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  1. I liked the grey, but the paint would not fi ish right for me, it was either gloopy or when sanded down, shiny! I had to get rid of that for a more detailed look.
  2. Platforms got the scalescenes treatment today... and they look much better for it!
  3. I think the reason for this project has gone over most peoples heads. It is to strengthen ties with NI. The project is also going to make Crewe a rail and road transport hub just like the Eurotunnel interchange in Kent. As HS2 just got approved to Crewe, this project seems more likely now...
  4. Anybody know what layout that is at 10:46 in the video? I was inspired to build my Weston Parkway because of that layout. I watched it all day exhibiting next to it, then they let me run my City of Birmingham on it as I was talking with them explaining it wouldn't run on my tight corners... Roll on a year and a bit later and I have Weston Parkway for it to run on!
  5. A bit of an update on the scenery, finally started filling in the area around the station and the network rail yard...
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY-_RyAAn7o&ab_channel=Rule1ModelRailways iTrain running my layout
  7. I remember visiting that one as a child in York, as a child I really enjoyed it!
  8. Hi Everybody, I couldn't find a thread for the progress of Pocket Planet, London so I thought I'd start one. Pocket Planet was announced in August 2020, and was said to be ready by August 2021 and open to the general public. Their website is here; https://www.pocket-planet.com/ and they are working with Gaugemaster to source all the required items and there is an article on this here; https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/news/article/view/id/213/ Their commercial manager of Pocket Planet is from Gaugemaster, so this must be a serious venture.
  9. https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=949 Reading the comments at the bottom of the page from Hattons on the above article, Kato have confirmed these will be supplied with interior lighting as standard. Here's hoping they work with DCC out of the box, rather than needing all those extra decoders!
  10. The report was released August this year, so I assume they knew about the lockdowns etc I should hope!
  11. Wasn't there supposed to be a big one being constructed this year near Hyde Park in London? Edit: That is Pocket Planet and they seem to have the money to go ahead. It is on Gaugemaster website. And their own website: https://www.pocket-planet.com/
  12. An overview of the layout, with more details added to the town end. We have added lots of brickwork and tunnel entrances. Here's a video of the layout in operation with announcements for each train, triggered by the software of a train in a platform or approaching it.
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