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  1. If you wander in to a Travis Perkins or better still a specialist timber supplier you can pick the lengths you want. Not knowing your location I've no idea what is around you. Timber is a mix of measurements, 2"x1" is a nominal dimension as it is machined to 44mmx19mm, but it comes off the ships in what were imperial measurements 10', 11', 12' 16' etc these give 3M, 3.6m 3.6m etc, you can cut a shorter length from a 5M + length but depending on the length you leave you may be charged for it. Avoid anything with large knots and check for straightness (no twists) be prepared to convert the timber very quickly and assemble into boards.
  2. This thread has been running for 5-6 years with details of lots of abandoned wagons.
  3. If that's one of mine Manna i deliberately set them tight so a choice of crankpins could be used.
  4. I think this can be 4m on show before any further strengthening it required, it does depend on what it's holding back and ground water conditions. I note where it's something like 5M deep it's piled with cross bracing
  5. There's an understatement.......it's a bit better than 'alright'....it's superb!
  6. My guess is it'll be left 'as is', it's very expensive to face piling like this, and as it would only be seen fleetingly from a passing train there isn't really a need.
  7. For me the casting looks better. The wheel would undoubtedly be in a cradle. Top class work
  8. The company is still active so I would pursue your money. Allen/Marion Pearson?........ I was expecting to see DJM
  9. I think the assertion within the article about pathing is not the section from Claydon to Bletchley, but from Bletchley to MK on the WCML.
  10. As soon as I read. An insider who has worked at East West Rail claims the Department for transport are set to axe the Aylesbury to Milton Keynes route of the rail link. I note the words 'Has' .....which means he's not there anymore, and 'claims' which says he doesn't actually have any concrete evidence. Just typical local rag fodder to wind up the residents. A few years ago I attended a local council meeting over a contentious local issue, the local press attended and the report of the meeting bore no relation to what actually happened, I know the Clerk followed it up with a press release of corrections and they didn't get printed,. When the reporter attended another meeting she was asked about the article and her reply was "Good news doesn't sell papers" She was asked to leave and told "No news will sell less"
  11. I'm a bit confused, did the reform group agenda actually say that, or was it a comment from a member who supported the reform group? To be fair it is a weakness. I belong to a club and a society (several) where the age range is spread over a much larger demographic, they are overwhelmingly male. Personally I do think you've read a bit too much into the 'White male' part. The Guild must have the information to hand to create the statistic and it is therefore a factual report of the membership. That is a somewhat unusual way of looking at it, I can't say I see it that way. From what I have read here and elsewhere I do think that the reform candidates had nothing but the Guilds best interests at heart, I realise that you have a different viewpoint to them, but I do wonder that the Guild that you joined and like, won't be around for too long without people such as them.
  12. As a membership officer in another society, I see the weakness as being a narrow age group. It does mean that unless the Guild attract members that spread the age demographic it will literally die in a few short years.
  13. I agree. I've been travelling regularly from Bedfordshire to the Borders over the last 12 months, as I'm in a small truck I take a break at Scotch Corner and park right at the back of the car park where it's quiet (stops people helping themselves to things off the back) On the way back on a Sunday evening I'm always there at roughly the same time and watch a procession of small vans arriving and parking up to swap over bags of parcels. There are sometimes 8-10 vans swapping over and the amount of stuff that is flung from one van to the other and kicked about is astonishing. I thought at first it was a 3rd rate courier company, but after a while it became obvious it was Amazon.
  14. Rightmove etc are only accessible by Estate agents as they pay a fee for them.
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