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  1. The most pertinent comment in this thread was You say that you have now constructed the boards, which is a good start. However as @Flying Pig says there are still some fundamental questions that you have not addressed: What do you want to get out of this layout? The ability watch trains go past or the the desire to run a complicated timetable? Will you have more than one operator available for running sessions? Without more than one operator and end to end layout is very hard to have more than one train moving at a time, unless there is some form of automatic
  2. I would agree most Superglue removers seem to be based on Acetone. In fact I use a generic pound shop nail varnish remover to take superglue of my fingers. That is certainly acetone. You only have to do a quick internet search to find the issues with acetone and it will certainly affect the paintwork and probably the plastic underneath. Although hard to do - If possible I would always try to replicate the problem where it would not affect the paintwork, glazing and only then attempt any repair of the original.
  3. Bearing in mind these are generic coaches, if you are modelling the GER area in the LNER period I would guess that painted brown coaches would be more suited. It's for that reason, and the Full Brake, that I am pre-ordering from Hattons.
  4. Certainly not dull. Although I do not exclusively model BR Blue it would be the one period I retained if I had to disposes of most of my models. Partly it is down to nostalgia but also interest. Firstly the nostalgia. It's not the period of my childhood but I left school in 1970 and started commuting into Liverpool Street. This re awakened my interest in railways and the income a job gave me allowed me to start exploring Great Britain. This was all by train as I did not have a car, or pass my driving test, for another 4 years. In January 1971 I purchases my first copy of th
  5. As work started today on a room over a cart-lodge that will be able to contain the first (and probably last) permanent model railway layout I have been able to build. I thought I would start a thread on this. This will be a long term project but I would like to complete it by the end of 2024. For many years it has been my ambition to construct with a second world war theme. My thoughts have been through many iterations but I have not decided on a very specific time and location. This is based around the following: The Operations Record Book of 512 Squadron contains the
  6. Delay in posting - part of this was down to Royal Mail taking over 10 days to deliver a first class letter containing the 3d printed stanchions for the canopy. Here is a shot the station as it is now. Work also started on the last phase of this project which is a custom made board holding the Kato Unitrack and which will contain the three modules. As this layout is about my memories of 50 years active train travel etc.. There was only one subject for the main module and this is Network SouthEast and more specifically the West Anglia line. Thi
  7. You may be correct but the proposals do include places where abutments etc remain. In your exmple is their an abutment on the left?
  8. There are two local to me and both have potential issues. One is on a proposed cycle way which has received some funding from the government and the second is on the line of a tentative plan to extend a current preservation site. It's not the overall proposal that is the issue rather Highways England seems to be undertaking this work without and local consultation.
  9. MyRule1

    2021 hopes

    What it actually says is "Join Mike as he takes a look at some of the latest models from the Hornby 2021 Range Launch!" so the full-fat list will be on the Hornby web-site and here, with a few models on You Tube
  10. Prompted by a thread about Hornby resellers I looked at Sevenside who used to wholesale Hornby group products, often found at preserved railways. They no longer wholesale Hornby products but I did find this British Railways (sic) loco https://severnsidewholesalers.co.uk/railway/models/british-railways-die-cast-diesel-loco-with-light-and-sound-in-window-box/
  11. Day 3 Not at lot to photograph on day 3 as it was taken up with wiring the track and points. I then test ran a number of trains - a couple of minor issues needed attention but all OK.
  12. Day 2 Actually written on day 3. The scenic sections of this layout will be built on separate boards. So here is the front board, the Kato track replaced by Peco streamline concrete sleeper track and laid on foam board. The board was then removed and ballasting took place. This also gives the first indication of the layout. Very simple two track mainline passing a level crossing controlled by a signal box, a river runs close to the railway at this point.
  13. DAY ONE One tradition in the UK is the 14 day TV Guide, AKA Radio Times Bumper Christmas Edition with covers the period around Christmas and the new year. Rather than watch TV for 14 days I though I would set myself the challenge during those 14 days of converting this into a working layout . As we are now in Tier 4 I don't have a LMS available to me and we have passed the last posting date for Christmas everything on the layout must come from my in house stores The board is an 80cm x 150cm piece of 9mm ply with 25mm sq battens. The layout will be N
  14. Oddly although 1Z21 shows up on Traksy around Bath, the only train shown under that head code is a 07:24 Wolverhampton to Euston
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