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  1. On the assumption what such a line needs to serve the tourist business. I would suggest Sudbury (Suffolk) - Long Melford, much of which is now a footpath, or Long Melford - Clare, or Long Melford - Lavenham (although this closed rather early). All these town attract coach parties etc. Any of these would have taken the place of the current East Anglian Railway Museum, which came out of various abortive attempts to save all or part of the above + Stour Valley onwards to Shelford. Another one in the same area with tourist potential would have been the Saffron Walden branch
  2. @z4driver your first step should be to read this as mentioned by @teaky https://www.flintshire.gov.uk/en/Resident/Building-Control/Do-I-need-building-regulation-approval.aspx I would also talk to an estate agent (possibly the one you purchased the house from0 to see what effect the alteration will have on the hose value. You should also check your household insurance
  3. They are still available on the Peco website. https://peco-uk.com/products/remote-control-for-signals
  4. Fifty years ago I was a TT modeller - at that time it was dirt cheap to pick up Triang track and stock and it fitted the room I had available for a small layout. Then Farish launched their N gauge range and I was hooked, the TT was sold off (or practically given away) and I even had a couple of small layouts in N. As time passed I built up my N collection but the lack of loco's for my chosen period / area meant I also invested in OO. Now retired and a largish model room on the horizon, I am ready to install my N gauge layout (post 1970's theme) and built the OO layout to run my co
  5. It's a pity that very few Magazines nowadays publish scale drawings of the type @Royal42 is looking for. I am fortunate in that my area of interest is East Anglia and the Great Eastern Railway Society publish a number of plans of railway structures, Other area groups may have similar facilities and indexes to published drawings. Most of the answers have already been given to the original question but I would suggest trying to get a copy of: An Index to Model Railway Drawings by Sydney Leleux. Now 50 years old but contains many drawings of inter
  6. Two weeks later and was slightly optimistic,, but things are progressing. Slight back story to this first building. In the 1950's my father made a large number of Micromodels. These were a series if small card kits, many of which were of buildings. I still have a number one of which is the Bull Inn in Long Melford. Obviously I had no inkling in the 1950's that 50 years later I would move to the area and then today be working on a project which would include models of local buildings. So a modern reprint of the model was purchased.
  7. Thanks to the 23 people who liked my first post. So we are now into April so month 2 and a few highlights: Although this thread is called 50 years ago the first trip I have recorded is 30th April 1972 - a notable date as it was the last day of operation of the Brighton Belle. The ticket on that last day was £1.66 return, outwards on the Pullman 2nd class, and return by any train. A year later on 13th April 1974 when I went on a LNER Society from Euston to Leeds. May sound odd but this was the motive power 4771 - G
  8. Thanks @TJ52 and everyone all for the replies - that's what I'm looking for. All I need now is a copy of digital version.
  9. I am placing this request in RMWeb as I have found it to have members who seem willing to help others and have the knowledge to provide the answer. In the 1960's or 1970's the Southern Region produced a leaflet or booklet addressed to commuters who thought they could run the railway better than the management, I thought the title was something like "So you would like to run a railway" but searches on the internet for titles similar to this have drawn a blank. I would like to obtain a copy (or download) of this for some work I am doing with local schools. Any clues about
  10. Nearly a month without posting on this thread. I am carrying out some yet more background research for the layout and through another forum have been sent a picture of USAF ground crew unloading bombs from trains, which is an extremely useful picture as it shows how the bombs were loaded in the wagons. Next week the roof should be on the cart lodge, but as it does not have a floor at the moment Easter is looking rather optimistic for occupation. So in the meantime I have utilised an off cut from the builders work to prepare a small test layout. On the actual layout the village wi
  11. Even more so it you rely on YouTubes closed caption facility. It decided that Simon Kohler was Heer Kohler and translated it into Dutch. This facility seems to have been lost if you play it from the Souvenir Guide.
  12. Excellent show well done Phil and Andy, along with the behind the scenes, for setting this up. The last physical shows I attended were Warley 2019 and Stevenage 2020 and this was a much more relaxing event. Also you can always have a second view through buying the Show Guide, which I purchased. The two things missing are the stalls from the smaller suppliers where you can see, sometimes feel and test items before purchase. My local shows have a number of traders who regularly attend with second hand goods and shows are preferable to online auction sites. The other is the chance to
  13. Perhaps part of the issue with N gauge can be explained through this example. A friend (now in his 30's) of mine started with a simple Hornby train set as a youngster, built up his collection. The as new replacement cost, even at Hornby Railroad prices, must be well over £800. This went into store and now his son and daughters (all under 8) have it set up at home and play with it. There are two problems with N gauge in this respect. That it will never be a play scale/gauge and there is no equivalent to the Smokey Joe set. Use any search engine for "train set" and once
  14. Was it just me and my device but the closed captions on the Simon Kohler interview were in Dutch. Made for interesting reading.
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