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  1. Yes, but half way through the project someone has to get pregnant..... Over to you....
  2. Very ! Which is one reason why they don't really talk to each other about future product.
  3. That's a lovely picture Ade, (and a superb model Jonathan) I know very little about the Eastern although I think I've got a drawing for that or similar carriage. Shannon is being painted (so far so good) so I'm doing a bit of bench clearing & cleaning, I'm also awaiting some test etches for another project.
  4. This isn't 'crowdfunding'. it's cheap unsecured lending Financing
  5. Do I look that old now! I knew this had aged me..
  6. .....Thank god there was only the one...although I have resized the drawings for 'Dwarf' to 7mm. Dear God please help me...
  7. I've soldered everything with 145, it does mean you have to 'in and out' sharpish so as not to melt previous work.......the swearbox is rather full as well...
  8. Looking at the 2 areas closest to me, I can't make any sense of those figures and how they relate to MR shops.
  9. a few more items fixed to add some detail and I think that's it. I'll now re-prime with some etching primer and start painting, Smokebox, firebox, coal area & cab floor in black and the rest in a light red as she is now in Didcot. If anyone else feels like some madness I've a pile of parts left over that should be suitable for WTC No5, I've split them up into 2 lots and if anyone is interested send me a PM with an offer (large or small lot)
  10. Popcorn time. I learnt a lot in the first few minutes.... Layout framing made from poor quality carcassing ply.
  11. BRM 2015 Annual. The article is 12 pages and titled 'Not quite in a Trice' I have a copy and can scan if required.
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