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    Having fun building an N gauge "railway in a landscape"; A Return to Nantford Spinney.
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  1. I was recently given a couple of packs of these N-Scenic fence posts. Essentially they are laser-cut card with 4 tiny holes in each post. 110 posts per pack. You'll appreciate threading wires through the holes is quite a challenge. I had a go using strands stripped out of the wire I use to wire up the track. Having done a length with about 20 posts it became obvious that it wasn't going to be possible to tension the wires up; I think without the wires being perfectly straight it would have just looked messy. Also the wires were barely visible - certainly they'd n
  2. Today I'm after a bit of advice. Hopefully someone may find a few moments to pitch in. I've been putting telegraph poles on the layout but none of the books covering the correct positioning of them has covered what happens at a long-span bridge such as the one on my layout. My understanding is that telegraph poles should be around 55yds apart. However, my bridge spans 500mm, or 83yds in scale. So how would telegraph wires be made to span the gap? Options seem to be to: assume they run down from leader poles at each end and in a cable condui
  3. As a break - or therapy (?) from ballasting - I've been tidying up one of the un-loved corners of the layout. Thanks to a find of a carrier bag of seafoam and assorted foliage I've built up this part of the layout to disguise where the lane goes into the backscene. To avoid shadows I glued the foliage to the backscene and worked forwards. The folly was destined to sit as a tollgate in the town, but I wonder if it might look better here? I quite like it as it draws the eye to a part of the layout that would otherwise lack interest. I've popped a red car the
  4. My intention was to disguise my wire in tube "actuators" under some kind of scenery, or building. That left the question of how to operate them. Luckily the freezer underneath the layout held the answer- in the form of "Mini Magnuns"; I'll need to eat a couple more to complete the work, but I'm happy to throw myself at that challenge. The idea is to fix them to the central choc block and leaving some of the stick proud of the layout so I can slide the thing forwards and backwards. Another recent develop has been to make some town walls. I used a couple of
  5. Hi all, Its been a couple of months since my last post. That's mainly been down to lack of progress; the town scene was something of a blocker. So, to get back into the swing of things I did a small improvement to a couple of other parts of the layout. First of all whilst clearing up the garage I discovered a small treasure trove of seafoam trees from a previous layout. Rejuvenated with some fresh scatter I decided to use them to make the planting a bit denser where the track disappears through the backscene. Next I fancied making a start on the h
  6. Hi Phil. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this. On the local industry building/dairy you might want to move the covering roof section to the right-hand end of the building; I imagine it may cover a loading dock? That way when a wagon is loaded it would be propelled further into the siding allowing a 2nd or 3rd wagon to be loaded. As it stands it'd only allow a single wagon to be loaded before having to swap it out for another... Like the plan and wish you well for the build.
  7. Looking good Phil. May I ask what size the grids are. I'm trying to imagine those in comparison to a OO coach. Or 5 coaches and a loco to be precise, and whether view blockers in front would be beneficial.
  8. Thanks Keith. As suggested I've taken a look at sight lines from roughly where I'd operate this part of the layout. Overall its quite an oblique view down in the layout. One day I may clear enough space to operate it from my office chair, making it more of a lineside view Some photos to show the various views... In the first shot you can't see any detail of the road that heads from the centre upwards and to the left. However, I'd be reluctant to get rid of this. Also when I trim the building heights down it'll bring some of into view, I think.
  9. Hi Keith. Absolutely! My starter for 10 was to get the plan view how I wanted it to hopefully give a pleasing layout to the town plan with roads darting off at oblique angles and avoiding hitting the backscene at 90deg. The current height of the outline buildings was a very rough first approximation. Taller than needed so I didn't have to go back and re-do them, but with some spare height to cut back and give variety to the roof lines. At present the effect is a bit canyon-like because they include an allowance for a roof. As you suggest it may be wise to also artificially
  10. Thanks Nick. That's very helpful. Yes, I'm a NGS member and coincidentally edition 5/20 was at the top of a pile of books just underneath a receipe book I'd just picked up! Yes, I'm certainly going to get the narrowest (low relief) buildings up against the backscene. Very few people will ever see the layout - apart from via photos on here. So I can be judicious about which angles to show the buildings. Meanwhile the mountboard that I ordered has turned up a few days earlier than expected. So I can make a start transferring the mockups into the final build.
  11. Hi Nick. Thanks for the advice. TBH the potential roof profile problem had passed me by. I'll need to think carefully about that. Maybe test out a couple and see how they look. The buildings are indeed quite narrow ranging from 15mm to around 40mm. There's a couple of reasons for this, apart from space limitation. The ones directly behind the station will be either close to 2d or at most half relief. Others are narrow because I'm trying to play around with forced perspective. Work in progress! There's a tappering one in the middle of the scene which is going
  12. Hello again. I just wanted to give an update on my attempt to create the townscape scene. In my last post I'd abandoned my attempt to create the terrain with polystyrene and showed a template made from corrugated card. To be honest the photo probably didn't really show where I was going with this idea. Hopefully the more recent photos below will give you a better idea of what I'm trying to achieve. Over the last few days I've been making liberal use of Google Streetview and a property website to get ideas for the look and feel of a couple of well known seasid
  13. Afternoon Phil I like your idea of a continuous run with a branch line station. Instead of it terminating it at the top left hand corner would it be an idea to keep it running round the whole of the baseboard and terminate above the FY? I see a couple of advantages to that. Firstly you could operate the whole layout from one position- adjacent to the FY. Secondly you'll need a way of chopping up the whole scene to avoid the tail-chasing effect; by weaving the branch line in you could achieve some visual blockers. You could also have a halt along the branch line? So
  14. Quite possibly true. But turning the opportunity on its head it might be possible to operate a branch terminus as an out and back. So you sort of get 2 layouts for the price of one. By sitting in the well you can play with the mainline. And by sitting next to the BLT you could play with that.
  15. So as I understand it there's a space around 10' 10" x 10' 10" in old money plus the possibility of a fiddle yard. I guess my main question is "how many coaches on a mainline train do you envisage?" Or, put another way, how long is your train going to be. Is this going to be so long that it chases it's tail? Or are we talking 4 or 5 carriages? Next. Could we envisage some FY sidings behind a backscene in addition to the FY on a spur. This may help avoid the tail chasing effect. Lastly, Keith is I think, proposing double deck FY on the spur. Could the upper
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