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    Swapped over to N gauge a few years ago after having produced a number of layouts in OO. I find large layouts don't get finished and I run out of steam. So, lesson learned, and I now build much smaller layouts and get more enjoyment out of the hobby as a result.

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  1. The plan, as proposed, has a number of places where tracks dip under each other, or dive into tunnels. I'd suggest that the landscape that justifies these devices might add to the artistic composition of the layout compared to the prototype! The plan's author has contributed to this website: http://www.fairfordbranch.co.uk/Witney_Passenger.htm I'm guessing that he may be the gentleman shown standing on a derelict Witney platform with umbrella and newspaper! Back to the plan.... Witney goods has been recreated faithfully, whereas some liberties have been taken with Bampton. Operators of this layout would need to take care as they'd be standing on the Brize Norton runway!!
  2. Thanks Richard for the plan - much appreciated! It's a very interesting plan with a lot of "play" potential. For the benefit of others it's essentially an out and back from Fairford with continuous run. Goods yard at Witney adds to the operational interest of whathe would otherwise be a quiet GWR backwater, I guess. And as it's based on 3 prototype stations a chance to do try and reproduce real buildings etc. I think if I were to make it myself - not really on the cards - I'd consider N gauge as a means of further opening up the plan and allowing a bit more space for trains to run through the landscape before getting to the next station?
  3. Brilliant, Richard! I certainly remember the cover of that issue. From the size of it, it sounds as if he had a garage in mind as the location, perhaps. I'd be intrigued to see how 3 stations were brought together and it not be cramped. Richard, I'd very much appreciate a copy for personal use only if that is not too much trouble. Can a scan be sent by PM on here? Cheers. Andy
  4. From memory this was an out and back plan with Cromer station in the middle, and a triangular junction to the RHS with running lines around the perimeter. Not dissimilar to some of the CJF plans published in booklet form.
  5. It was definitely a system type layout. Another one that sticks in the memory was "Cromer", which I did find.
  6. I may have found it! I found a magazine archive where they describe the contents of nearly every Railway Modeller edition. Taking a steer from you guys I narrowed it down to a "Jenkins" creation. The one that sounds as if it fits the bill is in October 1977; Bampton (Oxon) GWR... https://magazineexchange.co.uk/cw/railway-modeller-magazine-october-1977-issue.html#
  7. Sometime in the mid 1970s Railway Modeller published a "Plan of the Month" set in Oxfordshire. From memory it was roughly squarish, had perhaps a couple of stations including Witney, as well as the river Windrush. For purely nostalgic reasons I was wondering if anyone can point me to the issue it featured in? Thanks in advance. Andy
  8. If you happen to be on Facebook there's a "Farnborough (Hants) Nostalgia" group. People occasionally post photos from that era of trains passing through North Camp & Farnborough North which may be of interest to you. Farnborough Main, too. But obviously that's not the line you're interested in.
  9. As an alternative, could you use a RTP turntable and just curl the various tracks in to suit?
  10. I think you have to consider combinations of temperature, humidity and air movement, too. The baseboards on an early garage layout suffered from low air movement, low temperature and moisture coming in from an outside wall. Ideal conditions for mould.
  11. I'm imaging how much more complicated the average Inspector Morse storyline would have been with all these different ways for suspects to cover their tracks. For what it's worth....my own Minories effort with continuous run. What was I thinking!
  12. Afternoon all. I've been adding vegetation to the area around the bridge. Figuring that under the bridge would be in shade, so not as lush as other areas, I did an initial covering with fine earth blend, following this up with a small amount of grass blend. Another feature I've added is a Type 22 pillbox. After a bit of reading up on how these were made I went for a concrete finish. The kit is basically to pieces of resin. These need filing down to open up the gun loops. I finished the kit off with a small amount of DAS clay to remote the gap between the roof and walls. In due course I'll add weeds all over it to show how nature has got a grip on it in the years since the war. And finally for today's update some bulrushes. Making these from the laser-cut paper kit I was given is somewhat fiddly. Let's just say a green cutting mat and a green carpet aren't the way to go! A bit of white kitchen paper does help you see what you're doing. As you can see from the photo above, it'll take quite a few to make much of an impact on the layout. The pack has about 18 in it with dozens of additional leaves. I've put this batch in place with a small dob of clear varnish. I don't recommend trying to make them all at once unless you want a case of eye strain, though. Thanks for reading so far. Andy
  13. In between working on the scenery on the main part of the layout I've been re-reading everyone's contributions on this thread. Some great ideas for which I'm very grateful. Lots of food for thought. Beats using lockdown as an excuse for gaining a couple of pounds! One mode of operation described sees the SSS arrive and the cioaches make their onward journey down the branch under the control of, presumably, a tank engine. I'm imagining that freight may have been a similar story? Another suggestion is for Kingswear which, I understand, saw trains being headed by much larger tender locos and with a mpd & turntable. So this sort of makes me wonder what type of locos I'd need for this layout. Tanks or tenders? There's a practical aspect to this also. In tests I've found my 4f and 5mt work consistently (no pun intended) very well. Whereas my pannier tank, less so. Reliability is going to impact fun. The other point picks up on cassettes. One reason I'm not so keen is reliability - essentially derailments at the track joins. In OO size and weight are in your favour. But in N, those leading bogies are tiny and featherweight. So the precision of alignment across the join is much more important. This might be where I've had a personal "lightbulb" moment. The baseboard for the FY was made from salvaging the long beams from a child's bed (outgrown). What I'd not spotted was that the slats that fitted between those beams are sturdy and "square"; much better than anything I could achieve. And they would take a 3-coach train and tender loco. I'm wondering if I could create a robust and reliable casette system attached to the wall. I'll definitely need to don my improvised tin-foil brain-wave blocking hat to avoid detection. But this may be a way forward.....
  14. Is there a T-shirt for those who've been there and done that? I seem to remember there was a film about those who tried to deviate from the original concept?..... ..... Minories Report.
  15. This is a recent photo of part of the layout. OK, ok its a gratuitous shot of my Dapol pannier tank and recently acquired autocoach. That said, it shows what I'll be working on next; the river bank. Inspiration for this will come from photos of the Victoria bridge on the SVR. I think this will need some patches of longer grass - hanging basket liner glued down and trimmed back? Any ideas how to make brambles and general undergrowth to go under the bridge would be appreciated? Andy
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