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  1. And I have a layout like Shanks522, this a copy of Grahams layout, with an extra foot in length and some modifications on the top level and a dual mainline on the bottom... Got to love the voyager from Graham Farish there, my most reliable unit by far, mainly due to the couplings used. Agree it looks good in that platform, the rear platform is only for HSTs because it is the only platform long enough. And of course we have to have all the small DMUs in between in the other three platforms
  2. I have looked in to those, I just can't find anybody willing to deliver them to Ireland :'(
  3. At the rear, if it is on the front it looses its coaches when the train decides to split on the incline... Will be buying some different coupling mechanisms for my HSTs because they all do it L :'(
  4. Starting to look a little more tidy now, and dare I say it almost exhibition ready... A LONG LONG way to go before completion however!!! I have sorted that ugly baseboard joint on the top level of the layout with copious amounts of filler and paint, I have added a tonne of scatter/grass and I have reattached the wall on the top of the triple road tunnel entrance.
  5. Hi there, I was wondering whether anybody knew some preserved locos that have been made in RTR models that are still available or available reasonably easy second hand in N gauge? I would like to buy some but I don't know where to look first! Thanks.
  6. Anybody know when the DCC fitted versions are released? I am waiting for the Arriva one. I hope it is out before 23rd February because I'm visiting the UK to go to the Glasgow Exhibition and I hope to pick one up there!
  7. So now I am painting the platforms to look better, will making the edges look better this way. Also laid some more green on the layout and patched any ballast holes where ballast did not stick today. I have also fillered some holes
  8. So today Weston Town got a backscene and the smaller layout got a painting! More to come!
  9. Now you've opened a can of worms there! In theory yes they can be linked really easily because they're both built on exactly the same method of baseboard construction which means the lower height on Weston Town and the height of the new small layout are exactly the same... I can see myself rather than just bolting them together when I want to join them, making a tamar bridge between the layouts or something... Weston Town East sounds like a good idea considering what else I've been speaking about on this post!
  10. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/141590-3-x-2-n-gauge-made-from-leftover-materials-from-weston-town/ That's the new thread. Thank you for your kind words
  11. So this took me an afternoon using left over bits from building my other layout weston Town. I will make this layout portable so I can take it on public transport as a self contained suitcase sized box.
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