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  1. Thanks! Plenty more to see that I’ll post up soon
  2. Wratting Road Traction - Freightliner Stock. The Electrics! You can’t have a layout with ohle and not have electric locomotives! The current number of Freightliner Electric models are only 3 and they’re all Bachmann Class 90s. 90042 - Powerhaul 90047 - Triple Grey. Modelled in 2014/2015 condition. 90048 - Triple Grey. Modelled in 2009/2010 Condition. The next 90 will, without a doubt, be a Racing Green one. Quite fancy 90016! I’m debating backdating my layout back to the mid 2000s rather than the more recent years as 2004-2008 was my favourite era on the GEML. So 90047 may get reworked into a similar condition to 048. I’ll probably end up having FL’s whole 90 fleet eventually! I’m also eagerly awaiting Heljan’s upcoming 86 and you can be sure I’ll be having a few of those too! Thats all my FL stock covered and so far, it isn’t a vast collection! Next, I’ll show the other traction I have from other TOCs - believe it or not, I do have a fair amount!
  3. Wratting Road Traction - Freightliner Stock. The Diesels! As a layout heavily centred around a FL depot and intermodal workings, it’s no surprise that Freightliner is the main TOC seen on Wratting Road. However, plenty of other TOCs will make appearances as time goes on and my collection grows. The diesel collection isn’t the biggest but I’ve still got plenty to have a nice scene and running session for now. The collection consists of a few 66s, a 57 and an 08. Bachmann 66614 ‘Poppy’ - Rails Exclusive. This is fitted with a Loksound V4 with Biffo sound. Bachmann 66418 ‘Patriot’ At some point, I need to have correct up-to-date ‘Freightliner G&W company’ branding added. This is fitted with Digitrains Activdrive on a Zimo decoder. Bachmann 66533 ‘Hanjin/Senator Express’ No sound in this yet, although I am debating it! Hattons 66593 ‘3MG Multimodal Gateway’ This was sound fitted from factory so it has Biffo’s bespoke 66 sound file on a Loksound V5 Bachmann 57008 ‘Freightliner Explorer No sound in this yet, but it’s an idea for the future. I’ll probably get biffo sound and then try and get the Bachmann DCCSound ‘Freightliner Bond’ 57 to go alongside! Bachmann 08691 ‘Terri’ The first Freightliner Loco I ever bought! A very good choice considering the real Terri shifted around locations quite a bit. Most pictures I find are at Southampton but it was stationed at Felixstowe a few years back making it suit my GE layout nicely. plans for this model are to have lights, stay-alive and details fitted and will get done once the depot is at a decent stage. A nice shot of the diesels together. The Hattons 66 is currently away being weathered up suitably so will look great once it’s back home. I will obviously add to the freight liner fleet in the future but I’m trying to avoid freight liner at the moment to try and gather more stock and locos from other TOCs! More to follow on the fleet and next up will be the FL Sparkys!
  4. Thanks Karl! I quite like the weathering on it, I do go by pictures to find an effect I like. The only things I wished I done was use concrete sleepered track and have the sleepers spaced out. Two things that’ll be different on the next layout. When I first started building this one, I didn’t know much about the real railway so to me, track was track. I’ve learned lots along the way so hopefully the track will be even better on the next layout! Jack
  5. what’s that becoming? Or is it a surprise?
