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  1. Am I the only one who thinks the Spitfire looks sleek and modern while the Bedford looks positively ancient?! Beautiful modelling though
  2. I’d add a shunt disc at the toe of 11 points reading towards the platforms. Alternatively these moves could be made by hand signal from the signal box which is likely close by. I don’t think you need the shunt arms on the starters now as the advanced starter will limit all moves from the platforms.
  3. The signal arms are all facing the wrong way! If no-one beats me to it I might draw up my own interpretation tomorrow, but at a glance I agree with much of what Nick C has said. Edit: I haven’t seen any mention of Facing Point Locks. All points used for facing passenger moves need an FPL, usually worked by a separate lever which is interlocked accordingly.... ..... or you can just assume that Economic FPLs are in use, but I don’t know if the SECR used them. Edit 2: Nick C’s table has missed some of the reciprocal locking between levers, and “classic” point lever locking, eg 13R would lock 14N and vice versa. That would simplify the locking quite a bit.
  4. Hmmm, the more I think about my last suggestion the less I like it. I blame it on a low blood sugar. Alternatively, run the branch behind the fiddle yard instead of in front?
  5. I've spent a little while measuring up, tinkering with Anyrail and measuring up again. Try as I might, I cannot come up with anything much better than what I've already posted. If anything, a reduction in width of Area C would be beneficial, though not essential. I like the idea of having the secondary station ("East Brent") as Mac Pyrkes and others have stated it adds a lot of operational interest. Having the secondary station as a through-station leading to the fiddle yard is a good idea but it leaves practically no separation between the two stations. Given more space it's definitely something I'd consider. Measuring up, I think there isn't enough length of plain track to make a reasonable gradient work, unfortunately. Taking your idea a step further though, what about a fully scenic fiddle yard disguised as something more? If I planted a Minories, for instance, at the top of the layout the platform roads provide three or four storage roads. The nearest platform road potentially has fairly easy access for fiddling. The other roads can be run-around or use a layover loco as per Minories. I don't anticipate much changing over of stock in any case (famous last words....). It does mean losing the second destination and branch line interest of East Brent though. Crazy idea??
  6. An alternative to Pete’s solution, I found that a wooden stirrer from one of the many coffee shops (Costa, Pret etc) was a perfect sliding fit between the legs of the Peco motor. I used a short length of stirrer with a hole drilled through to slip over the motor drive pin. The end of the stirrer then moves with the motor and acts upon a micro switch. I’ll try to take a photo tonight. My apologies to the OP as this post is probably of no use in their situation.
  7. Marvellous little layout, lots of character. I like how busy it is!
  8. Greetings All, In the era of wagon pooling, what was the etiquette regarding wagon sheets? Would it be common for, say, a GWR wagon to be sheeted with an SR sheet? And on on a similar note, were wagon sheets such an insignificant sundry item that pre-grouping sheets lived on well into the grouping years? A simple question, maybe, but is there a simple answer?! Thanks in advance
  9. Happy New Year, folks! That’s an interesting suggestion. Now that you mention it, I seem to recall seeing something similar on here. IIRC, there was a simple removable or hinged cover over the top of the FY. It may have even been made scenic, possibly a grass field or water surface (a shallow but hollow grass embankment might provide additional clearance beneath...). Taking Station A as the datum, it would make sense to lower the FY track and raise the branch track by 25mm each to achieve the suggested 50mm separation. With the junction pointwork kept on the level, I’m not sure how much length that would leave for the gradient (plus transitions). I’ll have a play in Anyrail later. I must admit that building in gradients is a bit daunting, but it’s an interesting idea. Thanks
  10. Yes, the access to the fiddle yard is a potential concern. I do wonder how Mac Pyrke, John Charman etc managed with it. Even our own Brian D, come to think of it. Would using cassettes here make a difference, as all “fiddling” can take place elsewhere, just leaving the placement of the cassette to happen on the layout itself. Not possible, unfortunately, due to the layout of the room. You are correct in saying that the existing road is already that length. I am also painfully aware that my platforms are woefully short already, without making one artificially shorter. If I had more length (ahem) then a shorter bay would be something I’d consider. Thanks guys for the replies
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