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  1. Quite right too! I can't wait to see the decorated samples next week!
  2. It was just that it is on top, right on the front of the coach, is where it was becoming an issue to me, where you look first on a leading DT, at least me anyway. Other than that, its a great model!!!
  3. Good stuff!!! That was probably my most major hang up about the model, glad it's sorted
  4. Does anybody know whether they are going to correct the wiper blade on the driving trailer? On the real one there is no bend in the control arm you see. On a side note, we're seeing an estimated delivery time in this instance exactly the same as Revolution trains plan to deliver their N gauge version now. This will be interesting!!!
  5. I tend to avoid books, great for initial ideas but they only seem to contain one persons thoughts on how a model railway should be built. I prefer to look on RMWeb, Facebook and YouTube to find out how to build anything specific. That way you get a better rounded view.
  6. Not long now to go!!! The delivery window Q2 2021 is drawing to an end, just one month and a few days left and we'll have our 37s! And update on a more narrowed delivery window? Thanks.
  7. Vehicles have arrived for the car park, some issues with Hattons lately, three bad orders of three... This time we have this, its like somebody decided to play baseball with the models. Last time we got the wrong track as it was put in the wrong box in their warehouse. Time before last I got a class 143 with missing details, no radio equipment on the roof, no exhaust and a smashed up interior from their used department with no mention of this. Is this just isolated to me or is this common?
  8. One month later... we're up and running!!! we've been very busy here, all the automation with iTrain is working now, I can switch it on at 9am and turn it off at 10pm and have no errors, short circuits or any type of failures. Here's a selection of pictures taken over the past month;
  9. I had installed DR5088RC units every 12ft, across baseboard joins using plug connectors. Wire length I have gone for now, no feedback has wire over 40cm long.
  10. I have just read the whole of this thread, it was very interesting. I have used a DR5000 command station, DR5088RC block detection units and DR4018 point control units. Control software chosen is iTrain 5 Pro. I liked the price point for one, and the fact I don't have to rely on a USB dongle to make it work like Train Controller (Imagine turning up to an exhibition and setting up the layout to find the dongle has stopped working!). My points are powered by MP5 point motors, which are a little bit more powerful, and have two outputs; one for the frog, the other for detection of state. I used MP1 point motors on my n gauge layout. They worked just fine. I think the golden rule of block detection and RailCom which nobody has mentioned yet, is to keep wire lengths as short as possible. Especially between the DR5088RC and the track. Otherwise you may get phantom signals appearing, which really screws things up. Try to keep all the detection local, then transmit that over the loconet or which ever system you use to the command station. I had this issue with Weston Parkway my N gauge layout, and as soon as I localized the block detection, all the issues I had went away. As for my choice of hardware, it was the simplest to wire up and implement of all the options I looked at, it just happens to have RailCom which is a great feature and I use regularly as my layouts are exhibition layouts and have to be taken down and set up. Way, way faster to set up with RailCom telling iTrain where my trains are, rather than me doing it on the laptop before I can run them. Below is my latest works:
  11. 1) Warley 2) The Great Central Railway exhibition 3) Ally pally.
  12. Sorry to drag this old topic up, but did this layout progress any further?
  13. Thought I should include this here, gives us all a good look inside the unit! Might help with some DCC fitting etc
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