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  1. I have now installed the CDU2 and I can't fault it, very strong current. Changes all the points every time without fault.
  2. As the new owner of Sarum town, some upgrades have been carried out. The points are wired in series and I was finding the seep CDU not to have enough current to reliably throw all the points. Introducing the cobalt Cdu2+, throws every point, every single time. Upgraded some of the points wiring to a much thicker gauge wire to handle the new CDU. More to come!
  3. I have ordered a DCC Concepts CDU2, Will post what I think of it once I have it delivered and installed
  4. I wonder if we will be able to run them in multiple
  5. Opps, missed the deal, will wait to see what comes out next year
  6. After messing around with the track on the baseboards, I have amended the track plan to provide better operational fluidity, here is the new updated plan.
  7. Thank you very much, I have bought 20 F to F adaptors, for your first suggestion, this is perfect!!! I got them for 14 Euro being sent from South Korea.
  8. This layout had its last show at Thornbury and South Gloucester MRC annual show, and I wish to provide them special thanks for the arrangements made. The layout now is currently being dismantled and parts applied to this new layout.
  9. Oh! I've been assuming that they are straight through wired without a twist, my bad!
  10. Good, but not tidy, one mishap and I won't be able to run my layout at a show if a cable gets snagged in transport and rips a port out Also I al very very good at breaking things like that. Can you use a female/female adaptor, I saw that the loconet cable includes a twist, i.e. one connector to the other appears upside down?
  11. Hi there, I am looking to ask what cables do I buy to bridge between baseboards with LocoNet? I have a DR5088RC detection unit on each of my boards which I want to wire up to the end of each board, I want to have RJ12 terminals at the ends of my baseboards where I can plug a short cable in between the boards but there is such a myriad of technical choice!
  12. More backscenes up and painted chalky sky blue.
  13. The DCC Concepts unit it is! I really do like the sounds of that! I have a use for the other Gaugemaster stuff I already have, a small four point layout, with points thrown individually.
  14. I do like to get a wiggle on!... Backscenes up, ballast areas painted... I know lots of people don't paint the wood under the track before they ballast, but as it's an exhibition layout anything can happen in transit, including ballast coming away so if there's any tiny holes, we won't see any wood coloured bald bits. I have also purchased some electrical pvc conduit which I have, and from China some db9/rs232 breakout connectors and short cables to wire between the baseboards. Now just have to wait for my track I ordered last week to arrive and I can start on laying track and installing point motors. The digital equipment is already installed and awaiting wiring under the layout, with the exception of the Dr5000 control module, which I have on top (and can be seen installed next to my laptop in an earlier post) for two reasons, one I want easy access to plug in to it and two, to show the public what the units look like at shows.
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