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  1. MyRule1

    Farish N - 50 years

    1970 saw me leave school and start employment in the City of London - a few yards from Bank station. Commuting into Liverpool Street reawakened my interest in model railways. Helped by the fact that there were four model railway shops that could be visited at lunchtime. The closest was Chuff's the most chaotic ship I think I have ever come across. On one visit to Chuff's saw me purchase the GER Holden set with the rest of lunch being spent tuning the train around on my desk - to the great interest of others in the office. Thus started on an on-off interest in n gauge. I shared a couple of exhibition layouts with others but it is only now 50 years latter that my first permanent sizable n gauge layout is under construction. Place of honour will go to my Holden tank although not the original.
  2. having just had all the skirting boards replaced in our house the builders just used glue (not sure what make but "gripfill" type} and a nail gun.
  3. The old Merit lights were moored green and some cast iron ones I have recently seen at a reclamation year were a similar colour. However as @johnb has pointed out by that time many were cast concrete.
  4. I will be the second person to support this. Both my layouts are in storage at the moment. The n gauge layout is a large Kato oval with storage sidings with a couple of (wip) scenic branches in the centre. The OO layout is a single 2nd radius oval with good sidings out side. In both cases it I want to test trains or just watch them go by I can or can run a branch line service on the n gauge layout or enjoy an end to end shunting puzzle in OO. So sorry no vote from me.
  5. Before the North London line upgrade didn't Gospel Oak meet this criteria DC electrics from Broad Street and a single terminating platform for DMU's on the Goblin services.
  6. I have acquired a pre-used smd84 accessory controller to work the points on my new micro layout. I intend to use railmaster and elink to run this. Despite a number of internet searches I can't find any simple step-by-step instructions to get railmaster to recognise the unit. Under the Hornby instructions imply you should only use the controllers in the preloaded list. I have carried out a factory reset on the smd84. Any help gratefully received.
  7. True - perhaps it would have been better if I said this was a Paddington bound train.
  8. I just found this thread as I did a internet search to check the date of the open day and loco's attending as I am using lockdown to catalogue my slide collection. After attending the open day I went up to Paddington to get pictures of the shuttle, along with many other I used the balcony of the flats just outside. Interesting pictures of "clag" on this run Evening Star was tailing the train.
  9. As mentioned in an earlier post in the 50/60's much of Essex was in the LT area. I lived in Harlow and mainstays of the bus routes were RT and RF. We had the odd Eastern National service. In Harlow all the buses were country green but 7 miles south you could see LT red. Tower models did a RT, Peco now own the moulds but have not reissued it.
  10. How very annoying I have just typed a reply in one to have it vanish and be replaced by a earlier reply I never submitted, No 3: Both correct. The story being that sometime before the picture was taken I went on a train trip with a co-enthusiast which included a stop in Slough, The reason for the stop was to visit a local model shop which was the home of MTK. The specific reason was to berate the owner about cashing a cheque for an order for a kit that was not actually yet in production. Apparently pre-selling kits was part of the MTK's business model at the time. This was my first encounter with Colin Massingham, My second was under more friendly circumstances. For most of 1974 I lived in Reading and as asked to join in a working party on Warship 821 "Greyhound", owned by said Mr Massingham. This was housed in a siding that had served, the by then, demolished, Reading Gas Works", I only survived a couple of Sunday's. The Diesel Traction Group's web-site describes the site as "conditions that can best be described as basic!" and that was for the loco's not to say the volunteers, During the afternoon the Hymek passed. the reason I posted the picture was that all present believed that all Hymeks had been withdrawn by then. At that time I used to carry a Pentax 110 camera with me. This was an excellent camera, with motor rive, so allowed me to taken a couple of shots. The posted picture was a scan of a 110 slide. If anyone has access to Railway Observers or similar, for 1974 they may have more details of the date/time working No 4: Not more to say, yes in the down sidings at Mannigtree. Picture taken "wrong side of the fence" using a footpath that ran alongside the up-line. We though no one would see us, until the Cl31 & 08's passed! The Brighton Belle was a planned shot and the Cl31 was just a case of being in the right place at the right time. I will post a couple more pictures with mysteries attached later.
  11. I have now found my picture of a Peak (not sure of the Class) at Whitemoor Junction, March in the early 1970's. At the moment it Is undated but as I go though my note books of the period during the 3-12 weeks of lookdown I might find it. I know it is a poor photo, I am hoping that the negative will come to light and is of better quality. The photo is taken from the foot bridge at the Peterborough end of the triangle.
  12. Edited my post to say The amp figure was for the adaptors.
  13. Why use 12v? After various bad experiences with lighting circuits on standard model railway controller outputs. I started using mobile phone adaptors (5v) with appropriate resistors. Only limited trials at the moment but no issues. After reading remarks here I might do more research on the the amp's as the adaptors seem to vary from .5 - 2amp
  14. Without revealing too much about the stories behind photo's 3 & 4 - I will say that I am amazed my the knowledge of those on RMweb and their willingness to contribute. Despite the locations being identified there are two key questions that have not been addressed: the question relating to no 3 might be answered without me directly asking it, the one about n4 is a more specific one about the movement of 08's on the main line as I don't think I have ever seen another photo of such a movement.
  15. While on day one of a possible 84 day period of staying at home I have decided to work through the many thousands of photo's I have taken and never indexed. The main thread about this is [email protected] In the first tranche I found this I have posted it into my other thread. In order to avoid hi-jacking this thread could any speculation / discussion / identification etc go into my thread. I will edit this post later in the week.
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