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  1. thats good news then Jerry. Glad the chip was found!
  2. More 90s Jerry? What’s the odds that the ‘wait and see’ liveries will be announced by Bachmann next month? looking forward to seeing what those will be mate
  3. Only little bits and bobs this evening. I’ve decided against going for the marker light mods on the 153 and have instead came up with the next best thing by painting the right hand marker/tail light white to make it look as if there’s a dim marker light illuminating. It works quite well, especially when plenty of light is shining on the model. It doesn’t effect the tail lights which is good. Now I just need to get the sound sorted along with the other bits on the list. And the other thing I
  4. the Bachmann 90 is totally flawless model, everything about it is superb from the running, functionality, detailing and even the dcc fitting! makes it very user friendly and it’s easily one of the best (if not the best) models ever produced. The annoying sound of the servo is a minor let down but that’s all I have to say about it! The servo itself has seemed to inspire other manufactures (Accurascale 92 comes to mind) to include the same thing so who knows, perhaps servos will get put in models more often to operate movable objects - opening doors on coaches and units sounds quite cool!
  5. My wires are the Peco ones which are made from copper and are around 0.4mm thick. A tad over scale I believe, at least for the contact wires. But I’ve spent the money so I’m going to use them and will use a better, more scale alternative next time. I hear guitar wire is good and tensions really nicely - different materials require more tension than others based on research and from what I’ve been told. I done a small test where I knocked up a block of wood, layed some track and tested the Peco wires to see how they’d cope with tensioning. The track was just over a metre long and ha
  6. thank you very much. was very happy with the 153 got an idea to further improve the directional lights. Will look great once finished hopefully!
  7. Something else that happened over the weekend... I acquired a Hornby 153 in Greater Anglia livery. Been after one of these for ages. I was offered a sound fitted one by a friend a couple of years ago which I VERY foolishly said no too. You can imagine how much it hurt kicking myself ever since! nonetheless, I finally have one and I got a very nice result with it. On Thursday, I saw two up for sale on eBay. First one was second hand in a bidding war so stuck it on the watch list. But below it, was one at a fixed price of £99 being sold as new. I couldn’t be bothered wit
  8. The wait is over for you @Squirrel Rail The ohle masts are now back on the layout in their original positions. They’ve been tested to check the registration arms line up with the pantograph nicely which they do. I won’t be adding the wires this time though. These will be done when the rest of the electrification has been made which will be in the form of headspans. Speaking of which... The first headspan was made over the weekend and this was fully scratchbuilt using brass H section, 0.45
  9. Thanks Jerry. The locos are in desperate need of a weathering! May have to send them your way
  10. Last night saw the completion of all of my catenary masts - at last! Soldering is much better this time round and the joints are nice and strong but I will only find out how good they really are when I come round to string the layout and add all the tension! These are now ready to get installed back on the layout and I’ve arranged them in their pairs so I don’t get mixed up! They’re the same height as are the registration arms and I’ve tested the pantograph heights and positions of the registration arms and all is good! Loving how low the
  11. Adding passengers makes such a difference. I added them to my 156 and also repainted the interior so it’s the correct colour scheme for the livery. Fortunately for me, the body’s came off and went back on quite easily Good luck with yours if you do decide to go ahead with it!
  12. Been working on more ohle masts over the last few nights! Only a couple more pairs to go. In the second picture, one of these masts needed a new set of cantilevers made. So I took the opportunity to take pictures to show how I made them. Although I started off with a (messy) Peco H section, the whole method applies to scratchbuilding too. So just pretend that I’m using a fresh clean h section and you’ll be able to see how to scratchbuild a mk3 cantilever mast. the h section untouched. I first measure a
  13. 66418 on the head of a liner exiting the tunnel
  14. Thanks but I should be all good with the springs
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