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  1. Hi, Sad news. Has been a very useful site, with a lot of interesting resources on it. Seeing as you've got a few titles under your belt already, how about turning 1S76 into a book? Kind Regards, Paul
  2. Laregly similar yes. Certainly the best starting point from the forthcoming Farish 2Fs would be either a FO or an RFB, depending upon your choice of prototype RLO. Most noticeable difference on the RLO is the painting (or perhaps plating) over of the three left most windows on the toilet side of the carriage (x1 toilet + x2 pax windows). Non toilet side no major difference to the windows. https://coaches-library.weebly.com/mk2f---rlo.html This is RLO 6700. The window frames are clearly still present. Don’t know if the glass is simply painted over or if the glass panel is replaced with a metal panel instead perhaps. This looks like it is common from 6700 - 6703. Of course this is different to the 2F RFB where those windows and frames were fully removed during conversion, giving a distinctly flush appearance... 2F RFB... However, it appears later RLOs were nice and flush like the RFB. 6705 - 6708 are like this. Perhaps they were created from RFBs? Or converted at the same time as some RFBs ?... So, some subtle differences to watch out for there. The major challenge will be doing a 2E BUO. 5 large passenger windows on the side instead of 4, reduced size guards area. Very different structure to the standard BSO for sure. https://ukrailwaypics.smugmug.com/Coaches/Mk2-Coaching-Stock/Mk2E-BUO-9800-9810-Scotrail/ Regards, Paul
  3. Hi Martin, No problem that the website was unavailable. I am running 2.26.f, which I understand is the latest version. I last used it Thursday so I'm assuming that my copy was relatively up to date. The issue I was getting was that I would receive the 'Unable to contact Templot web site', like your screen shot, and then when I clicked 'OK' Templot just hung and all I got was the 'Templot 2 is contacting templot.com' as normal. Thus I assumed, obviously wrongly, that it required an internet connection in order to run (which was available as I was able to post here). Good to hear then that a 'connection' isn't required to run it. All seems to be running ok now however. Kind Regards, Paul
  4. Hi, Same problem here. Does anyone know if there is a way to (perhaps a setting to change) so that Templot can run offline? ie regardless if the templot site is down? Edit: Here, Martin says that if UK server is down then software should look to US server. Unfortunate that both would be down at the same time. By the sounds of things ther is no 'offline' mode built into it either. Regards, Paul
  5. Yep, big change. Gearing up for the privatisation of GW I imagine. Makes sense I suppose. If the Pad-Wos was loco hauled with XC assets there was no way a 'private XC' was going to be operating a 'private GW' service. Found this. Looks like it was the commencement of the Summer '93 timetable that drew L/H Pad-Wos to a close. Nameboard on the front .... https://www.flickr.com/photos/iantherev/3204270948/ Loosk like one of those Liverpool sets again: x2 mk1 TSO mk1 catering a mk2 aircon TSO/SO, can't tell what though x2 more mk1 TSOs mk2D BFK on the tail (deffo a brake on the end (brake portion is inward) and looks like a yellow stripe at the end) Paul
  6. Interesting. 3rd coach is TSO downgraded from a FO. 7 large windows but no yellow stripe. Could be a 2D, but there were also 2F versions as well (but not allocated to the Western), so can't tell if it is a 2D or 2F version. So, after a bit of sorting and tidying at the weekend, found my P5 combined book from 1992 - yippee. Also found I have '93, '94, and '95 too! Bonus. So a quick peruse of the '93 book (supposedly correct as of Jan 1st), shows a lot of changes for Old Oak/Western. mk1 RBR 1646 - IXXZ 1653, 1659, 1698 - ICHV 2E FO (AD1E) 3227, 3231, 3234*, 3237, 3247*, 3250*, 3263, 3265, 3270, 3272* 3275 - ICHV * new to pool since '92 2E FO - TROLLEY (AG1E) (36 seats iso. 42, so presumably one whole row gone for trolley storage) 3520 (3253), 3521 (3271), 3522 (3236) - IWRX 2D TSO(SO) - rebuilt from FO with 2+2 seating 6200, 6206*, 6213, 6226 - IWRX * was ICHX in '92 2D BSO 9486*, 9492, 9494* - IWRX * new to pool 2E BSO 9501 - IWRX 2D BFK 17141, 17153 - ICHV Everything else is either not even listed anymore (so presumably scrapped) or moved to another depot and in service