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    Swapped over to N gauge a few years ago after having produced a number of layouts in OO. I find large layouts don't get finished and I run out of steam. So, lesson learned, and I now build much smaller layouts and get more enjoyment out of the hobby as a result.

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  1. I think the general advice is to NOT paint the bricks. I don't know the exact reason, but I suspect this is to do with moisture and allowing the bricks to breathe.
  2. I raised the floor and slotted celotex in between the batons. Then covered it with interlocking chipboard. Remember that the concrete floor slopes so anything you build on top of it will also slope. For the most oars this doesn't matter and for the layout itself I compensated by adjustable feet on the baseboard fitted to 2x1 of varying lengths. The main problem is dust and leaves getting blown in through gaps around the up and over door. So it's a good idea to put those draught excluding brushes along the door edges. My garage also had damp so I put damp pr
  3. At the end of the day you've got to go with what you really want. And I think the roundy roundy was what you were really after. Happy for you. Now. About the build thread we were hoping for?
  4. So the motto of the say is... I didn't fail, I just found a better way of succeeding. The market town scene I was trying to create didn't look right. Actually it looked decidedly awful and each time I added something to rescue the situation it got worse. So with not too much ceremony I've ripped up that part and am in the process of creating a much simpler scenic treatment. The plan now is to have a simple cutting by extending the scenery that is in the foreground of this image. I've made a start by putting in card formers.
  5. Was I the only one to think: "Hmmm, 10 pm pub closing time. That's past my bedtime. Zzzz"

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Ha ha! My thoughts exactly!


      But we're not the target audience, are we?


    3. Hroth


      What a sensible time!

      The last train/bus will still be running...


      I think...


    4. DonB


      I grew up on licenced premises and our closing time was always 10pm  And open 11am to 2pm , not all day opening!

  6. Afternoon all, Well rhe town of Nantford isn't going to build itself so I've set to and spent the last day or so imaginering it into life. First off I replaced the cardboard template with some ply to make it more robust. It occurred to me that the town is going to take some time to create to the standard I'm hoping for, so I didn't want the thing falling apart. Next I acquired a variety of packaging boxes from around the house to create different levels, taking care to stick these down before the household authority found the former contents of these boxes shoved
  7. OT, but if you weren't a model railway enthusiast and saw a property with a substantial garden railway you'd probably think it was a right pain to get rid of; possibly reducing the value and putting people off. And with online being where many people see a house first you'd quite possibly never know how many simply "swiped left"! My advice wold new to clear it out and give prospective buyers a blank canvas so they can easily imarine what they could do with the space. Finally, by putting a model railway in the garage - along with electricity (insulation, too?) you
  8. Hi. I'm a fan of manual point control. For that, you can read that I don't much like trying to fit point motors, if you like! Like the dowel idea. Can I ask what kind of wire you've used to feed up into the tie bar?
  9. Keith, as Mike said, an enjoyable design thread. Are you going to continue the format for the build phase?
  10. So it's been around 6 weeks since I last gave an update. With work and summer holidays - and in part a lack of modelling mojo - contributing to that. Some of the running in the terminus has been a bit unreliable with pannier tanks struggling over some of the points. I also felt there was room for improvement in terms of how the sidings were laid out. So I've partially lifted the track with the intention of putting new points in which will hopefully improve reliability. Track laying isn't my passion and certainly not my talent. So to keep progress going I've been taki
  11. The necessity of having the platform on a curve, to me, adds a pleasing visual aspect to this design. Looking back at the prototype track plan on The Fairford Branch - plans the original was straight and IMHO was less interesting. @Keith Addenbrooke , I believe you've worked this plan up in Anyrail. Was this based on a particular manufacturer's turnouts, e.g. Peco? @Zomboid you mentioned a while back Grainge & Hodder. Now you've got me thinking about the possibilities (one day, not now) of a circular, 2m diameter, N gauge layout.
  12. Keith, I'm not sure what level your carpentry skills are. I'm sure better than mine! For my open-top baseboards I created longitudinal L beams using pre-cut skirting boards; 2 glued and screwed at right angles with 2 of these beams used to make each baseboard. Light, strong, straight, quick to make, and relatively cheap. For a FY how about using a "lazy susan" with a rectangular piece of ply on top?
  13. @Keith Addenbrooke the plans is really starting to come together. I like your idea of a scenic area in front of your FY. Whilst inspired by Fairford I think you might get some additional play value by including the lowest of your FY tracks with the scenic area. This might usefully have been some kind of private siding. Perhaps something associated with Witney's blanket production? Operationally a freight train (or wagon attached to a passenger train) would depart from the FY and draw into the station. Thereafter the wagon would be propelled back into the private siding
  14. Morning Keith. Just to throw an idea into the melting pot.... The thing you seem to want is a bit of a run for the trains to stretch their legs. Given that the layout is a BLT to FY, the scenic area that delivers this bit of running is actually quite small. That's not to say it won't be beautifully modelled. However, to make the scenic running section larger can I point you to this thread.... "A scenic fiddle yard for a blt". That bit of real estate labelled FY could be a continuation of the scenic run. So that when you look at the overall layout you ge
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