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  1. Ronseal Acrylic Diamond Hard, Used it for years, covers well only needs a few minutes between coats and best of all really easy to clean your airbrush after use (just needs water) The Matt when sprayed is very slightly a sheen finish, I always add just a little drop of water to aid spraying. Also available in Gloss and Satin. Silverlink
  2. When I hear the name Heljan it fills me with DRED! Having moved over to ‘O’ gauge around six years ago I started to build my loco and rolling stock collection for a new show layout I was building. As well as some superb Loveless and Golden Age models Pacifics and some kit built models I also bought some Heljan diesels. Along with a couple of friends we purchased a Class 20, 31, 37, 40, and Deltic. The locos were eventually run on the new layout where after only a short time the 20 ended with broken gears and one motor, the 31 broken gears, the 37 broken gears, the class 40 faulty front wheels that kept jumping off the track and Deltic broken gears. The 40 was sold and at the moment the only loco repaired is the Deltic which I managed to get new gears for from Howes. As well as the locos I purchased some Heljan 30 ton Class B tankers which as soon as they were out of the boxes bits started to drop off. I think nearly all of them have lost buffers with the ladders up the side of the tanks also coming loose. As a member of the Gauge ‘O’ Guild I know there are plenty of fellow members who have suffered similar problems. I have no confidence in Heljan anymore and until they up their quality control I for one will not be buying any of their products. Ian
  3. Hi Andy, Sorry for the delay in responding, the printing is done on a type of embossed wallpaper so you should have no problem bending it. I've been putting on buildings corners where there is no problems. I use UHU glue on both paper and whatever I'm building leaving it fro a couple minutes before sticking the two sides together. Thanks Ian
  4. Should have ex A3 Corridor tender to withdrawal, I have it as 5326 to withdrawal ( ex Dominion Of Canada).
  5. This is a link to the guy in Greece, I've bought loads of different sheets from him and never had any problems. Only two weeks ago I had a delivery which took approx one week. This is a link to him and if you go to other items top right of the page that comes up there are lots of different types available. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/16-SHEETS-BRICK-stone-wall-PAPER-20x28cm-O-Scale-BUMPY-EMBOSSED-n6h7/392263132333 This is one of my scratch built buildings I made using his paper. Thanks Ian
  6. Try RCTS Part 2A Lots of information in there on most of the Pacific's. I've used it a lot when doing repaints and number changes. Cheers Ian
  7. Hi Richard, A few years ago I built a triplet set as used on the Flying Scotsman and Elizabethan, the set I built was the Thomson set and I used Southern Pride sides and Comet chassis, ends, roofs and other bits required. I made my own interiors using tables and seating from Southern Pride. The three coaches comprised of 63' First open Restaurant, 63' Kitchen Car and 63' Standard open Restaurant. I'm sorry but I can't remember Dia numbers but I think they may be Dia 350, 351 & 352 Hope this helps. Ian
  8. Hi all, Scarborough & District Railway Modellers are sorry to announce that the Scarborough Model Railway Show scheduled for April 18/19th 2020 has been cancelled because of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. We are hoping to reschedule the show for 10/11th April 2021 and once the date is confirmed by the venue I will post details on here. Thanks Ian Harper Show co-ordinator
  9. Looking forward to attending this weekend with my new 'O' gauge layout 'Falcon Road' Please come and say hello, stand 31 Cheers Ian H
  10. Hi all, It's been quite a long time since I posted anything about my layout which has been caused through the building of another 'O' gauge layout at my club (Scarborough & District Railway Modellers) I just wanted to let you know that I will be at the BRM show at Doncaster over w/e of 8/9th February with 'Falcon Road' so if any of you are visiting please come and say hello! my stand number is 31. PS the above loco has now been weathered! Thanks Ian
  11. Having read the threads on here about the A3 and all the faults it seems to be suffering with I'm not very impressed with the quality of the model. Having purchased other 'O' gauge Heljan products I have to say the A3 is not alone, I have some of their Class'B' tankers all of which have suffered with bits dropping off!. Nearly all the buffers have come off and they will not fit back on and tomorrow I'm having to travel up to Northumberland to pick up my Heljan Deltic and Class 20 from a friend who's kindly replaced broken gears in both locos for me the. The Deltiic had only done a very small mileage (running in) This exercise has cost me close on £100!!! I have to say well done to Hattons for getting involved with such a huge undertaking and I'm sure behind closed doors they'll be pulling their hair out (if they have any left) over all these problems. Heljan really do need to sort out their Quality control. Thanks silverlink
  12. Interestingly a friend of mine in the trade has been offered the Hattons/Heljan A3's at trade prices by Hattons. I suspect there may be quite a few shops that have been offered the same and it won't be long before we see them offered for sale.
  13. Thanks Hilux, I was only looking at the photos on the post of NSP, on that photo you can't make out that there's any beading there. Thanks for your photo of the back of the tender which is as it should be, flat as apposed to curved like a streamlined version. The beading looks to me slightly smaller than that shown on the real thing. silverlink
  14. Looking at the photo it looks as though the tender is a Streamline corridor type whereas it should be a normal corridor type (as per ex A3) Thanks silverlink
  15. Hi all, With reference sound in these new locos, if they are anything like other ready to run 'O' gauge steam locos as Simon has said they should run with a Zimo M645 decoder. I have fitted some of my locos with the Digitrains Paul Chetter sound versions. I have also got some with Loksound XL fitted (Golden Age A2's) which run ok however, I did fit a Loksound XL version 4 in my Loveless A4 which was simply appalling!!! I spent ages trying to get it to run smoothly but to no avail and yes I did try all the recommended modifications. In the end I removed it and replaced it with a Digitrains Zimo M699 'O' gauge version which is approximately the same size as the Loksound XL. The result, a beautifully smooth running loco, straight out of the box! Based on this when I got my 55H Britannia I also fitted that with a Zimo M699 from Digitrains and like the A4 a great sound and smooth running engine. I have no connection with either Zimo or Digitrains but would highly recommend fitting either the M645 or better still the 'O' gauge M699 version which whilst costing more would probably be the better option for one of these new locos. Should anyone want any further help please send me a private message and I'll do my best to help. All my locos will be at Peterborough in December on Durham Street (North Eastern Loco shed) where you are welcome to come and have a chat. Thanks Ian
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