or stored. Ignoring the ICHV charter pool that leaves Old oak with the following LH stock for standard ops: x3 2E FO - TROLLEY (AG1E) x4 2D TSO(SO) - from FO so 7 large windows x3 2D BSO x1 2E BSO That's not even one normal full set. LA shows as having mk3 SLEPs but no seated stock, and OM no SLEPs, so these must be the sleeper 'seated' stock. Presumably formation for that would have been first with trolley, two 2nds and one brake second. So, that 47 at Worcester doesn't have OM stock then. But it does have a 2D/F TSO(SO) in it. '93 P5 shows that 2D 'SO's were also at Bounds Green for Charter (no good to us), Wembley for IC WC, and Derby for IC XC. It also shows the 2F SOs all allocated to Norwich for the East Anglian IC services. Assuming the P5 '93 is correct, and that pic is from 1993, then the 3rd vehicle is a 2D TSO(SO) from Derby stock. At the time P5 is showing them also having 2D, 2E and 2F BSOs and TSOs, as well as 2D RMBTs and 3 mk1 RMBs, all across the ICCL, ICCR and ICCX pools. So, by 1993 I'm guessing that the loco hauled Paddington - Worcester was covered by XC stock. It must have worked into Padd from elsewhere in the country, did a rotation to Worcester, then went back up North on another XC working. Looks like you're best picking up a Platform 5 from '92 or '93, and picking out some stock numbers based on what's allocated to Derby. Cheers, Paul
  7. No, it’s a set of coaching stock. OM290 is Old Oak set 290. LL925 is (Liverpool) Edge Hill set 925. etc etc etc. The stock set would then have been allocated to a turn/diagram. Above you you can also see things like LA008, PM025. - these are HST sets, which had been fixed allocations of vehicles for a while. The P5 books often have the make up of HST sets listed. The L/H stock however, would have started off as just a allocation of types in the set, eg TSO TSO BSK FO, without specific vehicles (ie number) allocated to each set. You can see the codes of the types allocated to the set given in the station workings... 3 AC21 AB21 etc etc. The actual individual vehicles in the set would have chopped and changed over time, due faults and maintenance etc. Obviously someone somewhere kept track of which vehicles were in which set, but the allocation wasn’t necessarily permanent. At some point these sets would have become permanently fixed with specific vehicles allocated to each set, and then maintenance spare sets allocated to the depot, themselves a fixed allocation of vehicles. Plus some other spare vehicles. BR did this for maintenance costs, amongst other reasons. With certain maintenance being done based on time interval, others on mileage, vehicles were grouped together as close as possible in terms of exam dates. Once formed, if one vehicle in the set was tech, the whole set was tech, and a maintenance spare set would have to go out. This meant: Sets were maintained as a group, each vehicle then obviously worked the same mileage and time between exams. Higher authorisation was needed to swap out a single vehicle in the set. This in effect saved time and money by no more endless shunting around of stock each night because one vehicle in a set had a VIBT due or something. Intercity West Coast went for this big time at the beginning of 1990. Somewhere I’ve got a list of the make up of each west coast set when this was implemented, depot by depot, inc maintenance sets and spares. No idea when IC Western adopted this principle however. Would love to know for definite, and to see the allocations, but think it is around 1991/2. There was a lot of chop and range of LH stock between regions between May 90 and Summer 91, so would have been a nightmare if it was in effect on the Western at that time. Paul
  8. You can tell it's Friday and I'm bored..... Turns out I have a Platform 5 coaching stock book for 1992. Nice surprise as I knew I'd lost my combined volume for '92. So lets see what Old Oak has (supposedly as of 1st Jan 1992 then).... mk1 RBR 1646, 1659, 1698 - all air braked in ICHV mk1 FK 13236, 13237 - vac braked in ICHL 2D FO 3178, 3190, 3192 - ICHV. 2E FO 3203, 3254, 3255, 3271 - IWRX 3226, 3230, 3268 - IWRL 3227, 3231, 3237, 3263, 3264, 3265, 3270*, 3275 - ICHV 3245, 3274 - IXXZ (* still showing as Blue & Grey) 2D FK 13567, 13579 - IXXZ 13575 - NWXX 13586, 13589, 13594 - IWRL 2D TSO 5687(b/g), 5717(exec) - NWXX 2E TSO 5763, 5795 5810 5841 5846 5883 - NWXX 2D SO (rebuilt from FO) 6200, 6213, 6226 - IWRX 6206 - ICHX 2D