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  1. scottystitch, If you can find a copy of the February 2020 edition of the Hornby Magazine there is a write up by Paul Chetter on how to fit sound to the Heljan L&B 2-6-2T Roundhouse, Apologies for taking your thread off topic again. Br, Gordon_D
  2. Looks that video was good find, it even had some footage of the station you are modeling, useful for the scenery etc. It's progressing well.
  3. At this rate, we will be running more excursions than 'normal' trains on Banbury.
  4. If I bring mine along this weekend, we can have 2 running on Santa Barbara. Gordon_D
  5. Finally got round to it! Gordon D
  6. Any link you could post? Gordon D
  7. "Will now have to build a WCML layout to run them on!" yep, Gordon_D
  8. "If Gordon has his sound fitted class 40 with home we may well be seeing it again on railtour duty" - yep, it's still in my stock box from last weekend, so will be on duty again if required. Gordon D
  9. "Hopefully we will have Pendolino drags by then!" - Oh yes!!
  10. John, It might be a failled circuit board, or it could be that one of the 2 brass strips that run from the circuit board to the motor is out of adjustment. If you remove the circuit board, it's possible to bend them in a small amount so to make a better contact on the motor. Hope this solves the issue, if not, try farish for a spare, or sometimes they are on ebay. Gordon
  11. "They are Gordons 66's and 60 with sound. I know he has Youchoos Zimo decoders and sugar cube speaker in some if not all of them." Almost correct, they do have zimo sound decoders (MX648) and sugar cube speakers, but they are are loaded with Digitrains Activedrive sound files. Gordon_D.
  12. Ian, Mine were waiting for me on my return from Madrid last night. If I have time to un-box and put them into my stock box, I will bring them along on Saturday, Gordon_D
  13. Hi, MDR is still open and trading. When Ian the owner moved to Poland he put a manager in place to run the shop. It’s still worth a visit if you are in the area. Gordon_D
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