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  1. Without having a scale I'd wonder that there isn't enough tolerance between parts, Your prefered supplier would be able to tell you. I'm guessing you're going for half etched holes which can be punched out to form rivets
  2. I use PPD. They will accept whatever you send them so long as it's in a format they can work with, the more work they have to do the more the set up cost is though. I send them a completed front and back set of artwork in black and white to keep the set up cost down.
  3. Using PPD the smallest size sheet is whatever you want it to be. I generally plan to use 300mm x 150mm as that relates to the minimum set up charge. https://www.ppdltd.com/stock-metals.html
  4. If the damage is as severe as suggested then how or why did it move under its own power on the network only a week or so ago.
  5. Hit by a rucksack and run over by a walker ?
  6. Really good to meet you on Sunday Michael, it's always good to put a face to a name.
  7. That is quite an insinuation.... groupie noun INFORMAL a young woman who regularly follows a pop group or other celebrity, especially in the hope of having a sexual relationship with them. I'll have you know that Phil is not my type.......I make no comment about Andy.. As for poor humour, that's about as good as it gets.
  8. That was the 2nd attempt at a photo, improperly dressed for the first.....
  9. Sounds like a case of the runs to me....
  10. There seems to be an idea that high street rates have increased over the last few years when in reality for smaller shops they have reduced and in some cases are zero. As an example I purchased a shop and the rates bill for the last 4 years has been zero each year. It had 2 floors plus a basement, the retail area on the ground floor was 340 square feet, the second floor was the same. The building would have been a suitable size for a model shop. Other shops nearby which are larger are also exempt from business rates. The increase in high st rates was/is paid by the large retailers with 1000's of square feet.
  11. A family ticket is generally accepted as being a reduced rate for 2 adults and 2 children, most events price them the same as 2 adults and one child, effectively having one child free. I assume that the comment 'not always has to be 2 parents' to mean that it doesn't have to be the childs parents but a related family member. This is possible but is usually at the discretion of the exhibition, as there may be safeguarding issues with unrelated adults and children where the ticketing assumes there is a family link. Exhibitions that give free entry for children obviously see it as worthwhile to do so. I have run the door on a successful exhibition for 20 years and have noted that although Dad maybe the returnee to the hobby, by bringing his son/daughter along means the spend with traders is generally increased.
  12. Expensive....I know exactly what you mean They're certainly a lottery win item, I had to build a 3 bedroom house before I could buy mine
  13. Here is something to complement your room Gilbert. The catalogue for Great Central Auctions 7th December sale dropped through the letterbox this morning. Within is a totem for Peterborough North (one for Peterborough East as well).....tempting? I purchased a Totem for 'Sandy' about 6/7 years ago, it cost me about £2000 but it is the cleanest one I've seen. It was a lot of money but I do get a lot of satisfaction when I see it on the wall over the layout.
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