TSOT (conv from 2D TSO) 6605, 6614, 6619 - NWXX 6609 - IWRL 2D RMBT (conv from 2D TSO) 6660, 6662, 6665 - IWRL 2D BSO 9481, 9492 - IWRX 9494 - IXXT 2D BFK 17141, 17153 - ICHV 17142, 17154, 17161 - IWRL 17148, 17163 - NWXX 2E BSO 9496, 9502 - NWXX 9498 - IWRL 9501 - IWRX ICHL - Charter & Special Services on loan ICHV - Charter & Special Services VIP pool ICHX - Charter & Special Services IWRL - IC Great Western - On Loan IWRX - IC Great Western IXXT - IC Awaiting transfer to new sector IXXZ - Authorised for Withdrawn NWXX - NSE West of England and North Downs In addition Old Oak had the NSE mk1 and 2 stock of course. Haven't bothered to list them too. Liverpool Edge Hill has a lot of mk1 TSOs in the ICHD (Charter: non aircon, non refurbd), ICHH (Charter: Held), and ICHS (Chater: Steam Specials) pools, but nothing allocated to a general passenger operating sector. Also some 2D BFKs in the ICHD pool, so this pic (https://flic.kr/p/28ioGz) will then be Liverpool based Charter stock working a Paddington - Hereford - Paddington trip. The mad world of BR! If the P5 is correct, and that can be a big if sometimes, that's a lot of air con mk2 stock in Intercity livery based at OOC for NSE workings on the 'West of England' sector (ie Waterloo - Exeter)! So either a typo or an accountancy trick - who knows? Still, certainly less L/H stock than they had just 2 years prior. Regards, Paul
  9. Sorry, no idea which particular vehicles would have been in it I'm afraid. By 1992 IC sector would have been pushing standardisation pretty hard, and it's after my area of interest so don't have any hard details I'm afraid. However, For 1990: OM290: 2D BSO/ x3 2D TSO/ 1 RMB/ 2D FK * (* where 2D could be any mk2 aircon stock, though OOC didn't have any 2Fs at this time.) At this time (1990) the TSOs at OOC would have very likely been 2D SOs, downgraded from 2D FOs, and probably a 2E BSO. This was, RMB excluded, essentially the same setup as the Laira seated stock that went in the Sleeper, and during the day would go work something else. So, a bit of a mix around pool of like-for-like sets really. A Platfrom 5 book for '92, '93, or '94 is possibly your best bet for guestimating what might be in the set. Regards, Paul
  10. Just found this - didn't realise I had it. There is nothing L/H between Worcester and Pad at all for Sat-Sun. Herefords are HSTs except Sat 1B58 1820 Pad-Hereford, works back as... Sun 1A68 1612 Hereford - Pad, then 5A68 ECS to OOC Interesting formation though. LL925; a mk1 IC set from Liverpool Edge Hill, which will probably be this then... https://flic.kr/p/28ioGzy or OM290; an OOC aircon mk2 set. Looks like L/H Pad - Hereford/Worcester start up again about Summer 1992. Regards, Paul
  11. HI, Afraid I have no books past '92. It is quite possible, and perhaps probable, that BR withdrew a lot of the Loco Hauled services due to the Padd remodelling, only for them to be reinstated later due to customer complaints. But, I have no books so that's just conjecture. This one appears to have the last of the interesting workings. Plenty of Western Loco hauled services in it, usual places like Bristol, Swansea, Plymouth, Taunton, Penzance. There are some unbalanced workings to Shrub Hill with no ECS, so presumably the ECS was from the Bristol/South Wales area and not OOC. This WTT is like the above Station working, weekday Hereford and G.Malverns are HSTs In addition there are: Mon-Sat (until 29Sep) - 1A29 0800 Worcester SH - Paddington 0946, but via Swindon not Oxford. * Timed for Loco at 280T, but not marked as aircon. * There is no down working to balance this out. - Saturdays (unt 29Sep) 1A22 0655 Worcester S.H-Pad 0946, via Swindon * Timed for D280 - aircon * No Dn service on a Friday to balance that. - Sundays (unt 30Sep) * 1B29 1340 Pad - Hereford D350 Vac * 1B58 1820 Pad - Hereford D350 Aircon - no Up on a Mon from this, possibly goes ECS to WSH for 1A29? * 1A68 1612 Hereford - Pad D350 Vac * 1A88 1827 Hereford - Pad D350 Vac Regards, Paul
  12. Hi, Looking like a bit of a long shot possibly... So, for the period in the book above: * No Pad - Worcester services. Two Up and Dn Pad - Hereford and one Pad - Great Malvern only. * All IC Western services are now HSTs, with exception of: - Night Riviera - FO 1F54, 18:17 PAD-OXF which used the seated stock off the sleeper, then went back to OOC ECS. * Only other loco hauled services into PAD are: - Thames Valley services, now all Vac with the air stock having gone up North - IC XC services There's always rule 1 of course Regards, Paul
