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  1. Tom The dispensation to use the MK2 coaches ends tomorrow they are not permitted to be used in passenger service now Scotrail did have a tender out and the original plan was for the 68s and complient coaches to return on these services in December but with sharp fall in demand post Covid 19 this plan has been axed
  2. All With lockdown now partly lifted i was able to head out and record the final Fife class 68s this also sees the end of MK2 passenger coaches on scheduled passenger trains
  3. Hi This is a great looking layout love the industrial look and feel good luck with the crane
  4. Harveyc That looks really great how about a small blacksmiths in the corner a couple of platelayers hut kits modified could be used Dave
  5. Guys These are looking amazing like the pipebridge Simon Tom welcome still plenty time to get something built
  6. All Here is my entry an N gauge scrap wagon used here for coal as per the Methil Power station train
  7. Next We have a Class 20 about to run around a train and next a Class 27 waits in the siding things to not are the pile of old track panels this is a small corner of a larger yard and the chap stacking coal bags and also note oil drums which were common at Scottish coal yards
  8. All My A4 layout is now complete the first image shows general layout the end of a runround loop a siding and a 16ton Mineral wagon tippler
  9. All Overbridge buffers and industrial details added today bits of scrap I beams and half roof internal buttress used for the industrial details Dave
  10. All Major progress now track is down and playing about with backscene Dave
  11. All Not too much more progress today but i have raided the fiddle yard on my other layout to get some track for the project hope that's allowed Dave
  12. Sorry Spanner in the works time steel sleepers have been used in Scotland i spent a whole watching them lay these in Fife in the late 90s early 2000s some of the E & G might have them
  13. Oliver Thats looking really good cant wait to see it develop Dave
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