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  1. Joseph, 'Passporting' is the issue at hand here - the mechanism by which a financial service* in one country within the EEA (European Economic Area) can serve a citizen of said country whilst citizen is resident in another EEA member state. The UK ceased to be a 'Contracting Party' to the EEA Agreement back on 31st January 2020, however we are of course in 'transistion' currently so previous rules apply until 31st December 2020. The issue currently lies within the EU solely. The UK has enacted legislation to enable a citizen of an EEA member state to retain access
  2. The issue you have linked to in that DW article is unconnected to Brexit entirely, and concerns only the Tax obligations of US Citizens resident overseas. US Citizens are subject to domestic US taxation on their earnings made outside of the USA, even whilst residing outside of the USA, and they are required to submit tax returns to the US IRS (Internal Revenue Service) every year. Only two countries tax their citizens like this; the USA and Eritrea. A US Citizen living and working in the UK, earning money only in the UK (for example) is subject to US taxation as we
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