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  1. Thanks, I tried the search and came up with nothing, I'll keep looking!
  2. So Hornby are retooling the HST power cars because of another manufacturer also having a crack at them. Anybody know who that manufacturer is?
  3. It was from another supplier, who have just listed them as in stock within the last two weeks. I have noticed that GWR powercar sets are suddenly coming back in to stock as well at certain stockists.
  4. Rather disappointingly, I have just received an order of GWR MK3 coaches from their latest batch and they are still using the oversized flanges. Email sent to Hornby and the retailer to see what can be done.
  5. Any more updates from this, I enjoyed reading the thread!
  6. Hi Everybody, I have been on to Hornby to get some spare parts. However the spares I need they do not stock, to my sheer amazement. I bought the class 800 as a repair project thinking it is a really popular model, there must be a spares supply. I need to get a pair of new pantographs, a pair of windscreen wipers and a nose cone for it. If anybody knows where I can get the above I would be very appreciative! Thanks, Nick.
  7. I am pleased to announce Weston Interchange has its first show at the Wexford MRC open day with the East London MRG in support. This will be on October 24th and held at the St Josephs Community Centre, Wexford, Ireland. Also a quick update; we have got more cars for the layout, and more location appropriate buses.
  8. Almost 5 years to the day since this thread was made, we're about to get our 321s!
  9. To follow up on this, Gaugemaster did not reply, even to affirm their amended opening date with me. Sad to say, I reckon this one is lost.
  10. Here is a time-lapse of iTrain doing its thing. The branch to the lower right of the screen is the line to the fiddle yard (and supposedly the rest of the UK network), the branch to the lower left is to the servicing point.
  11. Thats not good, I note also that Gaugemaster have changed the opening date on their article to first quarter of 2022. Also I have messaged Gaugemaster, so if they reply we'll know, if not I guess their silence would be deafening which would be a sad outcome.
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