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  1. I appreciate the humour on this site but my wife has a allergy which means her skin blisters if it comes into contact with many soap based products. Therefore the output from bubble machines has to be treated with extreme caution.
  2. Having just migrated my modern image focus from OO to N this is probably one model that could tempt me back to the larger scale. Having lived and travelled in the old GER for all my life the class 37's have been one constant - even two weeks ago there were 4 at Norwich station, three were DRS 37/4 though and one a ROC/Phoenix 37/6. All we need now is a Stadler FLIRT for it to haul.
  3. I have only experienced two reversals of an in-traffic HST st, and both have been mentioned in this tread. One was a wales bound set which developed a power car fault and reversed using the Reading West triangle. the other was a Glasgow Queen Street - Kings Cross service which reversed at Edinburgh using the sub-lines and was then diverted via Carstairs & Carlisle and had to avoid reversing at Newcastle from the South/West and just continuing on and departing over the High level bridge. This adds Newcastle to that list of stations where trains to London [can] depart in both directions.
  4. MyRule1

    New? Train sets

    As part of a discussion on another modelling forum I was looking to see what exposure the Hornby group had on the High Street this Christmas. Looking at the Argos site I found a "Hornby City Express train set" https://www.argos.co.uk/product/9304398 a class 395 painted to look like a Cl 800 series. I then looked on the Hornby site to se if this is an Argos only product but found a "GWR High Speed Train Set " at £119.99. https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/all-sets/gwr-high-speed-train-set.html this is the same price as the Railroad IC-125, From that can we deduce we will see some early Mk3's in the railroad series now that the standard range has been updated to sliding doors?
  5. The last of my Kato shopping has arrived and my parts list is Straights: S248 * 8 S64 * 6 S60l * 2 S60r * 2 S124c * 1 Curves R248-15 * 8 (one circle) R 481 15 * 3 (matches points) Points E481-15r * 2 E481-15l * 1 The Kato numbering system is logical in that the number against straights is length in mm Design of the initial will be very simple, however what always intrigues me about rail travel are those single lines that snake away from the main running line, often to an unseen destination. In East Anglia we have/had such lines to: preserved railway sugar factory grain store branch line scrap yard small dock freightliner depot there are others but I hope the design of my layout (however simple) will allow me to recreate the concept of such a junction.
  6. I explained my variouswh issues in these posts the OO project is ongoing but this that is about my OO ambitions, which relate to N gauge. To summarise over the years my main issues with n gauge have been: reliable track laying ballasting getting electric points to work In addition, as with OO, I have built up a fair collection of rolling stock over the years. All the rolling stock relates to trips I have made over the years from Class 170 dmu's in recent years back to BR blue era from my student years. I also have some steam era stock which I can relate to thanks to the Severn Valley railway maintaining both LMS & LNER coaches in running order. So the criteria for the layout are: using only running stock on which I have travelled, or in the case of freight seen. It has a lineside "view point" where you can just watch trains There is a small area for shunting or at least leaving wagons in an appropriate setting. It will have a near zero budget Although the layout will cover a near fifty year time span, the core layout will reflect the fact that throughout that period most of my travelling has been in East Anglia. So despite the varying stock on the layout, there will be an East Anglian look to it. All the non-railway buildings for example will fit in. Now to the initial solutions: The zero budget has been achieved by selling off much of my excess 'OO' stock. I decided that the' OO' micro layout would not duplicate the n gauge one, thus all by blue/grey stock has been sold off. For some items inflation and the end of discounting has meant that in cash terms I got more than I originally paid for them. The income has been used to pay for the track and still have a reasonable balance. The three main issues were solved through reading Phil Parker's account of his Billy Bookcase layout in the October BRM - use Kato track - although not cheap I did pick up enough track for the basic layout for a price that compares well with new Peco setrack and point motors. Some of the track is still on its way to me but once it has arrived the next post will be made.
  7. Sorry did not make clear - OO Started playing with track and feel that a run round that I am happy with and at least 2 siding in the fiddle yard does stretch things a bit far. Anyway using pilot loco's on DCC's does make things operationally more interesting,
  8. As I mentioned in my "new member" post I have 10 months in which to complete three projects. This is due to a house move which will require some down sizing. Having been a armchair modeller for many years I have accumulated enough stock and material to make all three layouts at minimum cost, Two of the layouts are simple tail chasers (N & OO) to enable me to run reasonable sized trains. The subject of the thread is a OO gauge shunting puzzle type layout. So the intention is to post each stage on here for comments, encouragement and criticism. So to the beginning.... In the past I have had a number of abortive projects - often due to the baseboards. Much as I would like the have a professional made one they are not within my budget. I have three options: From the previous attempts I do have two 4' x 2' traditional baseboards, The problem is that the new home will probably not accommodate a eight foot layout. Another project produced a 3' x 1' 6" board which may be too small. So I am in a Goldilocks situation... One potential area of salvation is a skip rescue: I have three pieces of insulation which when put together give a 7' x 2' area which can be cut down, I have read other comments on RMweb about the use of such material and as it is light it would be easy to more to the new house. No issue about moving it as I have access to the LWB Transit. Assuming I go ahead I now need to look at dimensions. I cannot go for my ideal layout as the trains would be too long (thus the two tail chasers) so idealy I would like to be able to run: 1. Passenger train into a station and run round - current stock based in J15 and two Thompson suburban coaches although other regions are available. As my user name sys this is very much a Rule 1 layout, I just want to run my accumulated stock, 2. Usual shunting puzzle of three sidings - so minimum of 0-6-0 plus three wagons and guards van in and same length out, Loco's on the layout are all DCC so running round could be avoided by use of a pilot engine. I have both the Sentinal and USA tank from Model Rail as my smallest engines. The should be space on the board for some scenic additions - more of which anon. I have a fair amount of track from set-track points, through to double slips. This evening I should get time to try some potential track layouts out. This will be for size rather than practicability,
  9. I have been a long time viewer of RMweb but have never felt that I could contribute much. Having seen how much support there is on the forum for layout builders I thought I sign up. Hopefully my activity will not be one way and I will contribute to others. After 40+ years of armchair modelling I have been spurred into action by an impending (10 months off) move of house which will involve some down sizing. Therefore as far as my collection goes it is use it in the next 10 months or lose it. So I have set myself an ambitious target over until the move. Create two small tail chasing layouts, one in N and one in OO with basic scenery. Create a small OO shunting puzzle type layout which will be fully scenic but only using items "in stock". Both OO layout will be switchable between DCC and analogue. As my username says all three layouts will be rule 1 as I want to run the stock I have which reflects a number of periods and areas. On the n gauge layout yo will see 1st First Rail DMU's alongside Arriva Wales units - thee reflect recent holidays, as well as 1970's BR Blue period trains which were the years I spent Railrovign etc.
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