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    Having fun building an N gauge "railway in a landscape"; A Return to Nantford Spinney.
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  1. Hello again. So I'd imagined that painting the signalbox would be straightforward; but a week has elapsed and I'm not quite there yet. One problem has been that when I primed the model I was mindful not to overdo and infill the detail. The actuality is that I was probably a bit too sparing and I've had issues getting the various acrylic and enamel paints to adhere. Simply handling the model has caused areas of paint to fall off and expose the underlying metal; you can see this in one of the images below. My next step is to find some matt varnish to help protect the
  2. Thanks Andy The layout is actually quite well advanced now - take a look at the curves for real here. Track isn't my thing - as you'll see. I'd blame it on eyesight but in truth making turnouts may be above my skill level by several notches. I've tried using Anyrail over the summer - just to see how I'd get on with a s/w tool to plan a layout. In that instance it was a 5' diameter circular layout and definitely would have needed hand built point. Cheers.
  3. Not a bad idea Andy. After all, there's a Strawberry line, a Watercress Line,....why not a BLT Line?! I better install a few pig sties along the line.
  4. I had teal. Bur don't worry, Keith. If you end up with a blue pannier tank on your new layout I'm sure someone will let you know! Some of these GWR types can be dead fussy.
  5. Thanks Mike. We missed a trick there. I can think of a number of SPADs that wouldn't have happened if there'd been a big dayglow arrow pointing at the signal. Andy
  6. As I mentioned earlier I wanted to use the layout as a vehicle for getting some new skills under my belt. One of these was to get to grips with etched kits. I'd had a brush with etched parts about a decade or so ago when some of the fine detail under frame parts for a OO gauge DMU kit I was building were etched metal. The result wasn't great. Ok, it was dire and I'd sort of put etched kits in a list of things to avoid. Along with tax inspectors and morticians. I'd mainly used card and plastic sheet for buildings ever since. Scroll forward to the current layout and I was
  7. A while back I started a thread asking for advice on how to signal the layout. Based on the advice given this is how I see it working out. So, left to right: A starter covering the main platform. A second starter (yet to be made) covering the bay. A trap (to be made and crammed in) shown in situ at the moment by a spare bit of rail. A signal box. Where I've located it, it's side wall would be very close to where the trap point ends. Not sure if that's right so may need to shift it? A Home signal placed upstream of the bay turnout. Distant arm to be st
  8. @The Stationmaster...before I take a file/cutters to this, can you confirm the bit to come off is this bit? I've got some photos to put up on the Nantford Spinney thread later showing how this is all coming together for anyone that wants to take a gander.
  9. As a bit of a Spurs fan can I wish AFC Marine all the very best for today's match.


  10. Afternoon all. I hope this update finds those reading it well. Back to work this week so progress has been a bit slower working on smaller jobs that I can do in the evening. First up I painted up the lytch gate and used a small blob of DAS to help settle it in. The church sits in an internal corner of the layout. From where I normally stand toook at the layout I only get an oblique view of it. Having now taken a face on photo I'll need to level it up - I didn't realise it was on such a slope! One of my aims with this layout is to try out ne
  11. AndyB

    Lyme Regis

    Hi Nick. I don't know how much info you are after but wessexcoastgeology.soton.ac.uk is a great resource covering quite a swaithe of the south coast west of Southampton. There's a section covering your area of interest. Cheers. Andy
  12. Hi all, I had a few minutes spare the other evening so picked a small job from the "to do" list....adding a couple of figures and a letter box, so that.... The morning post can be delivered to the farm adjacent to Nantford Spinney halt. In due course I'd like to add more bits to this scene - maybe a few beehives? Perhaps I could recreate the honey selling scene from the "Birds vs Bees" episode in To the Manor Born with a rare bird in the nearby Spinney attracting twitchers - entry to a hide at a price! When I created this bit of the lan
  13. Morning all, I'd seen the Petite Properties range of kits mentioned a few times in the modelling press. As I was looking to create a boat builders yard for Nantford Quay their Harper's Yard kit seemed to fit the bill nicely. I was also keen to see how the kits built up. And in a word - easily - is the answer. The minimal number of laser cut parts are well engineered and fit together precisely with small notches to help parts slot together. I then had a think about how to create appropriate finishes for the building's roof an
  14. I thought it might be nice to show some photos of this little scene now that I've made a bit of arborial progress over the Christmas holiday... A late afternoon freight train heading towards Nantford Quay from Northwell Junction.
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