  6. Thanks Ian! Very much in agreement. I love knowing I can walk back in the house for the loo or to make a cuppa and leave the trains running. Nice to sit back and watch them too every now and again! jack
  7. Thanks Niel! Thought I’d see what all the fuss is about
  8. Wratting Road Layout Tour P2 Sorry for the large gap and inconsistent posting. Some more photos now but showing the least interesting places still yet to be made, but I’ll say the future plans for them all. FL Depot Facilities This will be the facility area for the Freightliner depot that will be accessed via the headshunt. The area will have an inspection pit, fuelling points, fuel wagon storage siding and a spare loco siding. A few changes need to be done to the track plan, and the buildings and facilities still need to be sourced. Mainline Continued The mainline continues with the depot’s reception line running alongside making the number of running lines 3. I want to have a road over rail bridge somewhere along the bend and in the corner of the layout on this side, have an ohle feeder station and relay room. I plan to make another embankment next to the mainline and have a road scene with low relief buildings roughly where the bowls in the above are. This will lead to the bottom photo which is where the other scenic break will be - marked by where the ballasting stops. Another road over rail bridge will be here giving a nice sizeable length for a road. Fiddle Yard/Non Scenic Section The fiddle yard isn’t big at all and certainly isn’t interesting to look at. There’s no points for the mainline so trains can run round and round with minimal issues and minimal chances of derailing. All operation interest goes into the depot so it keeps it nice and simple for me to operate. The photo I took the other night of the fiddle yard is the wrong orientation annoyingly so apologies for that. I hope nobody injures their necks! Hope this gives an idea of my layout size and a bit of an insight to what WR will be. It won’t ever be anything amazing, I’ll always have a ‘my first layout’ approach to it, but I’m using it to build up my skills up and when I come round to build my next layout, it’ll hopefully be something special! feel free to ask any questions you may have Cheers, Jack.
  9. Thanks. I’m sure I’ll be buying some more goodies from you in the future!
  10. 048 next to one of her Triple Grey sisters - 047.
  11. Squirrel Rail 90048 is now in the Wratting Road Fleet. Looks spectacular running under the wires. Currently running in before a change of address and I’ll change the pantograph cv’s as well. top work Jerry. And you’ll be happy to know the cab light does in fact work. Might have just been the track I brought round to test it on.
  12. Wratting Road Layout Tour: Heres some pictures showing a bit more of the layout and as you can see, it really is very much a WIP with lots of baseboard yet to cover! I’ll give a quick but detailed explanation describing the pictures. Tunnel Scenic Break The same photo as in the first comment on the thread. This is one of the scenic breaks and entrances to the non-scenic fiddle yard (and i use that term very lightly) it’s a simple two track mainline. This area is inspired by the south/countryside end of Ipswich Tunnel. One day I would like to scratchbuild a more accurate looking tunnel porter for my next layout but for now the Peco tunnel mouth with weathered brick sheets does the trick. The white backboards will have a backscene on eventually - something I will do soon (and probably should have done much earlier on in the layout build!) Looking in the other direction from behind the scenic break backboards: This is one of my favourite places to stand and watch trains run by. From this view, you get a better view of the disused signal box on the right hand side, and of the sidings for the FL train crew depot. With the signal box, you’re probably thinking why I’ve put one there - I’ll get to that later. FL Depot Sidings Here’s the stabling sidings for the Freightliner depot. These are made up of 4 sidings which are the 4 tracks in the centre and on the left. The track furthest to the right is the headshunt, what locos use to reverse and access the depots facilities - this area is yet to be built hence the pause in ballasting. This still needs some driver or staff figures, depot lighting and buffer stops to be added until I’m happy with the area. You can just about make out the relief siding on the left by the white buffer stop, which is outside of the depot boundary. The relief siding is/will be electrified so this is where the FL electrics will be stabled to await further duties or to be shunted/propelled into the depot by a diesel. Mainline The relief siding I mentioned above is the line on the left (the overgrown one) and the two other tracks are the main running lines. You can see the two sets of points to access the FL depot - The idea of having two access lines came from the FL depot at Ipswich which does the same thing. All that unballasted track off centre too the left is the Depot’s facility area. This is as far as scenery has come so far on the layout. I’ll post the more boring bits next on a different comment at some point!
  13. Thanks 1722 and Scottish Exile for the lovely comments
  14. I’m not sure on that one, sorry. 90/1s were dedicated freight locos iirc so quite possibly you are correct. my 90128 is currently away being renumbered to 028 and being weathered and detailed up into its ‘privitisation’ condition. Those Virgin mk3s aren’t in that livery anymore either! It’s a pretty old photo but the only good one of 128 I had
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