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  1. Well how far we have come! I promise to get some Sarum Town footage in in the near future
  2. £180 before tax, and does anybody know if it is DCC ready or is it like the rest of Katos offerings where we have to change the PCB and hardwire with a specific decoder?
  3. I have got an order in for one, will save for another now.
  4. At this stage, revolution will easy beat them to it with their 321s, a very similar unit
  5. Modern image is doing well in the UK at the moment, why not try something like a class 317?
  6. My old super voyager is the loudest train I own, and even louder around tight corners. My layout is a 4 track mainline and has room for scale speeds... and it screams gear noises down the straight. If it is silent, and has low profile wheels, I'll get a set.
  7. Thank you very much, and herein lye the problem... I do that instead of modelling!!! Thanks again!
  8. Ten minute video showing the automation running in the fiddle yard, we're getting there!
  9. DCC point control, the slippery slope to DCC automation... Looks good what you've done!
  10. Could well be the radius there. I have 5ft radius n gauge curves as my layout is 6ft wide with very gently curves. My automation system also starts locos very slowly and stops them very gently, so I hope it lasts for a long long time from what others have said above! Also MyRule1 I like your username; my YouTube channel is Rule 1 Model Railways!
  11. Hi everybody, Curious to know how long an N gauge loco should last. Now I have my layouts automation running seamlessly, I am finding I am running trains all day every day! I just wanted to know how long I should expect the N gauge mechanisms to last. Thanks!
  12. It just fills me with horror to take a file to a drive unit! But I will give it a go in time
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