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  1. How about something like the original Brill coach? Would go nicely with your tramcars:
  2. Could I ask which issues of The Engineer these drawings are from please? Are they the same as the Locomotive Magazine ones or different? Thanks
  3. Is it me, or do the train describers around Bristol now bear little resemblance to reality since the Easter resignalling...?
  4. Is anyone able to confirm what the wheelbase of the Smokey Joe chassis is please? Thanks
  5. Thanks very much for the interest guys. The project isn't dead, but there hasn't been any further progress unfortunately. I ended up moving back to the UK last year and although I brought it with me (all the parts and materials conveniently pack inside the APA Box!) I don't have my own place yet so it's sat in a storage unit with all my other stuff. My modelling interests have moved onto 16mm scale (as happened the first time around) which is equally frustrated due to lack of a garden, but I would like to finish Riverside when I get the opportunity. Watch this space......
  6. Miner and Smelter both started out as 'standard' 0-4-0 box tanks, but were quickly turned into 0-4-2s for stability. When the railway needed something more powerful, Neilson produced the 0-6-0 version Spitfire, and Miner was later rebuilt to match (with the addition of the distinctive haystack firebox). Smelter remained largely original to the end, and was relegated to spare and little used.
  7. I have been toying with the idea of 3ft/1000mm gauge on 32mm track as a way to: model some of the wonderful metre gauge electric lines in Spain and France make something out of the 1:32/1:35 Timpo coaches that I have picked up here and there be able to run said models on the same track as my SM32/16mm models (but not at the same time!) The passenger section of the Timpo coaches would actually pass OK for the FC de Soller coaches with a new roof:- http://www.figurenschnapp.de/Timpo-Toys-Rare-Mississippi-Santa-Fe-passenger-carriage-incl-Dr-Tripp Although they are perhaps closer to the Sociedad Explotadora de Ferrocarriles y Tranvías stock from the San-Sebastian-Hendaye line (El Topo):- http://www.spanishrailway.com/2012/05/07/ferrocarril-electrico-de-san-sebastian-a-la-frontera-ferrocarril-de-san-sebastian-a-hendaya-el-topo/
  8. Coming through the ticket barriers at Bristol Temple Meads this evening, I overheard part of a conversation between the staff and very well spoken lady of a certain age, who was dismayed to learn that there were no Porters to carry her rather large suitcase.... So when did Porters disappear from BR (or was it British Railways)?
  9. This popped up on Flickr recently: 2-2-2 steam locomotive (Lilleshall Locomotive Company, Shropshire 1862) by Historical Railway Images, on Flickr Edited to embed photo
  10. It's just copy and pasted from the magazine - quite often you can do thus in a pdf with a right click on the photo. And, if it's been cropped in the dtp software after insertion, you get the whole thing!
  11. Yet more Bristol Temple Meads - although from a very different period this time
  12. Have you seen this picture from SCC Weigh House No.51? http://www.coalcanal.org/wh/backissues/51imposed.pdf Possibly a later coal dram with flanged wheels but definitely local! Edit: Although comparing the two pictures, they may actually be a matching pair....
  13. Brighton Beach and Flinders St stations from above. Melbourne, March 2013 Brighton Beach by Stuart, on Flickr Flinders Street Station by Stuart, on Flickr
  14. Disused monorail - Sentosa Island, Singapore Let's build a Monorail! by Stuart, on Flickr
  15. North East Dundas Tramway, Tasmania. Home of K1 and K2 - having walked this fabulous stretch to the Montezuma Falls I now understand the reason for Garratts! North East Dundas Tramway by Stuart, on Flickr
  16. Are these any use? http://www.amberleynarrowgauge.co.uk/industrials-18oct09.htm http://www.amberleynarrowgauge.co.uk/autumn-itd-oct2014.htm https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/c6/51/b0/c651b08906baa2b62cf2eea3c4cb9452.jpg I'm sure that I have a drawing somewhere as well
  17. Bristol Temple Meads again - I happened to walk past this doorway on my lunchtime walk today
  18. Now I'm back in the northern hemisphere I've booked myself a holiday to Mallorca, which is somewhere I've wanted to go since Giles Barnabe's articles in the Continental Modeller back in the 1980s. This has prompted me to dig out the following photos which were taken for us kids by our retired neighbours when they visited Mallorca many years ago. From memory of when we received them, I would have put these in the early to mid 1980s, but consulting with Giles Barnabe's book I find that the grey and yellow FEVE livery featured on trailer 5005 wasn't introduced until 1989. Given that that carriage shed seen here burnt down sometime in 1990, and also that our neighbours liked to take their holidays in September after the kids had gone to school, I reckon these were taken around September 1989. Is anyone able to confirm or refute this please? FC de Mallorca by Stuart, on Flickr FC de Mallorca by Stuart, on Flickr FC de Mallorca by Stuart, on Flickr FC de Mallorca by Stuart, on Flickr FC de Mallorca by Stuart, on Flickr
  19. Having read through this thread again last night, today I stumbled upon a reference to the Spanish manufacturer Mabar on the Castle Aching thread. Looking through for any items of interest, I found:- Mabar's intention was to make train enthusiams bigger. Therefore, Mabar come to an agreement with the british company KEYSER, who were to manufacture their models and start to produce a series of Spanish locomotive kits in white metal. KEYSER successfully reproduced the steam locomotives MATARO, MIKADO, NORTH 030, CONFEDERACION and the railcar BRILL. Then the NURIA train etched brass kits followed, as well as ELECTRIC 700, DDE CAR, etc; to fill the gap that existed in the world of the Spanish models. This would seem to imply that Keyser made a kit for my favourite Sarria Line Brill cars at some point (see here). Has anyone ever seen one of these please? A quick Google search has proved fruitless....
  20. Sangi Railway, Hokusei Line. One of the two remaining 2ft6in gauge electric lines in Japan. Sangi Railway Hokusei Line 三岐鉄道北勢線 - Sohara by Stuart, on Flickr Sangi Railway Hokusei Line 三岐鉄道北勢線 - Sohara by Stuart, on Flickr
  21. Lavender Bay, Sydney. The old North Shore line down to North Sydney Car Sidings (the original Milson's Point station before the bridge) Lavender Bay by Stuart, on Flickr
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