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  1. there’s no partnership, GA’s fleet of 90s were transferred to Freightliner. 90003-90015 anyway. 001 and 002 went to LSL and now carry swallow livery. A lot of the ex GA 90s still have the old livery but they will all be getting repainted, some already have been repainted into the new Orange livery which I think resembles a lucazade bottle.
  2. very much so, the mk3s and dvt are going to be with it so will have a full white/red set that’ll be the ‘signature set’ so I can’t have it not be fully prototypical. The dvt will have its lights corrected and the mk3s will have the usual work (correctly painted interiors, lighting, roof vents etc) so the entire set is faultless or as close as you can get. Then some Blue/White Ex ONE stock will follow along with some Grey/White Ex NXEA bits after those. Got the ‘pretendabellio’ set in the works with 90034 which I know is up your street Kat. By the end, the layout will represent a 2015 GEML sett
  3. Something almost finished is this… A little bit different to the rest of the 90s on this thread. 90001 ‘Crown Point’ still yet to be named. some little imperfections here and there that need touching up but other than that, can’t complain. Then the finishing touches will be added before weathering. The best part is it has correct directional lighting with the bi directional markers and taillights. Only photo I’ve got is it with its body loose from the chassis so it’s not the best professional look!
  4. Super work as usual Jerry, the two FL green 47s look so good!
  5. Another update Thought now was a good time to post! Life for me has starting to improve at long last, gym is going really well and I’m starting to see and feel a difference already in my (I think) third week. Always a good moral boost and shows I’m heading in the right direction. Other aspects of life have improved as well, so hopefully things continue the way they are - I’m not quite out of the woods yet but I’m definitely starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. went to see Jerry over at Squirrel Rail HQ to catch up and pick up one of my models he had done some corr
  6. Can agree with everything that’s being said here. Everyone can and does make mistakes but to me, the attitude that comes with fixing them is what matters. As long as it’s dealt with in a professional manner, I’m happy. I’m particularly fussy so can be a bit of a nightmare but am happy to give a bit of guidance on corrections because somethings are very easily missed that even I miss them at times. I’ve used three ‘respray specialist’ companies, including Jerry and also a fourth one if you include weathering specialists as well. I only use one for both now after either recei
  7. 90028 is looking stunning Jerry! A proper job that one.
  8. Great job on the interiors Jerry. I certainly feel for you doing those very tedious but makes the world a difference!
  9. Hi Jerry thats great news about the 66. No rush with either of the two though!
  10. hi michael Thank you very much for the kind words! I do try my best! Obviously, we never know what’s around the corner for us but life would be pretty dull if we did! Hope you’re well
  11. Normally, breaks don’t last long at all for me but this time round was a different story! I did a bit of spotting when LNER had reintroduced 91s back on the ECML and got some rather nice shots and clips of 91106, 91110 and 91111 - I believe 91101 has returned to service again in the last week so I must get a shot of that too! these always tempt to me to get a 91 + mk4 set but they won’t fit into the layout of course. as for the gym, the two sessions I’ve done down there this week I’ve really enjoyed - I tried home workouts a couple of years ago but wasn’t seeing improvements after a
  12. Been very quiet and havn’t posted an update in weeks. I did post one on my Facebook page a couple of days ago so some people will know the reason why, but for those who don’t... I havn’t done any modelling since the middle of April when I made the OHLE portal. After making it, I lost interest in the hobby and fancied taking a step back and enjoying my other hobbies. This lasted for around a week and then a downfall of mental health occurred which furthered the lack of interest and prevented it from returning which has resulted in this very long break. My work schedule has been flat
  13. That 90047 is flawless. Mine definitely needs reworking!
  14. Got another OHLE structure constructed and in place on the layout last night. This time, I made a Mk3a Portal design and it was built as per measurements taken from a drawing by Clive Mortimore. Portals are more heavy duty than Headspans making them more robust and able to cope with wire tensioning. I thought I’d make one for this reason and also for a bit of variety. They were more simple and quicker to build than the headspans as well which was nice. 90028 came out to test wire heights.
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