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  1. Sad there wasn't a second run of pendolinos order book announcement yet
  2. This week we're on to a winner, Digikeijs returned my DR5088RC in an operable condition today!!! However, they did not repair my laptop which their unit caused damage to which is a real shame and I will now have to save up to buy another . I ordered, and received a DR5033 booster unit, just awaiting the cables now to go between my baseboards before I go about installing this. I have built some more buildings, a Faller Aldi, and their Horrem station building, I think they really work well with the layout. I have started a scratch build for the platform footbridge, as there is not a model that depicts a DDA complaint bridge ready made at all in n gauge, all are stairs and no lifts (suitable for layouts up to around 2010, but no more modern than that). Superelevation is all but complete, with a small amount to finish on the junction end of the layout. I added a bay platform to the branch, I think it adds a nice touch of modern style platforming. Speaking of platforms, I tried incredibly hard to get eight packs of Peco NB-27 platform edging from any one supplier, but failed miserably - after having Hattons forget my preorder and re-allotting my stock to general sale and selling out, and then ordering from Osborns, to find out they were selling stock they didn't actually have... Ordered from two suppliers on Amazon as a final resort but took a huge hit on postage fees. Finally I have a working layout again, BUT... I have ordered as new DR5088RC literally just for the bay platform... so I'll have six units for eight baseboards. On the next two pay cheques, I will be buying one more each time so I can have one per baseboard, and this will allow for MUCH simpler wiring between baseboards, and thus much more reliability (although it is already quite reliable). I have left a few links here to my progress on my YouTube channel where I have bought a DJI Osmo Pocket to now keep my progress well documented. Please subscribe if you haven't, I will be uploading content very regularly and trying to show lesser known aspects of railway modelling such as the automation in a simple way. Thanks! Nick.
  3. New video up on my channel, will be using these couplings on Weston Parkway for the foreseeable future, reason is because they don't come undone at all and on an automated layout this is imperative.
  4. Just done a video on the n gauge standard non NEM fitting couplings (the sprung ones);
  5. 9mm Plywood and 2 inch by 1 inch timber is where you start
  6. Indeed, I just hope they open the order book soon before I decide I want something else lol.
  7. I really hope they close the 321 book and announce the 390 rerun
  8. So I have decided to include Sarum Town on my YouTube channel from now on! You may subscribe for updates there as they happen, I will try to update here as well. Thanks all!
  9. A bit of card modelling over the past two days. A retail park, a coach station, and the beginnings of my first scratch build ever, a footbridge that is DDA compliant (there is no kit for those!). Also did another video for an update.
  10. I can't wait for this period to be over, then we will be able to go see Loftus Road at a show at some point. I might even fly over specifically if they attend a show near an airport
  11. https://youtu.be/NjdrT9sYp_s A new video to help with the boredom of lock down. This is a new channel and I'd be really appreciative of anybody who subbed!
  12. First layer of filler on the first platform to be laid and soon to be sanded, and routing the route for the tomix car system bus route, loads more routing to go! And a picture of two of my HSTs stabled.
  13. Curved platforms with peco platform edging, using the boil and bend method.
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