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  1. I've read it and found it interesting.
  2. I feel your frustration. While we are not in the same boat, as I have only just started out, I was just looking at the website of a well-know kit supplier before reading your post and thinking "but it doesn't tell me anything!". I also received a model wagon kit from elsewhere and the instructions, to my eye were - "Put it together and then these are the choices of how to decorate". Regarding S Scale is there nothing suitable to help online in the US that may help? As an addition I've really liked @JimRead micro layouts where his locos are made from cardboard. Is this something that can be readily scaled down?
  3. Not sure if this is best place to raise. A job lot on ebay at £70 collection only in Southampton. A couple of 125's, a DMU, Class 25, Class 37 and wagons and carriages. One day to go. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164966029574 To note: this is something I saw and no idea who the seller is and just raising in case interest to anyone.
  4. I agree with the above that magazines seem to be formulaic in relation to scales and gauges. It is only from RMWeb and elsewhere on the internet that I have learnt about 3mm, European TT, S scale and British HO. I appreciate that magazines need to make money and the layouts shown are chosen to impress. Agree also that I prefer looking at the old adverts.
  5. I use Libby on my laptop. It also has three of this year's BRM plus American and Australian Model Railway magazines.
  6. ITV article https://www.itv.com/news/2021-06-19/dartmoor-railway-line-set-to-reopen-after-almost-50-years
  7. That's very much my future plan; Creating dioramas which can join together.
  8. And now Hornby seem to have done the same thing again with the 'Brickpunk'. Good idea but poor execution. Can they really expect to compete with Lego with something so basic? Both @Corbs and @TangoOscarMike , among others, have managed to produce more inspired Steampunk locos; why is it so difficult for a large company to not keep relying on their four wheel carriages and Smokey Joe engine rather than producing something imaginative? Coming back to the hobby years later to find the same models being touted that I had when I was a child was a real surprise, and yet for a much larger price. I'm trying to get my child, who only really knows Italian railways, interested in model railways but there is such a dearth of exciting models.
  9. As you put in your title British N gauge is 1:148 but 2mm to 1 foot is actually scaled at 1∶152. So it depends if you want to follow fine scale or not. There is also N scale rest of world to 1:160! All depends on what you are modelling. Probably best look at the N gauge society and the 2mm scale association web pages for help.
  10. Bring out a loco, let's say a Hall class steam engine painted crimson, along with a couple of coaches and I think they'd be onto something!
  11. Thank you for the above advice. My youngest's experience of railways is mainly in Italy so I'm also looking to see what is available in N and TT over there. I'd like to make the double-decker coaches as that's what they enjoy most at the moment but this is definitely a long term project!
  12. Thanks Garry, just what I was after!
  13. The 3mm society says "OO too big? N too small?" but does anybody have an image showing the difference? I ask because I'm looking to start building a layout from scratch and so I was thinking as 3mm seemingly has most going for it on this side versus 2mm, which I have been leaning towards, but as I am restricted in size due to living conditions is 3mm still too big? I would be grateful if somebody could provide an image of an engine in 3mm against 2mm as I haven't yet found anything online. My layout will be based around a simple loop initially as I want something to provide for my youngest to run a train around to start with and if they lose interest I can build up for myself after.
  14. I enjoyed following today's proceeds, and discovering new layouts and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens tomorrow.
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