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  1. I'd totally forgotten that. For about 20 years I travelled from Euston to Birmingham about 6-8 times a year so was a regular visitor to both Ian Allen and Beatties.
  2. All I can remember is that you turned right when coming up the escalators from New Street, you tuned right again by the exit to the Bull Ring and it was on the left hand side. I had a corridor just before the shop so the shop had two windows as it was on a corner. Of course this memory could be totally wrong. There seem to be some plans of the Pallasades on the net but none are good enough detail to confirm my memories.
  3. The key line in the Birmingham Mail article is the reference to a number of addreses. When I first visited it was in the Pallasades Shopping Centre - 1970's or 80's. In those days there was a separate shop at the back dealing in Masonic regalia. This web site still lists it http://www.tipped.co.uk/46176-Ian-Allan/
  4. Interesting Blog on the Airfix web-site today about a similar visit to the Shuttleworth Collection regarding the Bristol Fighter and Spitfire. It seems that the main reason for the visits was the filming as the research had been done earlier. https://uk.airfix.com/community/blog-and-news/aerodrome/filming-appointment-shuttleworth-collection?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=NEW!!+Aerodrome&utm_campaign=Airfix+-+Aerodrome+-+Week+35+2021%2F2022
  5. By using Amazon's offers I have just got £60 off a purchase. £40 for getting an Amazon credit card and £20 for adding a MasterCard on. I have no intention of using either. GENERAL WARNING - do not apply for a credit card unless you are certain of your current credit score and how it might be affected by taking out a card, also do read the T&C's about the card.
  6. Having experimented with various uncoupling solutions recently I came to the conclusion that as a basic system the Hornby system works as well as any, despite being un-prototypical. There work very well for uncoupling in fixed locations but I made one big mistake on my initial installation. You have to allow enough room on your sidings to be able to reverse the train to enable coupling to work. I had two on a platform line and found that although the incoming loco could uncouple their was not enough room for the incoming loco to back the train back.
  7. It's a pity that most domestic buildings in the GB have white window frames as I have has some success in printing coloured frames onto transparencies for Scalescenes industrial building. AS my plans for this winter include constructing a number of buildings I am investigating purchasing a Cricut cutting machine. Does anyone have experience of using such a device for windows etc?
  8. Mark - as others have said it's nothing to do with there being an elite on rmweb most questions get a number of polite answers, as you have. However it might have been better to have started a new thread with a clear title. This thread is for pictures of teak finishes rather than techniques.
  9. The list of Episodes is at: https://yesterday.uktv.co.uk/shows/Hornby-a-model-world/episodes/ The one for next Monday just with the series title is the Corgi Bristol Fighter
  10. As I opened up my own thread to such workings, I did this once when the front power car failed on a Padd - Cardiff run and it was reversed via this method. Which brings to mind the most memorable HST trip I made. In the 1980's the only Sunday morning train from Glasgow to London was from Queen Street - KIngs Cross, the Sunday we took it the route was: QS Edinburgh Waverly but reversing on the Gorgie Junction triangle before Waverly. The train then went to Carstairs - Carlise over the Tyne Valley line. It then reversed again at Newcastle by the simple expedient of running in to Newcastle over the High Level Bridge and leaving over the King Edward Bridge. Although much of this run was within my definition of an InterCity route other parts were not.
  11. I did also ask about railtours so keep replying about such workings. Even ECS, trips to depots etc... Can be included, as long as they are on minor / branch lines.
  12. Now found a better quality map Although @phil-b259 may have given a definitive answer, my question relates to lines other than those with "Inter City" service above,
  13. Any discussion here about that might take the thread way off topic, so for the purposes of my question I would say any line not on this map. Map now replaced by one in later post,
  14. @08221 Yes I'd forgotten about Euston @rodent279 was this on the shortlived Eurostar connecting service or at some other time?
  15. This reply comes from memory as I cannot locate my original notes. While doing some research, at what was then the Public Records Office, into the railway served large cold stores built during WW2 I came across a government paper written in 1938/39 about food supplies when war came. It stated that nearly all the railways had modified their refrigerated vans as most frozen food that came into the country was consumed close to the docks or could be transported while still fresh. If war came and the convoy system of shipping was introduced, rather than ships arrived one by one in London etc, they would all arrive in Liverpool / Glasgow at the same time,. Thus frozen food for a month or more would need to be sent to the new cold stores. The paper then gave tables of the number of refrigerated vans in use and the number needed. So it appears most vans in use after 1945 would have been modified in some way,
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