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  1. Amazing. You can buy a brand new 00 gauge locomotive from a retailer for a lot less than that.
  2. Someone has bought it.
  3. Was the DMU trailer a class 103 under TOPS? Invicta still have the tankers and carriages for sale on their website, so I am thinking of buying a rake.
  4. As class 08's were mentioned up thread, may I nominate the ruduced height examples used at Burry Port. As far as I'm aware, they have never been availble rtr. The same could also be said for the class 03's that also worked the line. I think the wagons also had a bit lopped off, but, not too sure about that. Also an rtr class 13!
  5. I have expressed an interest in a Caledonian Sleeper version, (which I don't need), but, if I get a rake of mk 5's, I have a 66 I can double head with it.
  6. Thanks for that. It has certainly changed my view on Studebaker. The red one sounds good.
  7. Are antiquetoys and gostude the same person? They are both based in Warwick, they both put nz after the description of what they are selling, and, both are deluded.
  8. Is it me, or is one of the walls not quite level?
  9. They are my favourite retailer as well. Always excellent service.
  10. 43008, not sure if vx or vw 43013 43062 43063 43068 43069 43084 43090 43092 43094 43098 43100 43101 43102 43103 43123 43153 43154 43155 43158 43160 43178 not sure if vx or vw 43180 The source is my 1998 platform 5 book, which, I had updated with livery changes as I spotted the locomotives in period. The book has 43157 in intercity livery, so must have been painted then and I hadn't then seen it in virgin livery. I hope this has been of use.
  11. Turns out I forgot about Fathers day, so when it arrives, I got my dad a present!
  12. Hi, due to the joys of getting drunk, and, ordering stuff online whilst intoxicated, it turns out I ordered 2 gt3's. So if any one would like to buy my spare loco, I would be happy to sell it £150. It will be brand new and I will pay the postage. It's from the second batch.
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