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  1. 66426 (leading) and 66423 storm up the bank (sadly a lot quieter than a pair of 37s do) into Wombwell Station on yesterdays service.
  2. The notorious (locally) railway bridge at Royston (nr Barnsley) claimed another victim this afternoon as a Stagecoach double decker (15414, in the old Yorkshire Traction colours and it's old fleetnumber 804) is now an open topper, ( I've been sent pictures, not sure who took them though hence why not posted).
  3. I'd guess that undamaged it would fit under with a few inches to spare. The damage has caused it to be bent upwards at the front increasing it's height. It doesn't explain why somebody didn't check the height at the quarry, or even why they didn't just cut it up for scrap on site.
  4. DRS have already had a couple route learning runs last week, think 37422 and 37423 were used. The big question is, will we see any 20's this year.
  5. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/158986-br-standard-loco-altered-for-filming/#comments
  6. Possibly because Redcar Blast Furnace hadn't been built, it didn't start operations until 1979.
  7. Today's Leeds Balm Road to Mill Race, and probably one of the first 70's down this route. 70 019 passes through Wombwell.
  8. Thought about going there, but chose Wombwell Station for a change. Late running 150 rather got in everybody's way.
  9. I never realised that 59's had such different bogies to 66s.
  10. Don't forget that Sheffield's Spanish built Stadler tram-trains have had their fair share of problems.
  11. I've just been looking at Google's satellite view of the area as it's years since I was in that area. Either there's more problems with Azumas than we think or Google have stiched a few pictures together.
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