  13. Covid has nothing to do with the lack of CobaltDip availability, they’ve been almost non existent since Jan 2019. At Warley ‘Mr DCC Concepts’ was explaining their absence was due to change of supplier for the motor. Believe the original supplier wanted an unrealistic minimum order, so DCC Concepts went elsewhere rather than being held to ransom! If you’re planning on fitting the CobaltDips at a later date, don’t bother making pilot holes in the baseboard to secure them, just put the hole in for the point ‘wire’ and mark/leave space underneath the board. You’ll want the fitting to be fine tuned so best mark pilot holes from an actual motor when you’re 100% sure of the precise location/alignment. Even on a straight point the line of motion for the switch bar is not straight nor right angled to the track! When you do fit them, fit them with the motor, thus point ‘wire’, in the straight up/centre position, and use something like cocktail sticks to keep the switch blades in a ‘central’ position. The Dips have a self centreing function that can be deactivated after you’ve installed them, so they won’t centralise again on power up. If you can, for each point tap a feed and return wire off your track bus. Then on the Dip, put these feed/return to terminals 4 & 5 and power the point frog from term 6. Power the Dips from an accessory bus to terminals 1 & 2 as normal, but don’t use term 3 for the frog power. Make sure a circuit breaker is used on the track bus. Now your point frog is powered from the track feed via the second switch on the Dip. This helps a lot as if you use term 3 to feed the frog and get a short across the point common crossing, not unusual on model railways, the point motors would all short too. Using the 2nd switch and accessory bus on the Dip eliminates this. Paul.
  14. My 2 cents, if I may, To me it appears that the issue for the ‘Farish’ range is that it is tied to Bachmann Europe (B.E.), and thereby Kader. B.E. are there solely to make profit for their Parent company. That is the reality of business. It appears that B.E. are tied in to their products being manufactured by a Manufacturing Company (M.C), also owned by the Parent company. B.E. can not go to the open market to get models made for their ranges, they are stuck with production slots given by the M.C. Parent company want maximum profit. B.E. must prioritise what products, across all their ranges, will generate most profit. These models will be made priority. All others have to wait. If another ‘newer’ idea for a product comes along, it will get priority if B.E. believe it will generate more profit than other products in the queue for production. Until either the British OO range collapses, the Farish range is sold off to another owner, or the business model is changed - nothing will improve re. Production/Range availability for Farish N. For all the extra capacity in production that comes, there will always be a newer idea for a model that can generate more profit, and it will get priority. The ethos of short runs, quick turnover, maximum profit is great for the balance sheet, but not for the long term sustainability of the hobby in this scale/range, or any range. It is better for the balance sheet if a ‘range’ of items sits in our cupboards to be traded on eBay etal, than sit in B.E.s warehouse so that ranges are available for longer in the shops. This has become the norm. Models often sell quick. If you want it 3 years later, off to eBay you go. Gone are the days of Lima products being on the shop shelves for years. But then, gone too are most of the shops! I’ve been made aware of how difficult it is to make good profits on coaching stock, and in turn keep their cost down, but given the time delays on the Farish 2Fs I really wish Hornby had challenged the market with a downsizing of their 2E stock, maybe now 2F too. But, they have troubles of their own I suppose. Any competition seems negligible now. Dapol N range really isn’t challenging Farish anymore, Farish aren’t challenging Dapol N. It is almost quid pro quo. Love him or hate him, at least DJ got things moving for a while. Perhaps there’s a billionaire out there who wants to buy up the Farish range for fun eh? Hehehehe - think I’ve been stuck in the house too long! Paul
  15. That is awesome! Nice work.
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