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  1. Light switches are normally installed near the doorframe on the opposite side to where the door is hung. By rehanging the door on the opposite side it will probably obstruct access to the switch
  2. Completely different region, but Laindon on the LT&SR had facing access to the headshunt added in the 1930s. Prior to that the only access was a trailing point in the conventional fashion. Laindon was (still is) on a busy commuter route, so the facing point was probably added to enable goods trains to clear the main line more quickly. The LT&SR actually had a number of other sidings with facing access for various reasons.
  3. Assuming the frame was unlocked by the staff/token/etc, with everything lying normal in the frame, would both signals be normally off?
  4. Being pedantic, that's not entirely true. Wood mainly exchanges moisture via the end grain, as mentioned by Nick C. As moisture is gained or lost, wood generally only moves across the grain. There should be negligible change end-to-end. Perhaps a photo or diagram may help us to visualise where the problem lies? Another thought, how new is the flap construction? Softwood is actually quite stable but only once it's reached equilibrium with its surroundings. As bought from the timber yard it's often still a bit wet so still has some unexpressed movement in i
  5. Paint may help to restrict movement, but I wouldn’t count on it. On what axis is the movement occurring, ie up-down, front-back etc? If there are only one or two tracks crossing the boundary in, say, the middle of the board, then it would perhaps be best to mount the hinges close to that point. That way any contraction or expansion is pushed to the edges rather than the middle of the board moving.
  6. Why does the goods train arrive in the loop? Normal practice would be to arrive on the platform line then run round.
  7. Thank you you for the link. As you say, their range is extensive! Thanks for the tip, if I can find a suitable scrap of card I’ll give this a go. Then I submit to your greater knowledge When I was active on the woodworking forums, all to often I would see terms such as lumber, rabbet or dado displacing their British equivalents. In the woodworking media the American voice is far more ubiquitous than the British.
  8. Greetings All, It pains me to use the term clapboard, it is another invasive term used by our American cousins that is overtaking our native Weatherboard. Can anyone please point me towards a source for 4mm scale weatherboard sheets? I am aware of the Wills / Peco sheets. I am also aware of the Scalescenes sheets, but unfortunately I do not have access to a printer at the moment. Are there any other suppliers of weatherboarding papers or sheets? Or is there any merit in simply scribing some lines on blank card? Thanks in advance
  9. Beautiful layout, looking at the photos up thread I didn't realise how small it was!
  10. Me too, they remind me of my father's layout so for nostalgia's sake I have some too
  11. I use unbranded SG90s from eBay, and I’ve had a few fail after a very short life. I have no complaints for the price but in future I’ll try to buy better ones. I made my servo mounts easy to change so it’s no big deal if a servo does fail. Apparently the genuine TowerPro servos are quite reliable.
  12. No problem at all using a lower voltage. When I had some Dapol signals, they worked fine off a 5v PSU. The LED was just a bit dimmer, which is no bad thing. It was mentioned in the long-running Dapol thread that the motor is worked from a 3v(?) regulator. That means that any big more than about 3.5v is just burnt off as heat. My theory is that many of the failed signals are due to burnt out regulators.
  13. I've had a similar experience with cheap SG90s fom ebay, though my failure rate isn't quite so dramatic as yours. I didn't expect much better for the price I paid but it is quite inconvenient having to change out servos that fail in service after a short life. Next time maybe I'll try hobbyking
  14. This doesn’t really apply in the Network Southeast era. By then the two separate points would be preferred over the slip.
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