things. I also have a mile and 3/4 of hill and 250t of metal to sling behind, for audio capture obviously. Happy to help out if anyone needs audio from the prototype. Something of note, the class 03 has its air compressor and vacuum exhauster driven by belts from the output shafts on the engine, if one was being used in industry it may have had its exhauster removed which makes a big difference to the sound. Probably being a bit of a nerd here but something to think about for someone maybe?
  7. For those interested the Springwell Bank Foot engine shed still exists, tucked in a housing estate, similar age to Tanfields Marley Hill shed but the actual footprint is older. A few other relics survive, rope haulage doesn't however. Worth an explore if any of you are in the area, some canny hills to stomp over with plenty to see if you know what you are looking at. NRM's working replica Rocket was built at Bowes, Locomotion No1 was built at ICI Billingham I think? Only cost £25.
  8. No worries, I'm sorted now, Thanks all for help!
  9. Spot on that, its pretty much what I'm aiming for. that's what we're here for! cheers
  10. rka that would be appreciated! Of course it would but who wants to do anything the easy way? I already have a loco, chances are I would have to renumber it anyway to suit what I want to do. Cheers all!
  11. Hi All, has anybody had any experience modifying a Bachmann class 24 by fitting a headcode box to the roof, essentially similar to the class 25? The late members of the class had the headcode boxes and typically the one I wish to model would be one of these examples. Cheers in advance, Mick
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